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package gtk

import ""

Go bindings for GTK+ 3. Supports version 3.6 and later.

Functions use the same names as the native C function calls, but use CamelCase. In cases where native GTK uses pointers to values to simulate multiple return values, Go's native multiple return values are used instead. Whenever a native GTK call could return an unexpected NULL pointer, an additional error is returned in the Go binding.

GTK's C API documentation can be very useful for understanding how the functions in this package work and what each type is for. This documentation can be found at

In addition to Go versions of the C GTK functions, every struct type includes a method named Native (either by direct implementation, or by means of struct embedding). These methods return a uintptr of the native C object the binding type represents. These pointers may be type switched to a native C pointer using unsafe and used with cgo function calls outside this package.

Memory management is handled in proper Go fashion, using runtime finalizers to properly free memory when it is no longer needed. Each time a Go type is created with a pointer to a GObject, a reference is added for Go, sinking the floating reference when necessary. After going out of scope and the next time Go's garbage collector is run, a finalizer is run to remove Go's reference to the GObject. When this reference count hits zero (when neither Go nor GTK holds ownership) the object will be freed internally by GTK.


Package Files

aboutdialog.go accel.go actionable.go actionbar_since_3_12.go app_chooser.go application.go application_since_3_12.go application_since_3_14.go application_window.go application_window_since_3_20.go box_since_3_12.go button_box.go color_chooser.go combo_box.go fixed.go font_chooser.go gdk.go glarea.go glarea_since_3_22.go glib.go gtk.go gtk_export.go gtk_export_since_3_10.go gtk_export_since_3_14.go gtk_since_3_10.go gtk_since_3_12.go gtk_since_3_14.go gtk_since_3_16.go gtk_since_3_20.go gtk_since_3_22.go gtk_since_3_8.go icon_view.go info_bar.go label.go level_bar.go level_bar_since_3_20.go level_bar_since_3_8.go menu.go menu_shell.go menu_since_3_22.go print.go print_since_3_16.go settings.go shortcutswindow_since_3_20.go socket_plug.go stack_since_3_12.go stackswitcher_since_3_10.go style.go testing.go testing_since_3_10.go text_child_anchor.go text_iter.go text_mark.go text_view.go toolshell.go tooltip.go tree_view.go tree_view_column.go version.go widget.go widget_export_since_3_8.go widget_since_3_10.go widget_since_3_12.go widget_since_3_14.go widget_since_3_16.go widget_since_3_18.go widget_since_3_20.go widget_since_3_8.go window.go window_since_3_10.go window_since_3_12.go window_since_3_14.go window_since_3_16.go window_since_3_18.go windowgroup.go


const (
    ICON_LOOKUP_NO_SVG           IconLookupFlags = C.GTK_ICON_LOOKUP_NO_SVG
const (

Use as column id in SetSortColumnId to specify ListStore sorted by default column or unsorted

const (

stock offset macro values of GtkLevelBar

const (
    UNIT_PIXEL           int    = C.GTK_UNIT_PIXEL
    PAPER_NAME_A3        string = C.GTK_PAPER_NAME_A3
    PAPER_NAME_A4        string = C.GTK_PAPER_NAME_A4
    PAPER_NAME_A5        string = C.GTK_PAPER_NAME_A5
    PAPER_NAME_B5        string = C.GTK_PAPER_NAME_B5
const (
const (
const (
const (


var WrapMap = map[string]WrapFn{
    "GtkAccelGroup":           wrapAccelGroup,
    "GtkAccelMao":             wrapAccelMap,
    "GtkAdjustment":           wrapAdjustment,
    "GtkApplicationWindow":    wrapApplicationWindow,
    "GtkAssistant":            wrapAssistant,
    "GtkBin":                  wrapBin,
    "GtkBox":                  wrapBox,
    "GtkButton":               wrapButton,
    "GtkCalendar":             wrapCalendar,
    "GtkCellLayout":           wrapCellLayout,
    "GtkCellRenderer":         wrapCellRenderer,
    "GtkCellRendererSpinner":  wrapCellRendererSpinner,
    "GtkCellRendererPixbuf":   wrapCellRendererPixbuf,
    "GtkCellRendererText":     wrapCellRendererText,
    "GtkCellRendererProgress": wrapCellRendererProgress,
    "GtkCellRendererToggle":   wrapCellRendererToggle,
    "GtkCheckButton":          wrapCheckButton,
    "GtkCheckMenuItem":        wrapCheckMenuItem,
    "GtkClipboard":            wrapClipboard,
    "GtkColorButton":          wrapColorButton,
    "GtkContainer":            wrapContainer,
    "GtkDialog":               wrapDialog,
    "GtkDrawingArea":          wrapDrawingArea,
    "GtkEditable":             wrapEditable,
    "GtkEntry":                wrapEntry,
    "GtkEntryBuffer":          wrapEntryBuffer,
    "GtkEntryCompletion":      wrapEntryCompletion,
    "GtkEventBox":             wrapEventBox,
    "GtkExpander":             wrapExpander,
    "GtkFrame":                wrapFrame,
    "GtkFileChooser":          wrapFileChooser,
    "GtkFileChooserButton":    wrapFileChooserButton,
    "GtkFileChooserDialog":    wrapFileChooserDialog,
    "GtkFileChooserWidget":    wrapFileChooserWidget,
    "GtkGrid":                 wrapGrid,
    "GtkIconView":             wrapIconView,
    "GtkImage":                wrapImage,
    "GtkLabel":                wrapLabel,
    "GtkLayout":               wrapLayout,
    "GtkLinkButton":           wrapLinkButton,
    "GtkListStore":            wrapListStore,
    "GtkMenu":                 wrapMenu,
    "GtkMenuBar":              wrapMenuBar,
    "GtkMenuButton":           wrapMenuButton,
    "GtkMenuItem":             wrapMenuItem,
    "GtkMenuShell":            wrapMenuShell,
    "GtkMessageDialog":        wrapMessageDialog,
    "GtkNotebook":             wrapNotebook,
    "GtkOffscreenWindow":      wrapOffscreenWindow,
    "GtkOrientable":           wrapOrientable,
    "GtkOverlay":              wrapOverlay,
    "GtkPaned":                wrapPaned,
    "GtkProgressBar":          wrapProgressBar,
    "GtkRadioButton":          wrapRadioButton,
    "GtkRadioMenuItem":        wrapRadioMenuItem,
    "GtkRange":                wrapRange,
    "GtkRecentChooser":        wrapRecentChooser,
    "GtkRecentChooserMenu":    wrapRecentChooserMenu,
    "GtkRecentFilter":         wrapRecentFilter,
    "GtkRecentManager":        wrapRecentManager,
    "GtkScaleButton":          wrapScaleButton,
    "GtkScale":                wrapScale,
    "GtkScrollable":           wrapScrollable,
    "GtkScrollbar":            wrapScrollbar,
    "GtkScrolledWindow":       wrapScrolledWindow,
    "GtkSearchEntry":          wrapSearchEntry,
    "GtkSeparator":            wrapSeparator,
    "GtkSeparatorMenuItem":    wrapSeparatorMenuItem,
    "GtkSeparatorToolItem":    wrapSeparatorToolItem,
    "GtkSpinButton":           wrapSpinButton,
    "GtkSpinner":              wrapSpinner,
    "GtkStatusbar":            wrapStatusbar,
    "GtkSwitch":               wrapSwitch,
    "GtkTextView":             wrapTextView,
    "GtkTextBuffer":           wrapTextBuffer,
    "GtkTextTag":              wrapTextTag,
    "GtkTextTagTable":         wrapTextTagTable,
    "GtkToggleButton":         wrapToggleButton,
    "GtkToolbar":              wrapToolbar,
    "GtkToolButton":           wrapToolButton,
    "GtkToggleToolButton":     wrapToggleToolButton,
    "GtkToolItem":             wrapToolItem,
    "GtkTreeModel":            wrapTreeModel,
    "GtkTreeModelFilter":      wrapTreeModelFilter,
    "GtkTreeModelSort":        wrapTreeModelSort,
    "GtkTreeSelection":        wrapTreeSelection,
    "GtkTreeStore":            wrapTreeStore,
    "GtkTreeView":             wrapTreeView,
    "GtkTreeViewColumn":       wrapTreeViewColumn,
    "GtkViewport":             wrapViewport,
    "GtkVolumeButton":         wrapVolumeButton,
    "GtkWidget":               wrapWidget,
    "GtkWindow":               wrapWindow,

func AccelGroupsActivate Uses

func AccelGroupsActivate(obj *glib.Object, key uint, mods gdk.ModifierType) bool

AccelGroupsActivate is a wrapper around gtk_accel_groups_activate().

func AccelGroupsFromObject Uses

func AccelGroupsFromObject(obj *glib.Object) *glib.SList

AccelGroupsFromObject is a wrapper around gtk_accel_groups_from_object().

func AccelMapAddEntry Uses

func AccelMapAddEntry(path string, key uint, mods gdk.ModifierType)

AccelMapAddEntry is a wrapper around gtk_accel_map_add_entry().

func AccelMapAddFilter Uses

func AccelMapAddFilter(filter string)

AccelMapAddFilter is a wrapper around gtk_accel_map_add_filter().

func AccelMapChangeEntry Uses

func AccelMapChangeEntry(path string, key uint, mods gdk.ModifierType, replace bool) bool

AccelMapChangeEntry is a wrapper around gtk_accel_map_change_entry().

func AccelMapLoad Uses

func AccelMapLoad(fileName string)

AccelMapLoad is a wrapper around gtk_accel_map_load().

func AccelMapLoadFD Uses

func AccelMapLoadFD(fd int)

AccelMapLoadFD is a wrapper around gtk_accel_map_load_fd().

func AccelMapLockPath Uses

func AccelMapLockPath(path string)

AccelMapLockPath is a wrapper around gtk_accel_map_lock_path().

func AccelMapSave Uses

func AccelMapSave(fileName string)

AccelMapSave is a wrapper around gtk_accel_map_save().

func AccelMapSaveFD Uses

func AccelMapSaveFD(fd int)

AccelMapSaveFD is a wrapper around gtk_accel_map_save_fd().

func AccelMapUnlockPath Uses

func AccelMapUnlockPath(path string)

AccelMapUnlockPath is a wrapper around gtk_accel_map_unlock_path().

func AcceleratorGetDefaultModMask Uses

func AcceleratorGetDefaultModMask() gdk.ModifierType

AcceleratorGetDefaultModMask is a wrapper around gtk_accelerator_get_default_mod_mask().

func AcceleratorGetLabel Uses

func AcceleratorGetLabel(key uint, mods gdk.ModifierType) string

AcceleratorGetLabel is a wrapper around gtk_accelerator_get_label().

func AcceleratorName Uses

func AcceleratorName(key uint, mods gdk.ModifierType) string

AcceleratorName is a wrapper around gtk_accelerator_name().

func AcceleratorParse Uses

func AcceleratorParse(acc string) (key uint, mods gdk.ModifierType)

AcceleratorParse is a wrapper around gtk_accelerator_parse().

func AcceleratorSetDefaultModMask Uses

func AcceleratorSetDefaultModMask(mods gdk.ModifierType)

AcceleratorSetDefaultModMask is a wrapper around gtk_accelerator_set_default_mod_mask().

func AcceleratorValid Uses

func AcceleratorValid(key uint, mods gdk.ModifierType) bool

AcceleratorValid is a wrapper around gtk_accelerator_valid().

func AddProviderForScreen Uses

func AddProviderForScreen(s *gdk.Screen, provider IStyleProvider, prio uint)

AddProviderForScreen is a wrapper around gtk_style_context_add_provider_for_screen().

func CheckVersion Uses

func CheckVersion(major, minor, micro uint) error

func DragSetIconPixbuf Uses

func DragSetIconPixbuf(context *gdk.DragContext, pixbuf *gdk.Pixbuf, hot_x int, hot_y int)

for "drag-begin" event

func EventsPending Uses

func EventsPending() bool

EventsPending is a wrapper around gtk_events_pending.

func GdkCairoSetSourcePixBuf Uses

func GdkCairoSetSourcePixBuf(cr *cairo.Context, pixbuf *gdk.Pixbuf, pixbufX, pixbufY float64)

GdkCairoSetSourcePixBuf() is a wrapper around gdk_cairo_set_source_pixbuf().

func GetData Uses

func GetData(pointer uintptr) (data []byte)

fixed GetData directly from ptr

func GetMajorVersion Uses

func GetMajorVersion() uint

func GetMicroVersion Uses

func GetMicroVersion() uint

func GetMinorVersion Uses

func GetMinorVersion() uint

func Init Uses

func Init(args *[]string)

Init() is a wrapper around gtk_init() and must be called before any other GTK calls and is used to initialize everything necessary.

