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package slug

import ""

Package slug generate slug from unicode string, URL-friendly slugify with multiple languages support.


package main


func main () {
	text := slug.Make("Hellö Wörld хелло ворлд")
	fmt.Println(text) // Will print: "hello-world-khello-vorld"

	someText := slug.Make("影師")
	fmt.Println(someText) // Will print: "ying-shi"

	enText := slug.MakeLang("This & that", "en")
	fmt.Println(enText) // Will print: "this-and-that"

	deText := slug.MakeLang("Diese & Dass", "de")
	fmt.Println(deText) // Will print: "diese-und-dass"

	slug.Lowercase = false // Keep uppercase characters
	deUppercaseText := slug.MakeLang("Diese & Dass", "de")
	fmt.Println(deUppercaseText) // Will print: "Diese-und-Dass"

	slug.CustomSub = map[string]string{
		"water": "sand",
	textSub := slug.Make("water is hot")
	fmt.Println(textSub) // Will print: "sand-is-hot"

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Package Files

doc.go languages_substitution.go slug.go


var (
    // CustomSub stores custom substitution map
    CustomSub map[string]string
    // CustomRuneSub stores custom rune substitution map
    CustomRuneSub map[rune]string

    // MaxLength stores maximum slug length.
    // It's smart so it will cat slug after full word.
    // By default slugs aren't shortened.
    // If MaxLength is smaller than length of the first word, then returned
    // slug will contain only substring from the first word truncated
    // after MaxLength.
    MaxLength int

    // Lowercase defines if the resulting slug is transformed to lowercase.
    // Default is true.
    Lowercase = true

func IsSlug Uses

func IsSlug(text string) bool

IsSlug returns True if provided text does not contain white characters, punctuation, all letters are lower case and only from ASCII range. It could contain `-` and `_` but not at the beginning or end of the text. It should be in range of the MaxLength var if specified. All output from slug.Make(text) should pass this test.

func Make Uses

func Make(s string) (slug string)

Make returns slug generated from provided string. Will use "en" as language substitution.

func MakeLang Uses

func MakeLang(s string, lang string) (slug string)

MakeLang returns slug generated from provided string and will use provided language for chars substitution.

func Substitute Uses

func Substitute(s string, sub map[string]string) (buf string)

Substitute returns string with superseded all substrings from provided substitution map. Substitution map will be applied in alphabetic order. Many passes, on one substitution another one could apply.

func SubstituteRune Uses

func SubstituteRune(s string, sub map[rune]string) string

SubstituteRune substitutes string chars with provided rune substitution map. One pass.

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