In addition to setting up GTK for usage, a pointer to a slice of strings may be passed in to parse standard GTK command line arguments. args will be modified to remove any flags that were handled. Alternatively, nil may be passed in to not perform any command line parsing.

func InitCheck Uses

func InitCheck(args *[]string) error

InitCheck() is a wrapper around gtk_init_check() and works exactly like Init() only that it doesn't terminate the program if initialization fails.

func Main Uses

func Main()

Main() is a wrapper around gtk_main() and runs the GTK main loop, blocking until MainQuit() is called.

func MainIteration Uses

func MainIteration() bool

MainIteration is a wrapper around gtk_main_iteration.

func MainIterationDo Uses

func MainIterationDo(blocking bool) bool

MainIterationDo is a wrapper around gtk_main_iteration_do.

func MainQuit Uses

func MainQuit()

MainQuit() is a wrapper around gtk_main_quit() is used to terminate the GTK main loop (started by Main()).

func OpenFileChooserNative Uses

func OpenFileChooserNative(title string, parent_window IWindow) *string

* FileChooserNative

func PaperSizeGetDefaultRightMargin Uses

func PaperSizeGetDefaultRightMargin(unit Unit) string

PaperSizeGetDefault() is a wrapper around gtk_paper_size_get_default().

func PaperSizeGetPaperSizes Uses

func PaperSizeGetPaperSizes(includeCustom bool) *glib.List

PaperSizeGetPaperSizes() is a wrapper around gtk_paper_size_get_paper_sizes().

func PrintRunPageSetupDialogAsync Uses

func PrintRunPageSetupDialogAsync(parent IWindow, setup *PageSetup,
    settings *PrintSettings, cb PageSetupDoneCallback, data ...interface{})

PrintRunPageSetupDialogAsync() is a wrapper around gtk_print_run_page_setup_dialog_async().

func RemoveProviderForScreen Uses

func RemoveProviderForScreen(s *gdk.Screen, provider IStyleProvider)

RemoveProviderForScreen is a wrapper around gtk_style_context_remove_provider_for_screen().

func SetData Uses

func SetData(pointer uintptr, atom gdk.Atom, data []byte)

for "drag-data-get"

func SetInteractiveDebugging Uses

func SetInteractiveDebugging(enable bool)

SetInteractiveDebugging is a wrapper around gtk_window_set_interactive_debugging().

func StyleContextResetWidgets Uses

func StyleContextResetWidgets(v *gdk.Screen)

StyleContextResetWidgets is a wrapper around gtk_style_context_reset_widgets().

func TestInit Uses

func TestInit(args *[]string)

TestInit is a wrapper around gtk_test_init(). This function is used to initialize a GTK+ test program. It will in turn call g_test_init() and gtk_init() to properly initialize the testing framework and graphical toolkit. It’ll also set the program’s locale to “C” and prevent loading of rc files and Gtk+ modules. This is done to make tets program environments as deterministic as possible.

Like gtk_init() and g_test_init(), any known arguments will be processed and stripped from argc and argv.

func TestListAllTypes Uses

func TestListAllTypes() []glib.Type

TestListAllTypes is a wrapper around gtk_test_list_all_types(). Return the type ids that have been registered after calling TestRegisterAllTypes().

func TestRegisterAllTypes Uses

func TestRegisterAllTypes()

TestRegisterAllTypes is a wrapper around gtk_test_register_all_types(). Force registration of all core Gtk+ and Gdk object types. This allowes to refer to any of those object types via g_type_from_name() after calling this function.

func TestWidgetSendKey Uses

func TestWidgetSendKey(widget IWidget, keyval uint, modifiers gdk.ModifierType) bool

TestWidgetSendKey is a wrapper around gtk_test_widget_send_key()

This function will generate keyboard press and release events in the middle of the first GdkWindow found that belongs to widget. For windowless widgets like GtkButton (which returns FALSE from gtk_widget_get_has_window()), this will often be an input-only event window. For other widgets, this is usually widget->window.

widget: Widget to generate a key press and release on. keyval: A Gdk keyboard value. modifiers: Keyboard modifiers the event is setup with.

returns: whether all actions neccessary for the key event simulation were carried out successfully.

func TestWidgetWaitForDraw Uses

func TestWidgetWaitForDraw(widget IWidget)

TestWidgetWaitForDraw is a wrapper around gtk_test_widget_wait_for_draw(). Enters the main loop and waits for widget to be “drawn”. In this context that means it waits for the frame clock of widget to have run a full styling, layout and drawing cycle. This function is intended to be used for syncing with actions that depend on widget relayouting or on interaction with the display server.

func WidgetToLabel Uses

func WidgetToLabel(widget *Widget) (interface{}, error)

func WindowGetDefaultIconList Uses

func WindowGetDefaultIconList() *glib.List

WindowGetDefaultIconList is a wrapper around gtk_window_get_default_icon_list(). Returned list is wrapped to return *gdk.Pixbuf elements.

func WindowGetDefaultIconName Uses

func WindowGetDefaultIconName() (string, error)

WindowGetDefaultIconName is a wrapper around gtk_window_get_default_icon_name().

func WindowListToplevels Uses

func WindowListToplevels() *glib.List

WindowListToplevels is a wrapper around gtk_window_list_toplevels(). Returned list is wrapped to return *gtk.Window elements. TODO: Use IWindow and wrap to correct type

func WindowSetAutoStartupNotification Uses

func WindowSetAutoStartupNotification(setting bool)

WindowSetAutoStartupNotification is a wrapper around gtk_window_set_auto_startup_notification().

func WindowSetDefaultIcon Uses

func WindowSetDefaultIcon(icon *gdk.Pixbuf)

WindowSetDefaultIcon is a wrapper around gtk_window_set_default_icon().

func WindowSetDefaultIconFromFile Uses

func WindowSetDefaultIconFromFile(file string) error

WindowSetDefaultIconFromFile is a wrapper around gtk_window_set_default_icon_from_file().

func WindowSetDefaultIconList Uses

func WindowSetDefaultIconList(list *glib.List)

WindowSetDefaultIconList is a wrapper around gtk_window_set_default_icon_list(). List should only contain *gdk.Pixbuf elements!

func WindowSetDefaultIconName Uses

func WindowSetDefaultIconName(s string)

WindowSetDefaultIconName is a wrapper around gtk_window_set_default_icon_name().

type AboutDialog Uses

type AboutDialog struct {

AboutDialog is a representation of GTK's GtkAboutDialog.

func AboutDialogNew Uses

func AboutDialogNew() (*AboutDialog, error)

AboutDialogNew is a wrapper around gtk_about_dialog_new().

func (*AboutDialog) AddCreditSection Uses

func (v *AboutDialog) AddCreditSection(sectionName string, people []string)

AddCreditSection is a wrapper around gtk_about_dialog_add_credit_section().

func (*AboutDialog) GetArtists Uses

func (v *AboutDialog) GetArtists() []string

GetArtists is a wrapper around gtk_about_dialog_get_artists().

func (*AboutDialog) GetAuthors Uses

func (v *AboutDialog) GetAuthors() []string

GetAuthors is a wrapper around gtk_about_dialog_get_authors().

func (*AboutDialog) GetComments Uses

func (v *AboutDialog) GetComments() string

GetComments is a wrapper around gtk_about_dialog_get_comments().

func (*AboutDialog) GetCopyright Uses

func (v *AboutDialog) GetCopyright() string

GetCopyright is a wrapper around gtk_about_dialog_get_copyright().

func (*AboutDialog) GetDocumenters Uses

func (v *AboutDialog) GetDocumenters() []string

GetDocumenters is a wrapper around gtk_about_dialog_get_documenters().

func (*AboutDialog) GetLicense Uses

func (v *AboutDialog) GetLicense() string

GetLicense is a wrapper around gtk_about_dialog_get_license().

func (*AboutDialog) GetLicenseType Uses

func (v *AboutDialog) GetLicenseType() License

GetLicenseType is a wrapper around gtk_about_dialog_get_license_type().

func (v *AboutDialog) GetLogo() (*gdk.Pixbuf, error)

GetLogo is a wrapper around gtk_about_dialog_get_logo().

func (*AboutDialog) GetLogoIconName Uses

func (v *AboutDialog) GetLogoIconName() string

GetLogoIconName is a wrapper around gtk_about_dialog_get_logo_icon_name().

func (*AboutDialog) GetProgramName Uses

func (v *AboutDialog) GetProgramName() string

GetProgramName is a wrapper around gtk_about_dialog_get_program_name().

func (*AboutDialog) GetTranslatorCredits Uses

func (v *AboutDialog) GetTranslatorCredits() string

GetTranslatorCredits is a wrapper around gtk_about_dialog_get_translator_credits().

func (*AboutDialog) GetVersion Uses

func (v *AboutDialog) GetVersion() string

GetVersion is a wrapper around gtk_about_dialog_get_version().

func (*AboutDialog) GetWebsite Uses

func (v *AboutDialog) GetWebsite() string

GetWebsite is a wrapper around gtk_about_dialog_get_website().

func (*AboutDialog) GetWebsiteLabel Uses

func (v *AboutDialog) GetWebsiteLabel() string

GetWebsiteLabel is a wrapper around gtk_about_dialog_get_website_label().

func (*AboutDialog) GetWrapLicense Uses

func (v *AboutDialog) GetWrapLicense() bool

GetWrapLicense is a wrapper around gtk_about_dialog_get_wrap_license().

func (*AboutDialog) SetArtists Uses

func (v *AboutDialog) SetArtists(artists []string)

SetArtists is a wrapper around gtk_about_dialog_set_artists().

func (*AboutDialog) SetAuthors Uses

func (v *AboutDialog) SetAuthors(authors []string)

SetAuthors is a wrapper around gtk_about_dialog_set_authors().

func (*AboutDialog) SetComments Uses

func (v *AboutDialog) SetComments(comments string)

SetComments is a wrapper around gtk_about_dialog_set_comments().

func (*AboutDialog) SetCopyright Uses

func (v *AboutDialog) SetCopyright(copyright string)

SetCopyright is a wrapper around gtk_about_dialog_set_copyright().

func (*AboutDialog) SetDocumenters Uses

func (v *AboutDialog) SetDocumenters(documenters []string)

SetDocumenters is a wrapper around gtk_about_dialog_set_documenters().

func (*AboutDialog) SetLicense Uses

func (v *AboutDialog) SetLicense(license string)

SetLicense is a wrapper around gtk_about_dialog_set_license().

func (*AboutDialog) SetLicenseType Uses

func (v *AboutDialog) SetLicenseType(license License)

SetLicenseType is a wrapper around gtk_about_dialog_set_license_type().

func (v *AboutDialog) SetLogo(logo *gdk.Pixbuf)

SetLogo is a wrapper around gtk_about_dialog_set_logo().

func (*AboutDialog) SetLogoIconName Uses

func (v *AboutDialog) SetLogoIconName(name string)

SetLogoIconName is a wrapper around gtk_about_dialog_set_logo_icon_name().

func (*AboutDialog) SetProgramName Uses

func (v *AboutDialog) SetProgramName(name string)

SetProgramName is a wrapper around gtk_about_dialog_set_program_name().

func (*AboutDialog) SetTranslatorCredits Uses

func (v *AboutDialog) SetTranslatorCredits(translatorCredits string)

SetTranslatorCredits is a wrapper around gtk_about_dialog_set_translator_credits().

func (*AboutDialog) SetVersion Uses

func (v *AboutDialog) SetVersion(version string)

SetVersion is a wrapper around gtk_about_dialog_set_version().

func (*AboutDialog) SetWebsite Uses

func (v *AboutDialog) SetWebsite(website string)

SetWebsite is a wrapper around gtk_about_dialog_set_website().

func (*AboutDialog) SetWebsiteLabel Uses

func (v *AboutDialog) SetWebsiteLabel(websiteLabel string)

SetWebsiteLabel is a wrapper around gtk_about_dialog_set_website_label().

func (*AboutDialog) SetWrapLicense Uses

func (v *AboutDialog) SetWrapLicense(wrapLicense bool)

SetWrapLicense is a wrapper around gtk_about_dialog_set_wrap_license().

type AccelFlags Uses

type AccelFlags int

AccelFlags is a representation of GTK's GtkAccelFlags

const (

type AccelGroup Uses

type AccelGroup struct {

AccelGroup is a representation of GTK's GtkAccelGroup.

func AccelGroupFromClosure Uses

func AccelGroupFromClosure(f interface{}) *AccelGroup

AccelGroupFromClosure is a wrapper around gtk_accel_group_from_accel_closure().

func AccelGroupNew Uses

func AccelGroupNew() (*AccelGroup, error)

AccelGroup is a wrapper around gtk_accel_group_new().

func (*AccelGroup) Activate Uses

func (v *AccelGroup) Activate(quark glib.Quark, acceleratable *glib.Object, key uint, mods gdk.ModifierType) bool

Activate is a wrapper around gtk_accel_group_activate().

func (*AccelGroup) Connect Uses

func (v *AccelGroup) Connect(key uint, mods gdk.ModifierType, flags AccelFlags, f interface{})

Connect is a wrapper around gtk_accel_group_connect().

func (*AccelGroup) ConnectByPath Uses

func (v *AccelGroup) ConnectByPath(path string, f interface{})

ConnectByPath is a wrapper around gtk_accel_group_connect_by_path().

func (*AccelGroup) Disconnect Uses

func (v *AccelGroup) Disconnect(f interface{})

Disconnect is a wrapper around gtk_accel_group_disconnect().

func (*AccelGroup) DisconnectKey Uses

func (v *AccelGroup) DisconnectKey(key uint, mods gdk.ModifierType)

DisconnectKey is a wrapper around gtk_accel_group_disconnect_key().

func (*AccelGroup) GetModifierMask Uses

func (v *AccelGroup) GetModifierMask() gdk.ModifierType

GetModifierMask is a wrapper around gtk_accel_group_get_modifier_mask().

func (*AccelGroup) IsLocked Uses

func (v *AccelGroup) IsLocked() bool

IsLocked is a wrapper around gtk_accel_group_get_is_locked().

func (*AccelGroup) Lock Uses

func (v *AccelGroup) Lock()

Lock is a wrapper around gtk_accel_group_lock().

func (*AccelGroup) Unlock Uses

func (v *AccelGroup) Unlock()

Unlock is a wrapper around gtk_accel_group_unlock().

type AccelKey Uses

type AccelKey struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

func AccelMapLookupEntry Uses

func AccelMapLookupEntry(path string) *AccelKey

AccelMapLookupEntry is a wrapper around gtk_accel_map_lookup_entry().

type AccelMap Uses

type AccelMap struct {

AccelMap is a representation of GTK's GtkAccelMap.

func AccelMapGet Uses

func AccelMapGet() *AccelMap

AccelMapGet is a wrapper around gtk_accel_map_get().

type ActionBar Uses

type ActionBar struct {

ActionBar is a representation of GtkActionBar

func ActionBarNew Uses

func ActionBarNew() (*ActionBar, error)

ActionBarNew is a wrapper around gtk_action_bar_new()

func (*ActionBar) GetCenterWidget Uses

func (a *ActionBar) GetCenterWidget() *Widget

GetCenterWidget is a wrapper around gtk_action_bar_get_center_widget().

func (*ActionBar) PackEnd Uses

func (a *ActionBar) PackEnd(child IWidget)

PackEnd is a wrapper around gtk_action_bar_pack_end().

func (*ActionBar) PackStart Uses

func (a *ActionBar) PackStart(child IWidget)

PackStart is a wrapper around gtk_action_bar_pack_start().

func (*ActionBar) SetCenterWidget Uses

func (a *ActionBar) SetCenterWidget(child IWidget)

SetCenterWidget is a wrapper around gtk_action_bar_set_center_widget().

type Actionable Uses

type Actionable struct {

Actionable is a representation of the GtkActionable GInterface. Do not embed this concrete type in implementing structs but rather use IActionable (see Button wrapper for an example)

func (*Actionable) GetActionName Uses

func (v *Actionable) GetActionName() (string, error)

GetActionName is a wrapper around gtk_actionable_set_action_name(). Since 3.4

func (*Actionable) SetActionName Uses

func (v *Actionable) SetActionName(action_name string)

SetActionName is a wrapper around gtk_actionable_set_action_name(). Since 3.4

func (*Actionable) SetDetailedActionName Uses

func (v *Actionable) SetDetailedActionName(detailed_action_name string)

SetDetailedActionName is a wrapper around gtk_actionable_set_detailed_action_name(). Since 3.4

type Adjustment Uses

type Adjustment struct {

Adjustment is a representation of GTK's GtkAdjustment.

func AdjustmentNew Uses

func AdjustmentNew(value, lower, upper, stepIncrement, pageIncrement, pageSize float64) (*Adjustment, error)

AdjustmentNew is a wrapper around gtk_adjustment_new().

func (*Adjustment) Configure Uses

func (v *Adjustment) Configure(value, lower, upper, stepIncrement, pageIncrement, pageSize float64)

Configure is a wrapper around gtk_adjustment_configure().

func (*Adjustment) GetLower Uses

func (v *Adjustment) GetLower() float64

GetLower is a wrapper around gtk_adjustment_get_lower().

func (*Adjustment) GetMinimumIncrement Uses

func (v *Adjustment) GetMinimumIncrement() float64

GetMinimumIncrement is a wrapper around gtk_adjustment_get_minimum_increment().

func (*Adjustment) GetPageIncrement Uses

func (v *Adjustment) GetPageIncrement() float64

GetPageIncrement is a wrapper around gtk_adjustment_get_page_increment().

func (*Adjustment) GetPageSize Uses

func (v *Adjustment) GetPageSize() float64

GetPageSize is a wrapper around gtk_adjustment_get_page_size().

func (*Adjustment) GetStepIncrement Uses

func (v *Adjustment) GetStepIncrement() float64

GetStepIncrement is a wrapper around gtk_adjustment_get_step_increment().

func (*Adjustment) GetUpper Uses

func (v *Adjustment) GetUpper() float64

GetUpper is a wrapper around gtk_adjustment_get_upper().

func (*Adjustment) GetValue Uses

func (v *Adjustment) GetValue() float64

GetValue is a wrapper around gtk_adjustment_get_value().

func (*Adjustment) SetLower Uses

func (v *Adjustment) SetLower(value float64)

SetLower is a wrapper around gtk_adjustment_set_lower().

func (*Adjustment) SetPageIncrement Uses

func (v *Adjustment) SetPageIncrement(value float64)

SetPageIncrement is a wrapper around gtk_adjustment_set_page_increment().

func (*Adjustment) SetPageSize Uses

func (v *Adjustment) SetPageSize(value float64)

SetPageSize is a wrapper around gtk_adjustment_set_page_size().

func (*Adjustment) SetStepIncrement Uses

func (v *Adjustment) SetStepIncrement(value float64)

SetStepIncrement is a wrapper around gtk_adjustment_set_step_increment().

func (*Adjustment) SetUpper Uses

func (v *Adjustment) SetUpper(value float64)

SetUpper is a wrapper around gtk_adjustment_set_upper().

func (*Adjustment) SetValue Uses

func (v *Adjustment) SetValue(value float64)

SetValue is a wrapper around gtk_adjustment_set_value().

type Align Uses

type Align int

Align is a representation of GTK's GtkAlign.

const (
const (

type Allocation Uses

type Allocation struct {

Allocation is a representation of GTK's GtkAllocation type.

type AppChooser Uses

type AppChooser struct {

AppChooser is a representation of GTK's GtkAppChooser GInterface.

func (*AppChooser) GetContentType Uses

func (v *AppChooser) GetContentType() string

GetContentType is a wrapper around gtk_app_chooser_get_content_type().

func (*AppChooser) Refresh Uses

func (v *AppChooser) Refresh()

Refresh is a wrapper around gtk_app_chooser_refresh().

type AppChooserButton Uses

type AppChooserButton struct {

    // Interfaces

AppChooserButton is a representation of GTK's GtkAppChooserButton.

func AppChooserButtonNew Uses

func AppChooserButtonNew(content_type string) (*AppChooserButton, error)

AppChooserButtonNew() is a wrapper around gtk_app_chooser_button_new().

func (*AppChooserButton) AppendSeparator Uses

func (v *AppChooserButton) AppendSeparator()

AppendSeparator() is a wrapper around gtk_app_chooser_button_append_separator().

func (*AppChooserButton) GetHeading Uses

func (v *AppChooserButton) GetHeading() (string, error)

GetHeading() is a wrapper around gtk_app_chooser_button_get_heading(). In case when gtk_app_chooser_button_get_heading() returns a nil string, GetHeading() returns a non-nil error.

func (*AppChooserButton) GetShowDefaultItem Uses

func (v *AppChooserButton) GetShowDefaultItem() bool

GetShowDefaultItem() is a wrapper around gtk_app_chooser_button_get_show_default_item().

func (*AppChooserButton) GetShowDialogItem Uses

func (v *AppChooserButton) GetShowDialogItem() bool

GetShowDialogItem() is a wrapper around gtk_app_chooser_button_get_show_dialog_item().

func (*AppChooserButton) SetActiveCustomItem Uses

func (v *AppChooserButton) SetActiveCustomItem(name string)

SetActiveCustomItem() is a wrapper around gtk_app_chooser_button_set_active_custom_item().

func (*AppChooserButton) SetHeading Uses

func (v *AppChooserButton) SetHeading(heading string)

SetHeading() is a wrapper around gtk_app_chooser_button_set_heading().

func (*AppChooserButton) SetShowDefaultItem Uses

func (v *AppChooserButton) SetShowDefaultItem(setting bool)

SetShowDefaultItem() is a wrapper around gtk_app_chooser_button_set_show_default_item().

func (*AppChooserButton) SetShowDialogItem Uses

func (v *AppChooserButton) SetShowDialogItem(setting bool)

SetShowDialogItem() is a wrapper around gtk_app_chooser_button_set_show_dialog_item().

type AppChooserDialog Uses

type AppChooserDialog struct {

    // Interfaces

AppChooserDialog is a representation of GTK's GtkAppChooserDialog.

func AppChooserDialogNewForContentType Uses

func AppChooserDialogNewForContentType(parent IWindow, flags DialogFlags, content_type string) (*AppChooserDialog, error)

AppChooserDialogNewForContentType() is a wrapper around gtk_app_chooser_dialog_new_for_content_type().

func (*AppChooserDialog) GetHeading Uses

func (v *AppChooserDialog) GetHeading() (string, error)

GetHeading() is a wrapper around gtk_app_chooser_dialog_get_heading(). In case when gtk_app_chooser_dialog_get_heading() returns a nil string, GetHeading() returns a non-nil error.

func (*AppChooserDialog) GetWidget Uses

func (v *AppChooserDialog) GetWidget() *AppChooserWidget

GetWidget() is a wrapper around gtk_app_chooser_dialog_get_widget().

func (*AppChooserDialog) SetHeading Uses

func (v *AppChooserDialog) SetHeading(heading string)

SetHeading() is a wrapper around gtk_app_chooser_dialog_set_heading().

type AppChooserWidget Uses

type AppChooserWidget struct {

    // Interfaces

AppChooserWidget is a representation of GTK's GtkAppChooserWidget.

func AppChooserWidgetNew Uses

func AppChooserWidgetNew(content_type string) (*AppChooserWidget, error)

AppChooserWidgetNew() is a wrapper around gtk_app_chooser_widget_new().

func (*AppChooserWidget) GetDefaultText Uses

func (v *AppChooserWidget) GetDefaultText() (string, error)

GetDefaultText() is a wrapper around gtk_app_chooser_widget_get_default_text(). In case when gtk_app_chooser_widget_get_default_text() returns a nil string, GetDefaultText() returns a non-nil error.

func (*AppChooserWidget) GetShowAll Uses

func (v *AppChooserWidget) GetShowAll() bool

GetShowAll() is a wrapper around gtk_app_chooser_widget_get_show_all().

func (*AppChooserWidget) GetShowDefault Uses

func (v *AppChooserWidget) GetShowDefault() bool

GetShowDefault() is a wrapper around gtk_app_chooser_widget_get_show_default().

func (*AppChooserWidget) GetShowFallback Uses

func (v *AppChooserWidget) GetShowFallback() bool

GetShowFallback() is a wrapper around gtk_app_chooser_widget_get_show_fallback().

func (*AppChooserWidget) GetShowOther Uses

func (v *AppChooserWidget) GetShowOther() bool

GetShowOther() is a wrapper around gtk_app_chooser_widget_get_show_other().

func (*AppChooserWidget) GetShowRecommended Uses

func (v *AppChooserWidget) GetShowRecommended() bool

GetShowRecommended() is a wrapper around gtk_app_chooser_widget_get_show_recommended().

func (*AppChooserWidget) SetDefaultText Uses

func (v *AppChooserWidget) SetDefaultText(text string)

SetDefaultText() is a wrapper around gtk_app_chooser_widget_set_default_text().

func (*AppChooserWidget) SetShowAll Uses

func (v *AppChooserWidget) SetShowAll(setting bool)

SetShowAll() is a wrapper around gtk_app_chooser_widget_set_show_all().

func (*AppChooserWidget) SetShowDefault Uses

func (v *AppChooserWidget) SetShowDefault(setting bool)

SetShowDefault() is a wrapper around gtk_app_chooser_widget_set_show_default().

func (*AppChooserWidget) SetShowFallback Uses

func (v *AppChooserWidget) SetShowFallback(setting bool)

SetShowFallback() is a wrapper around gtk_app_chooser_widget_set_show_fallback().

func (*AppChooserWidget) SetShowOther Uses

func (v *AppChooserWidget) SetShowOther(setting bool)

SetShowOther() is a wrapper around gtk_app_chooser_widget_set_show_other().

func (*AppChooserWidget) SetShowRecommended Uses

func (v *AppChooserWidget) SetShowRecommended(setting bool)

SetShowRecommended() is a wrapper around gtk_app_chooser_widget_set_show_recommended().

type Application Uses

type Application struct {

Application is a representation of GTK's GtkApplication.

func ApplicationNew Uses

func ApplicationNew(appId string, flags glib.ApplicationFlags) (*Application, error)

ApplicationNew is a wrapper around gtk_application_new().

func (*Application) AddWindow Uses

func (v *Application) AddWindow(w IWindow)

AddWindow is a wrapper around gtk_application_add_window().

func (*Application) GetAccelsForAction Uses

func (v *Application) GetAccelsForAction(act string) []string

GetAccelsForAction is a wrapper around gtk_application_get_accels_for_action().

func (*Application) GetActionsForAccel Uses

func (v *Application) GetActionsForAccel(acc string) []string

GetActionsForAccel is a wrapper around gtk_application_get_actions_for_accel().

func (*Application) GetActiveWindow Uses

func (v *Application) GetActiveWindow() *Window

GetActiveWindow is a wrapper around gtk_application_get_active_window().

func (*Application) GetAppMenu Uses

func (v *Application) GetAppMenu() *glib.MenuModel

GetAppMenu is a wrapper around gtk_application_get_app_menu().

func (*Application) GetMenuByID Uses

func (v *Application) GetMenuByID(id string) *glib.Menu

GetMenuByID is a wrapper around gtk_application_get_menu_by_id().

func (*Application) GetMenubar Uses

func (v *Application) GetMenubar() *glib.MenuModel

GetMenubar is a wrapper around gtk_application_get_menubar().

func (*Application) GetWindowByID Uses

func (v *Application) GetWindowByID(id uint) *Window

GetWindowByID is a wrapper around gtk_application_get_window_by_id().

func (*Application) GetWindows Uses

func (v *Application) GetWindows() *glib.List

GetWindows is a wrapper around gtk_application_get_windows(). Returned list is wrapped to return *gtk.Window elements.

func (*Application) Inhibited Uses

func (v *Application) Inhibited(w IWindow, flags ApplicationInhibitFlags, reason string) uint

Inhibited is a wrapper around gtk_application_inhibit().

func (*Application) IsInhibited Uses

func (v *Application) IsInhibited(flags ApplicationInhibitFlags) bool

IsInhibited is a wrapper around gtk_application_is_inhibited().

func (*Application) ListActionDescriptions Uses

func (v *Application) ListActionDescriptions() []string

ListActionDescriptions is a wrapper around gtk_application_list_action_descriptions().

func (*Application) PrefersAppMenu Uses

func (v *Application) PrefersAppMenu() bool

PrefersAppMenu is a wrapper around gtk_application_prefers_app_menu().

func (*Application) RemoveWindow Uses

func (v *Application) RemoveWindow(w IWindow)

RemoveWindow is a wrapper around gtk_application_remove_window().

func (*Application) SetAccelsForAction Uses

func (v *Application) SetAccelsForAction(act string, accels []string)

SetAccelsForAction is a wrapper around gtk_application_set_accels_for_action().

func (*Application) SetAppMenu Uses

func (v *Application) SetAppMenu(m *glib.MenuModel)

SetAppMenu is a wrapper around gtk_application_set_app_menu().

func (*Application) SetMenubar Uses

func (v *Application) SetMenubar(m *glib.MenuModel)

SetMenubar is a wrapper around gtk_application_set_menubar().

func (*Application) Uninhibit Uses

func (v *Application) Uninhibit(cookie uint)

Uninhibit is a wrapper around gtk_application_uninhibit().

type ApplicationInhibitFlags Uses

type ApplicationInhibitFlags int

ApplicationInhibitFlags is a representation of GTK's GtkApplicationInhibitFlags.

const (

type ApplicationWindow Uses

type ApplicationWindow struct {

    // Interfaces

ApplicationWindow is a representation of GTK's GtkApplicationWindow.

func ApplicationWindowNew Uses

func ApplicationWindowNew(app *Application) (*ApplicationWindow, error)

ApplicationWindowNew is a wrapper around gtk_application_window_new().

func (*ApplicationWindow) GetHelpOverlay Uses

func (v *ApplicationWindow) GetHelpOverlay() *ShortcutsWindow

GetHelpOverlay is a wrapper around gtk_application_window_get_help_overlay().

func (*ApplicationWindow) GetID Uses

func (v *ApplicationWindow) GetID() uint

GetID is a wrapper around gtk_application_window_get_id().

func (*ApplicationWindow) GetShowMenubar Uses

func (v *ApplicationWindow) GetShowMenubar() bool

GetShowMenubar is a wrapper around gtk_application_window_get_show_menubar().

func (*ApplicationWindow) SetHelpOverlay Uses

func (v *ApplicationWindow) SetHelpOverlay(helpOverlay *ShortcutsWindow)

SetHelpOverlay is a wrapper around gtk_application_window_set_help_overlay().

func (*ApplicationWindow) SetShowMenubar Uses

func (v *ApplicationWindow) SetShowMenubar(b bool)

SetShowMenubar is a wrapper around gtk_application_window_set_show_menubar().

type ArrowPlacement Uses

type ArrowPlacement int

ArrowPlacement is a representation of GTK's GtkArrowPlacement.

const (
    ARROWS_END   ArrowPlacement = C.GTK_ARROWS_END

type ArrowType Uses

type ArrowType int

ArrowType is a representation of GTK's GtkArrowType.

const (
    ARROW_UP    ArrowType = C.GTK_ARROW_UP

type AspectFrame Uses

type AspectFrame struct {

AspectFrame is a representation of GTK's GtkAspectFrame.

func AspectFrameNew Uses

func AspectFrameNew(label string, xalign, yalign, ratio float32, obeyChild bool) (*AspectFrame, error)

AspectFrameNew is a wrapper around gtk_aspect_frame_new().

type Assistant Uses

type Assistant struct {

Assistant is a representation of GTK's GtkAssistant.

func AssistantNew Uses

func AssistantNew() (*Assistant, error)

AssistantNew is a wrapper around gtk_assistant_new().

func (*Assistant) AddActionWidget Uses

func (v *Assistant) AddActionWidget(child IWidget)

AddActionWidget is a wrapper around gtk_assistant_add_action_widget().

func (*Assistant) AppendPage Uses

func (v *Assistant) AppendPage(page IWidget) int

AppendPage is a wrapper around gtk_assistant_append_page().

func (*Assistant) Commit Uses

func (v *Assistant) Commit()

Commit is a wrapper around gtk_assistant_commit().

func (*Assistant) GetCurrentPage Uses

func (v *Assistant) GetCurrentPage() int

GetCurrentPage is a wrapper around gtk_assistant_get_current_page().

func (*Assistant) GetNPages Uses

func (v *Assistant) GetNPages() int

GetNPages is a wrapper around gtk_assistant_get_n_pages().

func (*Assistant) GetNthPage Uses

func (v *Assistant) GetNthPage(pageNum int) (*Widget, error)

GetNthPage is a wrapper around gtk_assistant_get_nth_page().

func (*Assistant) GetPageComplete Uses

func (v *Assistant) GetPageComplete(page IWidget) bool

GetPageComplete is a wrapper around gtk_assistant_get_page_complete().

func (*Assistant) GetPageTitle Uses

func (v *Assistant) GetPageTitle(page IWidget) string

GetPageTitle is a wrapper around gtk_assistant_get_page_title().

func (*Assistant) GetPageType Uses

func (v *Assistant) GetPageType(page IWidget) AssistantPageType

GetPageType is a wrapper around gtk_assistant_get_page_type().

func (*Assistant) InsertPage Uses

func (v *Assistant) InsertPage(page IWidget, position int) int

InsertPage is a wrapper around gtk_assistant_insert_page().

func (*Assistant) NextPage Uses

func (v *Assistant) NextPage()

NextPage is a wrapper around gtk_assistant_next_page().

func (*Assistant) PrependPage Uses

func (v *Assistant) PrependPage(page IWidget) int

PrependPage is a wrapper around gtk_assistant_prepend_page().

func (*Assistant) PreviousPage Uses

func (v *Assistant) PreviousPage()

PreviousPage is a wrapper around gtk_assistant_previous_page().

func (*Assistant) RemoveActionWidget Uses

func (v *Assistant) RemoveActionWidget(child IWidget)

RemoveActionWidget is a wrapper around gtk_assistant_remove_action_widget().

func (*Assistant) RemovePage Uses

func (v *Assistant) RemovePage(pageNum int)

RemovePage is a wrapper around gtk_assistant_remove_page().

func (*Assistant) SetCurrentPage Uses

func (v *Assistant) SetCurrentPage(pageNum int)

SetCurrentPage is a wrapper around gtk_assistant_set_current_page().

func (*Assistant) SetPageComplete Uses

func (v *Assistant) SetPageComplete(page IWidget, complete bool)

SetPageComplete is a wrapper around gtk_assistant_set_page_complete().

func (*Assistant) SetPageTitle Uses

func (v *Assistant) SetPageTitle(page IWidget, title string)

SetPageTitle is a wrapper around gtk_assistant_set_page_title().

func (*Assistant) SetPageType Uses

func (v *Assistant) SetPageType(page IWidget, ptype AssistantPageType)

SetPageType is a wrapper around gtk_assistant_set_page_type().

func (*Assistant) UpdateButtonsState Uses

func (v *Assistant) UpdateButtonsState()

UpdateButtonsState is a wrapper around gtk_assistant_update_buttons_state().

type AssistantPageType Uses

type AssistantPageType int

AssistantPageType is a representation of GTK's GtkAssistantPageType.

const (

type Bin Uses

type Bin struct {

Bin is a representation of GTK's GtkBin.

func (*Bin) GetChild Uses

func (v *Bin) GetChild() (*Widget, error)

GetChild is a wrapper around gtk_bin_get_child().

type Box Uses

type Box struct {

Box is a representation of GTK's GtkBox.

func BoxNew Uses

func BoxNew(orientation Orientation, spacing int) (*Box, error)

BoxNew() is a wrapper around gtk_box_new().

func (*Box) GetCenterWidget Uses

func (a *Box) GetCenterWidget() *Widget

GetCenterWidget is a wrapper around gtk_box_get_center_widget().

func (*Box) GetHomogeneous Uses

func (v *Box) GetHomogeneous() bool

GetHomogeneous() is a wrapper around gtk_box_get_homogeneous().

func (*Box) GetOrientation Uses

func (v *Box) GetOrientation() Orientation

GetOrientation() is a wrapper around C.gtk_orientable_get_orientation() for a GtkBox

func (*Box) GetSpacing Uses

func (v *Box) GetSpacing() int

GetSpacing() is a wrapper around gtk_box_get_spacing().

func (*Box) PackEnd Uses

func (v *Box) PackEnd(child IWidget, expand, fill bool, padding uint)

PackEnd() is a wrapper around gtk_box_pack_end().

func (*Box) PackStart Uses

func (v *Box) PackStart(child IWidget, expand, fill bool, padding uint)

PackStart() is a wrapper around gtk_box_pack_start().

func (*Box) QueryChildPacking Uses

func (v *Box) QueryChildPacking(child IWidget) (expand, fill bool, padding uint, packType PackType)

QueryChildPacking() is a wrapper around gtk_box_query_child_packing().

func (*Box) ReorderChild Uses

func (v *Box) ReorderChild(child IWidget, position int)

ReorderChild() is a wrapper around gtk_box_reorder_child().

func (*Box) SetCenterWidget Uses

func (a *Box) SetCenterWidget(child IWidget)

SetCenterWidget is a wrapper around gtk_box_set_center_widget().

func (*Box) SetChildPacking Uses

func (v *Box) SetChildPacking(child IWidget, expand, fill bool, padding uint, packType PackType)

SetChildPacking() is a wrapper around gtk_box_set_child_packing().

func (*Box) SetHomogeneous Uses

func (v *Box) SetHomogeneous(homogeneous bool)

SetHomogeneous() is a wrapper around gtk_box_set_homogeneous().

func (*Box) SetOrientation Uses

func (v *Box) SetOrientation(o Orientation)

SetOrientation() is a wrapper around C.gtk_orientable_set_orientation() for a GtkBox

func (*Box) SetSpacing Uses

func (v *Box) SetSpacing(spacing int)

SetSpacing() is a wrapper around gtk_box_set_spacing()

type Builder Uses

type Builder struct {

Builder is a representation of GTK's GtkBuilder.

func BuilderNew Uses

func BuilderNew() (*Builder, error)

BuilderNew is a wrapper around gtk_builder_new().

func BuilderNewFromFile Uses

func BuilderNewFromFile(filePath string) (*Builder, error)

BuilderNewFromFile is a wrapper around gtk_builder_new_from_file().

func BuilderNewFromResource Uses

func BuilderNewFromResource(resourcePath string) (*Builder, error)

BuilderNewFromResource is a wrapper around gtk_builder_new_from_resource().

func (*Builder) AddFromFile Uses

func (b *Builder) AddFromFile(filename string) error

AddFromFile is a wrapper around gtk_builder_add_from_file().

func (*Builder) AddFromResource Uses

func (b *Builder) AddFromResource(path string) error

AddFromResource is a wrapper around gtk_builder_add_from_resource().

func (*Builder) AddFromString Uses

func (b *Builder) AddFromString(str string) error

AddFromString is a wrapper around gtk_builder_add_from_string().

func (*Builder) ConnectSignals Uses

func (b *Builder) ConnectSignals(signals map[string]interface{})

ConnectSignals is a wrapper around gtk_builder_connect_signals_full().

func (*Builder) GetObject Uses

func (b *Builder) GetObject(name string) (glib.IObject, error)

GetObject is a wrapper around gtk_builder_get_object(). The returned result is an IObject, so it will need to be type-asserted to the appropriate type before being used. For example, to get an object and type assert it as a window:

obj, err := builder.GetObject("window")
if err != nil {
    // object not found
if w, ok := obj.(*gtk.Window); ok {
    // do stuff with w here
} else {
    // not a *gtk.Window

type Button Uses

type Button struct {

    // Interfaces

Button is a representation of GTK's GtkButton.

func ButtonNew Uses

func ButtonNew() (*Button, error)

ButtonNew() is a wrapper around gtk_button_new().

func ButtonNewFromIconName Uses

func ButtonNewFromIconName(iconName string, size IconSize) (*Button, error)

ButtonNewFromIconName is a wrapper around gtk_button_new_from_icon_name().

func ButtonNewWithLabel Uses

func ButtonNewWithLabel(label string) (*Button, error)

ButtonNewWithLabel() is a wrapper around gtk_button_new_with_label().

func ButtonNewWithMnemonic Uses

func ButtonNewWithMnemonic(label string) (*Button, error)

ButtonNewWithMnemonic() is a wrapper around gtk_button_new_with_mnemonic().

func (*Button) Clicked Uses

func (v *Button) Clicked()

Clicked() is a wrapper around gtk_button_clicked().

func (*Button) GetAlwaysShowImage Uses

func (v *Button) GetAlwaysShowImage() bool

GetAlwaysShowImage() is a wrapper around gtk_button_get_always_show_image().

func (*Button) GetEventWindow Uses

func (v *Button) GetEventWindow() (*gdk.Window, error)

GetEventWindow() is a wrapper around gtk_button_get_event_window().

func (*Button) GetImage Uses

func (v *Button) GetImage() (*Widget, error)

GetImage() is a wrapper around gtk_button_get_image().

func (*Button) GetImagePosition Uses

func (v *Button) GetImagePosition() PositionType

GetImagePosition() is a wrapper around gtk_button_get_image_position().

func (*Button) GetLabel Uses

func (v *Button) GetLabel() (string, error)

GetLabel() is a wrapper around gtk_button_get_label().

func (*Button) GetRelief Uses

func (v *Button) GetRelief() ReliefStyle

GetRelief() is a wrapper around gtk_button_get_relief().

func (*Button) GetUseUnderline Uses

func (v *Button) GetUseUnderline() bool

GetUseUnderline() is a wrapper around gtk_button_get_use_underline().

func (*Button) SetAlwaysShowImage Uses

func (v *Button) SetAlwaysShowImage(alwaysShow bool)

SetAlwaysShowImage() is a wrapper around gtk_button_set_always_show_image().

func (*Button) SetImage Uses

func (v *Button) SetImage(image IWidget)

SetImage() is a wrapper around gtk_button_set_image().

func (*Button) SetImagePosition Uses

func (v *Button) SetImagePosition(position PositionType)

SetImagePosition() is a wrapper around gtk_button_set_image_position().

func (*Button) SetLabel Uses

func (v *Button) SetLabel(label string)

SetLabel() is a wrapper around gtk_button_set_label().

func (*Button) SetRelief Uses

func (v *Button) SetRelief(newStyle ReliefStyle)

SetRelief() is a wrapper around gtk_button_set_relief().

func (*Button) SetUseUnderline Uses

func (v *Button) SetUseUnderline(useUnderline bool)

SetUseUnderline() is a wrapper around gtk_button_set_use_underline().

type ButtonBox Uses

type ButtonBox struct {

ButtonBox is a representation of GTK's GtkButtonBox.

func ButtonBoxNew Uses

func ButtonBoxNew(o Orientation) (*ButtonBox, error)

ButtonBoxNew is a wrapper around gtk_button_box_new().

func (*ButtonBox) GetChildNonHomogeneous Uses

func (v *ButtonBox) GetChildNonHomogeneous(child IWidget) bool

GetChildNonHomogeneous() is a wrapper around gtk_button_box_get_child_non_homogeneous().

func (*ButtonBox) GetChildSecondary Uses

func (v *ButtonBox) GetChildSecondary(child IWidget) bool

GetChildSecondary() is a wrapper around gtk_button_box_get_child_secondary().

func (*ButtonBox) GetLayout Uses

func (v *ButtonBox) GetLayout() ButtonBoxStyle

GetLayout() is a wrapper around gtk_button_box_get_layout().

func (*ButtonBox) SetChildNonHomogeneous Uses

func (v *ButtonBox) SetChildNonHomogeneous(child IWidget, nonHomogeneous bool)

SetChildNonHomogeneous() is a wrapper around gtk_button_box_set_child_non_homogeneous().

func (*ButtonBox) SetChildSecondary Uses

func (v *ButtonBox) SetChildSecondary(child IWidget, isSecondary bool)

SetChildSecondary() is a wrapper around gtk_button_box_set_child_secondary().

func (*ButtonBox) SetLayout Uses

func (v *ButtonBox) SetLayout(style ButtonBoxStyle)

SetLayout() is a wrapper around gtk_button_box_set_layout().

type ButtonBoxStyle Uses

type ButtonBoxStyle int
const (
const (

type ButtonRole Uses

type ButtonRole int

ButtonRole is a representation of GTK's GtkButtonRole.

const (

type ButtonsType Uses

type ButtonsType int

ButtonsType is a representation of GTK's GtkButtonsType.

const (
    BUTTONS_OK        ButtonsType = C.GTK_BUTTONS_OK

type Calendar Uses

type Calendar struct {

Calendar is a representation of GTK's GtkCalendar.

func CalendarNew Uses

func CalendarNew() (*Calendar, error)

CalendarNew is a wrapper around gtk_calendar_new().

func (*Calendar) ClearMarks Uses

func (v *Calendar) ClearMarks()

ClearMarks is a wrapper around gtk_calendar_clear_marks().

func (*Calendar) GetDate Uses

func (v *Calendar) GetDate() (year, month, day uint)

GetDate is a wrapper around gtk_calendar_get_date().

func (*Calendar) GetDayIsMarked Uses

func (v *Calendar) GetDayIsMarked(day uint) bool

GetDayIsMarked is a wrapper around gtk_calendar_get_day_is_marked().

func (*Calendar) GetDetailHeightRows Uses

func (v *Calendar) GetDetailHeightRows() int

GetDetailHeightRows is a wrapper around gtk_calendar_get_detail_height_rows().

func (*Calendar) GetDetailWidthChars Uses

func (v *Calendar) GetDetailWidthChars() int

GetDetailWidthChars is a wrapper around gtk_calendar_get_detail_width_chars().

func (*Calendar) GetDisplayOptions Uses

func (v *Calendar) GetDisplayOptions() CalendarDisplayOptions

GetDisplayOptions is a wrapper around gtk_calendar_get_display_options().

func (*Calendar) MarkDay Uses

func (v *Calendar) MarkDay(day uint)

MarkDay is a wrapper around gtk_calendar_mark_day().

func (*Calendar) SelectDay Uses

func (v *Calendar) SelectDay(day uint)

SelectDay is a wrapper around gtk_calendar_select_day().

func (*Calendar) SelectMonth Uses

func (v *Calendar) SelectMonth(month, year uint)

SelectMonth is a wrapper around gtk_calendar_select_month().

func (*Calendar) SetDetailHeightRows Uses

func (v *Calendar) SetDetailHeightRows(rows int)

SetDetailHeightRows is a wrapper around gtk_calendar_set_detail_height_rows().

func (*Calendar) SetDetailWidthChars Uses

func (v *Calendar) SetDetailWidthChars(chars int)

SetDetailWidthChars is a wrapper around gtk_calendar_set_detail_width_chars().

func (*Calendar) SetDisplayOptions Uses

func (v *Calendar) SetDisplayOptions(flags CalendarDisplayOptions)

SetDisplayOptions is a wrapper around gtk_calendar_set_display_options().

func (*Calendar) UnmarkDay Uses

func (v *Calendar) UnmarkDay(day uint)

UnmarkDay is a wrapper around gtk_calendar_unmark_day().

type CalendarDisplayOptions Uses

type CalendarDisplayOptions int

CalendarDisplayOptions is a representation of GTK's GtkCalendarDisplayOptions

const (

type CellLayout Uses

type CellLayout struct {

CellLayout is a representation of GTK's GtkCellLayout GInterface.

func (*CellLayout) AddAttribute Uses

func (v *CellLayout) AddAttribute(cell ICellRenderer, attribute string, column int)

AddAttribute is a wrapper around gtk_cell_layout_add_attribute().

func (*CellLayout) PackStart Uses

func (v *CellLayout) PackStart(cell ICellRenderer, expand bool)

PackStart is a wrapper around gtk_cell_layout_pack_start().

type CellRenderer Uses

type CellRenderer struct {

CellRenderer is a representation of GTK's GtkCellRenderer.

type CellRendererPixbuf Uses

type CellRendererPixbuf struct {

CellRendererPixbuf is a representation of GTK's GtkCellRendererPixbuf.

func CellRendererPixbufNew Uses

func CellRendererPixbufNew() (*CellRendererPixbuf, error)

CellRendererPixbufNew is a wrapper around gtk_cell_renderer_pixbuf_new().

type CellRendererProgress Uses

type CellRendererProgress struct {

CellRendererProgress is a representation of GTK's GtkCellRendererProgress.

func CellRendererProgressNew Uses

func CellRendererProgressNew() (*CellRendererProgress, error)

CellRendererProgressNew is a wrapper around gtk_cell_renderer_progress_new().

type CellRendererSpinner Uses

type CellRendererSpinner struct {

CellRendererSpinner is a representation of GTK's GtkCellRendererSpinner.

func CellRendererSpinnerNew Uses

func CellRendererSpinnerNew() (*CellRendererSpinner, error)

CellRendererSpinnerNew is a wrapper around gtk_cell_renderer_spinner_new().

type CellRendererText Uses

type CellRendererText struct {

CellRendererText is a representation of GTK's GtkCellRendererText.

func CellRendererTextNew Uses

func CellRendererTextNew() (*CellRendererText, error)

CellRendererTextNew is a wrapper around gtk_cell_renderer_text_new().

type CellRendererToggle Uses

type CellRendererToggle struct {

CellRendererToggle is a representation of GTK's GtkCellRendererToggle.

func CellRendererToggleNew Uses

func CellRendererToggleNew() (*CellRendererToggle, error)

CellRendererToggleNew is a wrapper around gtk_cell_renderer_toggle_new().

func (*CellRendererToggle) GetActivatable Uses

func (v *CellRendererToggle) GetActivatable() bool

GetActivatable is a wrapper around gtk_cell_renderer_toggle_get_activatable().

func (*CellRendererToggle) GetActive Uses

func (v *CellRendererToggle) GetActive() bool

GetActive is a wrapper around gtk_cell_renderer_toggle_get_active().

func (*CellRendererToggle) GetRadio Uses

func (v *CellRendererToggle) GetRadio() bool

GetRadio is a wrapper around gtk_cell_renderer_toggle_get_radio().

func (*CellRendererToggle) SetActivatable Uses

func (v *CellRendererToggle) SetActivatable(activatable bool)

SetActivatable is a wrapper around gtk_cell_renderer_toggle_set_activatable().

func (*CellRendererToggle) SetActive Uses

func (v *CellRendererToggle) SetActive(active bool)

SetActive is a wrapper around gtk_cell_renderer_toggle_set_active().

func (*CellRendererToggle) SetRadio Uses

func (v *CellRendererToggle) SetRadio(set bool)

SetRadio is a wrapper around gtk_cell_renderer_toggle_set_radio().

type CheckButton Uses

type CheckButton struct {

CheckButton is a wrapper around GTK's GtkCheckButton.

func CheckButtonNew Uses

func CheckButtonNew() (*CheckButton, error)

CheckButtonNew is a wrapper around gtk_check_button_new().

func CheckButtonNewWithLabel Uses

func CheckButtonNewWithLabel(label string) (*CheckButton, error)

CheckButtonNewWithLabel is a wrapper around gtk_check_button_new_with_label().

func CheckButtonNewWithMnemonic Uses

func CheckButtonNewWithMnemonic(label string) (*CheckButton, error)

CheckButtonNewWithMnemonic is a wrapper around gtk_check_button_new_with_mnemonic().

type CheckMenuItem Uses

type CheckMenuItem struct {

func CheckMenuItemNew Uses

func CheckMenuItemNew() (*CheckMenuItem, error)

CheckMenuItemNew is a wrapper around gtk_check_menu_item_new().

func CheckMenuItemNewWithLabel Uses

func CheckMenuItemNewWithLabel(label string) (*CheckMenuItem, error)

CheckMenuItemNewWithLabel is a wrapper around gtk_check_menu_item_new_with_label().

func CheckMenuItemNewWithMnemonic Uses

func CheckMenuItemNewWithMnemonic(label string) (*CheckMenuItem, error)

CheckMenuItemNewWithMnemonic is a wrapper around gtk_check_menu_item_new_with_mnemonic().

func (*CheckMenuItem) GetActive Uses

func (v *CheckMenuItem) GetActive() bool

GetActive is a wrapper around gtk_check_menu_item_get_active().

func (*CheckMenuItem) GetDrawAsRadio Uses

func (v *CheckMenuItem) GetDrawAsRadio() bool

GetDrawAsRadio is a wrapper around gtk_check_menu_item_get_draw_as_radio().

func (*CheckMenuItem) GetInconsistent Uses

func (v *CheckMenuItem) GetInconsistent() bool

GetInconsistent is a wrapper around gtk_check_menu_item_get_inconsistent().

func (*CheckMenuItem) SetActive Uses

func (v *CheckMenuItem) SetActive(isActive bool)

SetActive is a wrapper around gtk_check_menu_item_set_active().

func (*CheckMenuItem) SetDrawAsRadio Uses

func (v *CheckMenuItem) SetDrawAsRadio(drawAsRadio bool)

SetDrawAsRadio is a wrapper around gtk_check_menu_item_set_draw_as_radio().

func (*CheckMenuItem) SetInconsistent Uses

func (v *CheckMenuItem) SetInconsistent(setting bool)

SetInconsistent is a wrapper around gtk_check_menu_item_set_inconsistent().

func (*CheckMenuItem) Toggled Uses

func (v *CheckMenuItem) Toggled()

Toggled is a wrapper around gtk_check_menu_item_toggled().

type Clipboard Uses

type Clipboard struct {

Clipboard is a wrapper around GTK's GtkClipboard.

func ClipboardGet Uses

func ClipboardGet(atom gdk.Atom) (*Clipboard, error)

ClipboardGet() is a wrapper around gtk_clipboard_get().

func ClipboardGetForDisplay Uses

func ClipboardGetForDisplay(display *gdk.Display, atom gdk.Atom) (*Clipboard, error)

ClipboardGetForDisplay() is a wrapper around gtk_clipboard_get_for_display().

func (*Clipboard) SetImage Uses

func (v *Clipboard) SetImage(pixbuf *gdk.Pixbuf)

SetImage is a wrapper around gtk_clipboard_set_image

func (*Clipboard) SetText Uses

func (v *Clipboard) SetText(text string)

SetText() is a wrapper around gtk_clipboard_set_text().

func (*Clipboard) Store Uses

func (v *Clipboard) Store()

Store is a wrapper around gtk_clipboard_store

func (*Clipboard) WaitForContents Uses

func (v *Clipboard) WaitForContents(target gdk.Atom) (*SelectionData, error)

WaitForContents is a wrapper around gtk_clipboard_wait_for_contents

func (*Clipboard) WaitForImage Uses

func (v *Clipboard) WaitForImage() (*gdk.Pixbuf, error)

WaitForImage is a wrapper around gtk_clipboard_wait_for_image

func (*Clipboard) WaitForText Uses

func (v *Clipboard) WaitForText() (string, error)

WaitForText is a wrapper around gtk_clipboard_wait_for_text

func (*Clipboard) WaitIsImageAvailable Uses

func (v *Clipboard) WaitIsImageAvailable() bool

WaitIsImageAvailable is a wrapper around gtk_clipboard_wait_is_image_available

func (*Clipboard) WaitIsRichTextAvailable Uses

func (v *Clipboard) WaitIsRichTextAvailable(buf *TextBuffer) bool

WaitIsRichTextAvailable is a wrapper around gtk_clipboard_wait_is_rich_text_available

func (*Clipboard) WaitIsTargetAvailable Uses

func (v *Clipboard) WaitIsTargetAvailable(target gdk.Atom) bool

WaitIsTargetAvailable is a wrapper around gtk_clipboard_wait_is_target_available

func (*Clipboard) WaitIsTextAvailable Uses

func (v *Clipboard) WaitIsTextAvailable() bool

WaitIsTextAvailable is a wrapper around gtk_clipboard_wait_is_text_available

func (*Clipboard) WaitIsUrisAvailable Uses

func (v *Clipboard) WaitIsUrisAvailable() bool

WaitIsUrisAvailable is a wrapper around gtk_clipboard_wait_is_uris_available

type ColorButton Uses

type ColorButton struct {

    // Interfaces

ColorButton is a representation of GTK's GtkColorButton.

func ColorButtonNew Uses

func ColorButtonNew() (*ColorButton, error)

ColorButtonNew is a wrapper around gtk_color_button_new().

func ColorButtonNewWithRGBA Uses

func ColorButtonNewWithRGBA(gdkColor *gdk.RGBA) (*ColorButton, error)

ColorButtonNewWithRGBA is a wrapper around gtk_color_button_new_with_rgba().

func (*ColorButton) GetTitle Uses

func (v *ColorButton) GetTitle() string

GetTitle is a wrapper around gtk_color_button_get_title().

func (*ColorButton) SetTitle Uses

func (v *ColorButton) SetTitle(title string)

SetTitle is a wrapper around gtk_color_button_set_title().

type ColorChooser Uses

type ColorChooser struct {

ColorChooser is a representation of GTK's GtkColorChooser GInterface.

func (*ColorChooser) AddPalette Uses

func (v *ColorChooser) AddPalette(orientation Orientation, colors_per_line int, colors []*gdk.RGBA)

AddPalette() is a wrapper around gtk_color_chooser_add_palette().

func (*ColorChooser) GetRGBA Uses

func (v *ColorChooser) GetRGBA() *gdk.RGBA

GetRGBA() is a wrapper around gtk_color_chooser_get_rgba().

func (*ColorChooser) GetUseAlpha Uses

func (v *ColorChooser) GetUseAlpha() bool

GetUseAlpha() is a wrapper around gtk_color_chooser_get_use_alpha().

func (*ColorChooser) SetRGBA Uses

func (v *ColorChooser) SetRGBA(gdkColor *gdk.RGBA)

SetRGBA() is a wrapper around gtk_color_chooser_set_rgba().

func (*ColorChooser) SetUseAlpha Uses

func (v *ColorChooser) SetUseAlpha(use_alpha bool)

SetUseAlpha() is a wrapper around gtk_color_chooser_set_use_alpha().

type ColorChooserDialog Uses

type ColorChooserDialog struct {

    // Interfaces

ColorChooserDialog is a representation of GTK's GtkColorChooserDialog.

func ColorChooserDialogNew Uses

func ColorChooserDialogNew(title string, parent IWindow) (*ColorChooserDialog, error)

ColorChooserDialogNew() is a wrapper around gtk_color_chooser_dialog_new().

type Cols Uses

type Cols map[int]interface{}

Convenient map for Columns and values (See ListStore, TreeStore)

type ComboBox Uses

type ComboBox struct {

    // Interfaces

ComboBox is a representation of GTK's GtkComboBox.

func ComboBoxNew Uses

func ComboBoxNew() (*ComboBox, error)

ComboBoxNew is a wrapper around gtk_combo_box_new().

func ComboBoxNewWithEntry Uses

func ComboBoxNewWithEntry() (*ComboBox, error)

ComboBoxNewWithEntry is a wrapper around gtk_combo_box_new_with_entry().

func ComboBoxNewWithModel Uses

func ComboBoxNewWithModel(model ITreeModel) (*ComboBox, error)

ComboBoxNewWithModel is a wrapper around gtk_combo_box_new_with_model().

func ComboBoxNewWithModelAndEntry Uses

func ComboBoxNewWithModelAndEntry(model ITreeModel) (*ComboBox, error)

is a wrapper around gtk_combo_box_new_with_model_and_entry().

func (*ComboBox) GetActive Uses

func (v *ComboBox) GetActive() int

GetActive is a wrapper around gtk_combo_box_get_active().

func (*ComboBox) GetActiveID Uses

func (v *ComboBox) GetActiveID() string

GetActiveID is a wrapper around gtk_combo_box_get_active_id().

func (*ComboBox) GetActiveIter Uses

func (v *ComboBox) GetActiveIter() (*TreeIter, error)

GetActiveIter is a wrapper around gtk_combo_box_get_active_iter().

func (*ComboBox) GetColumnSpanColumn Uses

func (v *ComboBox) GetColumnSpanColumn() int

GetColumnSpanColumn is a wrapper around gtk_combo_box_get_column_span_column().

func (*ComboBox) GetEntry Uses

func (v *ComboBox) GetEntry() (*Entry, error)

GetEntry is a convenience func to get the Entry within the ComboBox. If the Combobox does not contain an Entry, an error is returned.

func (*ComboBox) GetEntryTextColumn Uses

func (v *ComboBox) GetEntryTextColumn() int

GetEntryTextColumn is a wrapper around gtk_combo_box_get_entry_text_column().

func (*ComboBox) GetHasEntry Uses

func (v *ComboBox) GetHasEntry() bool

GetHasEntry is a wrapper around gtk_combo_box_get_has_entry().

func (*ComboBox) GetIDColumn Uses

func (v *ComboBox) GetIDColumn() int

GetIDColumn is a wrapper around gtk_combo_box_get_id_column()

func (*ComboBox) GetModel Uses

func (v *ComboBox) GetModel() (*TreeModel, error)

GetModel is a wrapper around gtk_combo_box_get_model().

func (*ComboBox) GetPopupFixedWidth Uses

func (v *ComboBox) GetPopupFixedWidth() bool

GetPopupFixedWidth is a wrapper around gtk_combo_box_get_popup_fixed_width

func (*ComboBox) GetRowSpanColumn Uses

func (v *ComboBox) GetRowSpanColumn() int

GetRowSpanColumn is a wrapper around gtk_combo_box_get_row_span_column().

func (*ComboBox) GetWrapWidth Uses

func (v *ComboBox) GetWrapWidth() int

GetWrapWidth is a wrapper around gtk_combo_box_get_wrap_width().

func (*ComboBox) Popdown Uses

func (v *ComboBox) Popdown()

Popdown is a wrapper around gtk_combo_box_popdown().

func (*ComboBox) Popup Uses

func (v *ComboBox) Popup()

Popup is a wrapper around gtk_combo_box_popup().

func (*ComboBox) PopupForDevice Uses

func (v *ComboBox) PopupForDevice(device *gdk.Device)

PopupForDevice is a wrapper around gtk_combo_box_popup_for_device()

func (*ComboBox) SetActive Uses

func (v *ComboBox) SetActive(index int)

SetActive is a wrapper around gtk_combo_box_set_active().

func (*ComboBox) SetActiveID Uses

func (v *ComboBox) SetActiveID(id string) bool

SetActiveID is a wrapper around gtk_combo_box_set_active_id().

func (*ComboBox) SetActiveIter Uses

func (v *ComboBox) SetActiveIter(iter *TreeIter)

SetActiveIter is a wrapper around gtk_combo_box_set_active_iter().

func (*ComboBox) SetColumnSpanColumn Uses

func (v *ComboBox) SetColumnSpanColumn(wrapWidth int)

SetColumnSpanColumn is a wrapper around gtk_combo_box_set_column_span_column().

func (*ComboBox) SetEntryTextColumn Uses

func (v *ComboBox) SetEntryTextColumn(textColumn int)

SetEntryTextColumn is a wrapper around gtk_combo_box_set_entry_text_column().

func (*ComboBox) SetIDColumn Uses

func (v *ComboBox) SetIDColumn(idColumn int)

SetIDColumn is a wrapper around gtk_combo_box_set_id_column()

func (*ComboBox) SetModel Uses

func (v *ComboBox) SetModel(model ITreeModel)

SetModel is a wrapper around gtk_combo_box_set_model().

func (*ComboBox) SetPopupFixedWidth Uses

func (v *ComboBox) SetPopupFixedWidth(fixedWidth bool)

SetPopupFixedWidth is a wrapper around gtk_combo_box_set_popup_fixed_width

func (*ComboBox) SetRowSpanColumn Uses

func (v *ComboBox) SetRowSpanColumn(rowSpan int)

SetRowSpanColumn is a wrapper around gtk_combo_box_set_row_span_column().

func (*ComboBox) SetWrapWidth Uses

func (v *ComboBox) SetWrapWidth(wrapWidth int)

SetWrapWidth is a wrapper around gtk_combo_box_set_wrap_width().

type ComboBoxText Uses

type ComboBoxText struct {

ComboBoxText is a representation of GTK's GtkComboBoxText.

func ComboBoxTextNew Uses

func ComboBoxTextNew() (*ComboBoxText, error)

ComboBoxTextNew is a wrapper around gtk_combo_box_text_new().

func ComboBoxTextNewWithEntry Uses

func ComboBoxTextNewWithEntry() (*ComboBoxText, error)

ComboBoxTextNewWithEntry is a wrapper around gtk_combo_box_text_new_with_entry().

func (*ComboBoxText) Append Uses

func (v *ComboBoxText) Append(id, text string)

Append is a wrapper around gtk_combo_box_text_append().

func (*ComboBoxText) AppendText Uses

func (v *ComboBoxText) AppendText(text string)

AppendText is a wrapper around gtk_combo_box_text_append_text().

func (*ComboBoxText) GetActiveText Uses

func (v *ComboBoxText) GetActiveText() string

GetActiveText is a wrapper around gtk_combo_box_text_get_active_text().

func (*ComboBoxText) Insert Uses

func (v *ComboBoxText) Insert(position int, id, text string)

Insert is a wrapper around gtk_combo_box_text_insert().

func (*ComboBoxText) InsertText Uses

func (v *ComboBoxText) InsertText(position int, text string)

InsertText is a wrapper around gtk_combo_box_text_insert_text().

func (*ComboBoxText) Prepend Uses

func (v *ComboBoxText) Prepend(id, text string)

Prepend is a wrapper around gtk_combo_box_text_prepend().

func (*ComboBoxText) PrependText Uses

func (v *ComboBoxText) PrependText(text string)

PrependText is a wrapper around gtk_combo_box_text_prepend_text().

func (*ComboBoxText) Remove Uses

func (v *ComboBoxText) Remove(position int)

Remove is a wrapper around gtk_combo_box_text_remove().

func (*ComboBoxText) RemoveAll Uses

func (v *ComboBoxText) RemoveAll()

RemoveAll is a wrapper around gtk_combo_box_text_remove_all().

type Container Uses

type Container struct {

Container is a representation of GTK's GtkContainer.

func (*Container) Add Uses

func (v *Container) Add(w IWidget)

Add is a wrapper around gtk_container_add().

func (*Container) CheckResize Uses

func (v *Container) CheckResize()

CheckResize is a wrapper around gtk_container_check_resize().

func (*Container) ChildGetProperty Uses

func (v *Container) ChildGetProperty(child IWidget, name string, valueType glib.Type) (interface{}, error)

ChildGetProperty is a wrapper around gtk_container_child_get_property().

func (*Container) ChildNotify Uses

func (v *Container) ChildNotify(child IWidget, childProperty string)

ChildNotify is a wrapper around gtk_container_child_notify().

func (*Container) ChildSetProperty Uses

func (v *Container) ChildSetProperty(child IWidget, name string, value interface{}) error

ChildSetProperty is a wrapper around gtk_container_child_set_property().

func (*Container) ChildType Uses

func (v *Container) ChildType() glib.Type

ChildType is a wrapper around gtk_container_child_type().

func (*Container) GetBorderWidth Uses

func (v *Container) GetBorderWidth() uint

GetBorderWidth is a wrapper around gtk_container_get_border_width().

func (*Container) GetChildren Uses

func (v *Container) GetChildren() *glib.List

GetChildren is a wrapper around gtk_container_get_children().

func (*Container) GetFocusChild Uses

func (v *Container) GetFocusChild() *Widget

GetFocusChild is a wrapper around gtk_container_get_focus_child().

func (*Container) GetFocusHAdjustment Uses

func (v *Container) GetFocusHAdjustment() *Adjustment

GetFocusHAdjustment is a wrapper around gtk_container_get_focus_hadjustment().

func (*Container) GetFocusVAdjustment Uses

func (v *Container) GetFocusVAdjustment() *Adjustment

GetFocusVAdjustment is a wrapper around gtk_container_get_focus_vadjustment().

func (*Container) PropagateDraw Uses

func (v *Container) PropagateDraw(child IWidget, cr *cairo.Context)

PropagateDraw is a wrapper around gtk_container_propagate_draw().

func (*Container) Remove Uses

func (v *Container) Remove(w IWidget)

Remove is a wrapper around gtk_container_remove().

func (*Container) SetBorderWidth Uses

func (v *Container) SetBorderWidth(borderWidth uint)

SetBorderWidth is a wrapper around gtk_container_set_border_width().

func (*Container) SetFocusChild Uses

func (v *Container) SetFocusChild(child IWidget)

SetFocusChild is a wrapper around gtk_container_set_focus_child().

func (*Container) SetFocusHAdjustment Uses

func (v *Container) SetFocusHAdjustment(adjustment *Adjustment)

SetFocusHAdjustment is a wrapper around gtk_container_set_focus_hadjustment().

func (*Container) SetFocusVAdjustment Uses

func (v *Container) SetFocusVAdjustment(adjustment *Adjustment)

SetFocusVAdjustment is a wrapper around gtk_container_set_focus_vadjustment().

type CornerType Uses

type CornerType int

CornerType is a representation of GTK's GtkCornerType.

const (

type CssProvider Uses

type CssProvider struct {

CssProvider is a representation of GTK's GtkCssProvider.

func CssProviderGetNamed Uses

func CssProviderGetNamed(name string, variant string) (*CssProvider, error)

GetNamed is a wrapper around gtk_css_provider_get_named().

func CssProviderNew Uses

func CssProviderNew() (*CssProvider, error)

CssProviderNew is a wrapper around gtk_css_provider_new().

func (*CssProvider) LoadFromData Uses

func (v *CssProvider) LoadFromData(data string) error

LoadFromData is a wrapper around gtk_css_provider_load_from_data().

func (*CssProvider) LoadFromPath Uses

func (v *CssProvider) LoadFromPath(path string) error

LoadFromPath is a wrapper around gtk_css_provider_load_from_path().

func (*CssProvider) ToString Uses

func (v *CssProvider) ToString() (string, error)

ToString is a wrapper around gtk_css_provider_to_string().

type DestDefaults Uses

type DestDefaults int

DestDefaults is a representation of GTK's GtkDestDefaults.

const (

type Dialog Uses

type Dialog struct {

Dialog is a representation of GTK's GtkDialog.

func DialogNew Uses

func DialogNew() (*Dialog, error)

DialogNew() is a wrapper around gtk_dialog_new().

func DialogNewWithButtons Uses

func DialogNewWithButtons(title string, parent IWindow, flags DialogFlags, buttons ...[]interface{}) (dialog *Dialog, err error)

DialogNewWithButtons() is a wrapper around gtk_dialog_new_with_buttons(). i.e: []interface{}{"Accept", gtk.RESPONSE_ACCEPT}.

func (*Dialog) AddActionWidget Uses

func (v *Dialog) AddActionWidget(child IWidget, id ResponseType)

AddActionWidget() is a wrapper around gtk_dialog_add_action_widget().

func (*Dialog) AddButton Uses

func (v *Dialog) AddButton(text string, id ResponseType) (*Button, error)

AddButton() is a wrapper around gtk_dialog_add_button(). text may be either the literal button text, or if using GTK 3.8 or earlier, a Stock type converted to a string.

func (*Dialog) GetContentArea Uses

func (v *Dialog) GetContentArea() (*Box, error)

GetContentArea() is a wrapper around gtk_dialog_get_content_area().

func (*Dialog) GetHeaderBar Uses

func (v *Dialog) GetHeaderBar() *Widget

GetHeaderBar is a wrapper around gtk_dialog_get_header_bar().

func (*Dialog) GetResponseForWidget Uses

func (v *Dialog) GetResponseForWidget(widget IWidget) ResponseType

GetResponseForWidget is a wrapper around gtk_dialog_get_response_for_widget().

func (*Dialog) GetWidgetForResponse Uses

func (v *Dialog) GetWidgetForResponse(id ResponseType) (*Widget, error)

GetWidgetForResponse is a wrapper around gtk_dialog_get_widget_for_response().

func (*Dialog) Response Uses

func (v *Dialog) Response(response ResponseType)

Response() is a wrapper around gtk_dialog_response().

func (*Dialog) Run Uses

func (v *Dialog) Run() ResponseType

Run() is a wrapper around gtk_dialog_run().

func (*Dialog) SetDefaultResponse Uses

func (v *Dialog) SetDefaultResponse(id ResponseType)

SetDefaultResponse() is a wrapper around gtk_dialog_set_default_response().

func (*Dialog) SetResponseSensitive Uses

func (v *Dialog) SetResponseSensitive(id ResponseType, setting bool)

SetResponseSensitive() is a wrapper around gtk_dialog_set_response_sensitive().

type DialogFlags Uses

type DialogFlags int

DialogFlags is a representation of GTK's GtkDialogFlags.

const (
    DIALOG_MODAL               DialogFlags = C.GTK_DIALOG_MODAL

type DrawingArea Uses

type DrawingArea struct {

DrawingArea is a representation of GTK's GtkDrawingArea.

func DrawingAreaNew Uses

func DrawingAreaNew() (*DrawingArea, error)

DrawingAreaNew is a wrapper around gtk_drawing_area_new().

type Editable Uses

type Editable struct {

Editable is a representation of GTK's GtkEditable GInterface.

func (*Editable) CopyClipboard Uses

func (v *Editable) CopyClipboard()

CopyClipboard is a wrapper around gtk_editable_copy_clipboard().

func (*Editable) CutClipboard Uses

func (v *Editable) CutClipboard()

CutClipboard is a wrapper around gtk_editable_cut_clipboard().

func (*Editable) DeleteSelection Uses

func (v *Editable) DeleteSelection()

DeleteSelection is a wrapper around gtk_editable_delete_selection().

func (*Editable) DeleteText Uses

func (v *Editable) DeleteText(startPos, endPos int)

DeleteText is a wrapper around gtk_editable_delete_text().

func (*Editable) GetChars Uses

func (v *Editable) GetChars(startPos, endPos int) string

GetChars is a wrapper around gtk_editable_get_chars().

func (*Editable) GetEditable Uses

func (v *Editable) GetEditable() bool

GetEditable is a wrapper around gtk_editable_get_editable().

func (*Editable) GetPosition Uses

func (v *Editable) GetPosition() int

GetPosition is a wrapper around gtk_editable_get_position().

func (*Editable) GetSelectionBounds Uses

func (v *Editable) GetSelectionBounds() (start, end int, nonEmpty bool)

GetSelectionBounds is a wrapper around gtk_editable_get_selection_bounds().

func (*Editable) InsertText Uses

func (v *Editable) InsertText(newText string, position int) int

InsertText is a wrapper around gtk_editable_insert_text(). The returned int is the position after the inserted text.

func (*Editable) PasteClipboard Uses

func (v *Editable) PasteClipboard()

PasteClipboard is a wrapper around gtk_editable_paste_clipboard().

func (*Editable) SelectRegion Uses

func (v *Editable) SelectRegion(startPos, endPos int)

SelectRegion is a wrapper around gtk_editable_select_region().

func (*Editable) SetEditable Uses

func (v *Editable) SetEditable(isEditable bool)

SetEditable is a wrapper around gtk_editable_set_editable().

func (*Editable) SetPosition Uses

func (v *Editable) SetPosition(position int)

SetPosition is a wrapper around gtk_editable_set_position().

type Entry Uses

type Entry struct {

    // Interfaces

Entry is a representation of GTK's GtkEntry.

func EntryNew Uses

func EntryNew() (*Entry, error)

EntryNew() is a wrapper around gtk_entry_new().

func EntryNewWithBuffer Uses

func EntryNewWithBuffer(buffer *EntryBuffer) (*Entry, error)

EntryNewWithBuffer() is a wrapper around gtk_entry_new_with_buffer().

func (*Entry) GetActivatesDefault Uses

func (v *Entry) GetActivatesDefault() bool

GetActivatesDefault is a wrapper around gtk_entry_get_activates_default().

func (*Entry) GetAlignment Uses

func (v *Entry) GetAlignment() float32

GetAlignment is a wrapper around gtk_entry_get_alignment().

func (*Entry) GetBuffer Uses

func (v *Entry) GetBuffer() (*EntryBuffer, error)

GetBuffer() is a wrapper around gtk_entry_get_buffer().

func (*Entry) GetCompletion Uses

func (v *Entry) GetCompletion() (*EntryCompletion, error)

GetCompletion is a wrapper around gtk_entry_get_completion().

func (*Entry) GetCurrentIconDragSource Uses

func (v *Entry) GetCurrentIconDragSource() int

GetCurrentIconDragSource is a wrapper around gtk_entry_get_current_icon_drag_source().

func (*Entry) GetCursorHAdjustment Uses

func (v *Entry) GetCursorHAdjustment() (*Adjustment, error)

GetCursorHAdjustment is a wrapper around gtk_entry_get_cursor_hadjustment().

func (*Entry) GetHasFrame Uses

func (v *Entry) GetHasFrame() bool

GetHasFrame is a wrapper around gtk_entry_get_has_frame().

func (*Entry) GetIconActivatable Uses

func (v *Entry) GetIconActivatable(iconPos EntryIconPosition) bool

GetIconActivatable is a wrapper around gtk_entry_get_icon_activatable().

func (*Entry) GetIconArea Uses

func (v *Entry) GetIconArea(iconPos EntryIconPosition) *gdk.Rectangle

GetIconArea is a wrapper around gtk_entry_get_icon_area().

func (*Entry) GetIconAtPos Uses

func (v *Entry) GetIconAtPos(x, y int) int

GetIconAtPos is a wrapper around gtk_entry_get_icon_at_pos().

func (*Entry) GetIconName Uses

func (v *Entry) GetIconName(iconPos EntryIconPosition) (string, error)

GetIconName is a wrapper around gtk_entry_get_icon_name().

func (*Entry) GetIconSensitive Uses

func (v *Entry) GetIconSensitive(iconPos EntryIconPosition) bool

GetIconSensitive is a wrapper around gtk_entry_get_icon_sensitive().

func (*Entry) GetIconStorageType Uses

func (v *Entry) GetIconStorageType(iconPos EntryIconPosition) ImageType

GetIconStorageType is a wrapper around gtk_entry_get_icon_storage_type().

func (*Entry) GetIconTooltipMarkup Uses

func (v *Entry) GetIconTooltipMarkup(iconPos EntryIconPosition) (string, error)

GetIconTooltipMarkup is a wrapper around gtk_entry_get_icon_tooltip_markup().

func (*Entry) GetIconTooltipText Uses

func (v *Entry) GetIconTooltipText(iconPos EntryIconPosition) (string, error)

GetIconTooltipText is a wrapper around gtk_entry_get_icon_tooltip_text().

func (*Entry) GetInputHints Uses

func (v *Entry) GetInputHints() InputHints

GetInputHints is a wrapper around gtk_entry_get_input_hints().

func (*Entry) GetInputPurpose Uses

func (v *Entry) GetInputPurpose() InputPurpose

GetInputPurpose is a wrapper around gtk_entry_get_input_purpose().

func (*Entry) GetInvisibleChar Uses

func (v *Entry) GetInvisibleChar() rune

GetInvisibleChar is a wrapper around gtk_entry_get_invisible_char().

func (*Entry) GetLayoutOffsets Uses

func (v *Entry) GetLayoutOffsets() (x, y int)

GetLayoutOffsets is a wrapper around gtk_entry_get_layout_offsets().

func (*Entry) GetMaxLength Uses

func (v *Entry) GetMaxLength() int

GetMaxLength is a wrapper around gtk_entry_get_max_length().

func (*Entry) GetMaxWidthChars Uses

func (v *Entry) GetMaxWidthChars() int

GetMaxWidthChars is a wrapper around gtk_entry_get_max_width_chars().

func (*Entry) GetOverwriteMode Uses

func (v *Entry) GetOverwriteMode() bool

GetOverwriteMode is a wrapper around gtk_entry_get_overwrite_mode().

func (*Entry) GetPlaceholderText Uses

func (v *Entry) GetPlaceholderText() (string, error)

GetPlaceholderText is a wrapper around gtk_entry_get_placeholder_text().

func (*Entry) GetProgressFraction Uses

func (v *Entry) GetProgressFraction() float64

GetProgressFraction is a wrapper around gtk_entry_get_progress_fraction().

func (*Entry) GetProgressPulseStep Uses

func (v *Entry) GetProgressPulseStep() float64

GetProgressPulseSte) is a wrapper around gtk_entry_get_progress_pulse_step().

func (*Entry) GetText Uses

func (v *Entry) GetText() (string, error)

GetText() is a wrapper around gtk_entry_get_text().

func (*Entry) GetTextArea Uses

func (v *Entry) GetTextArea() *gdk.Rectangle

GetTextArea is a wrapper around gtk_entry_get_text_area().

func (*Entry) GetTextLength Uses

func (v *Entry) GetTextLength() uint16

GetTextLength() is a wrapper around gtk_entry_get_text_length().

func (*Entry) GetVisibility Uses

func (v *Entry) GetVisibility() bool

GetVisibility is a wrapper around gtk_entry_get_visibility().

func (*Entry) GetWidthChars Uses

func (v *Entry) GetWidthChars() int

GetWidthChars is a wrapper around gtk_entry_get_width_chars().

func (*Entry) GrabFocusWithoutSelecting Uses

func (v *Entry) GrabFocusWithoutSelecting()

GrabFocusWithoutSelecting is a wrapper for gtk_entry_grab_focus_without_selecting()

func (*Entry) LayoutIndexToTextIndex Uses

func (v *Entry) LayoutIndexToTextIndex(layoutIndex int) int

LayoutIndexToTextIndex is a wrapper around gtk_entry_layout_index_to_text_index().

func (*Entry) ProgressPulse Uses

func (v *Entry) ProgressPulse()

ProgressPulse is a wrapper around gtk_entry_progress_pulse().

func (*Entry) RemoveIcon Uses

func (v *Entry) RemoveIcon(iconPos EntryIconPosition)

RemoveIcon is a convenience func to set a nil pointer to the icon name.

func (*Entry) ResetIMContext Uses

func (v *Entry) ResetIMContext()

ResetIMContext is a wrapper around gtk_entry_reset_im_context().

func (*Entry) SetActivatesDefault Uses

func (v *Entry) SetActivatesDefault(setting bool)

SetActivatesDefault is a wrapper around gtk_entry_set_activates_default().

func (*Entry) SetAlignment Uses

func (v *Entry) SetAlignment(xalign float32)

SetAlignment is a wrapper around gtk_entry_set_alignment().

func (*Entry) SetBuffer Uses

func (v *Entry) SetBuffer(buffer *EntryBuffer)

SetBuffer() is a wrapper around gtk_entry_set_buffer().

func (*Entry) SetCompletion Uses

func (v *Entry) SetCompletion(completion *EntryCompletion)

SetCompletion is a wrapper around gtk_entry_set_completion().

func (*Entry) SetCursorHAdjustment Uses

func (v *Entry) SetCursorHAdjustment(adjustment *Adjustment)

SetCursorHAdjustment is a wrapper around gtk_entry_set_cursor_hadjustment().

func (*Entry) SetHasFrame Uses

func (v *Entry) SetHasFrame(setting bool)

SetHasFrame is a wrapper around gtk_entry_set_has_frame().

func (*Entry) SetIconActivatable Uses

func (v *Entry) SetIconActivatable(iconPos EntryIconPosition, activatable bool)

SetIconActivatable is a wrapper around gtk_entry_set_icon_activatable().

func (*Entry) SetIconFromIconName Uses

func (v *Entry) SetIconFromIconName(iconPos EntryIconPosition, name string)

SetIconFromIconName is a wrapper around gtk_entry_set_icon_from_icon_name().

func (*Entry) SetIconFromPixbuf Uses

func (v *Entry) SetIconFromPixbuf(iconPos EntryIconPosition, pixbuf *gdk.Pixbuf)

SetIconFromPixbuf is a wrapper around gtk_entry_set_icon_from_pixbuf().

func (*Entry) SetIconSensitive Uses

func (v *Entry) SetIconSensitive(iconPos EntryIconPosition, sensitive bool)

SetIconSensitive is a wrapper around gtk_entry_set_icon_sensitive().

func (*Entry) SetIconTooltipMarkup Uses

func (v *Entry) SetIconTooltipMarkup(iconPos EntryIconPosition, tooltip string)

SetIconTooltipMarkup is a wrapper around gtk_entry_set_icon_tooltip_markup().

func (*Entry) SetIconTooltipText Uses

func (v *Entry) SetIconTooltipText(iconPos EntryIconPosition, tooltip string)

SetIconTooltipText is a wrapper around gtk_entry_set_icon_tooltip_text().

func (*Entry) SetInputHints Uses

func (v *Entry) SetInputHints(hints InputHints)

SetInputHints is a wrapper around gtk_entry_set_input_hints().

func (*Entry) SetInputPurpose Uses

func (v *Entry) SetInputPurpose(purpose InputPurpose)

SetInputPurpose is a wrapper around gtk_entry_set_input_purpose().

func (*Entry) SetInvisibleChar Uses

func (v *Entry) SetInvisibleChar(ch rune)

SetInvisibleChar is a wrapper around gtk_entry_set_invisible_char().

func (*Entry) SetMaxLength Uses

func (v *Entry) SetMaxLength(len int)

SetMaxLength is a wrapper around gtk_entry_set_max_length().

func (*Entry) SetMaxWidthChars Uses

func (v *Entry) SetMaxWidthChars(nChars int)

SetMaxWidthChars is a wrapper around gtk_entry_set_max_width_chars().

func (*Entry) SetOverwriteMode Uses

func (v *Entry) SetOverwriteMode(overwrite bool)

SetOverwriteMode is a wrapper around gtk_entry_set_overwrite_mode().

func (*Entry) SetPlaceholderText Uses

func (v *Entry) SetPlaceholderText(text string)

SetPlaceholderText is a wrapper around gtk_entry_set_placeholder_text().

func (*Entry) SetProgressFraction Uses

func (v *Entry) SetProgressFraction(fraction float64)

SetProgressFraction is a wrapper around gtk_entry_set_progress_fraction().

func (*Entry) SetProgressPulseStep Uses

func (v *Entry) SetProgressPulseStep(fraction float64)

SetProgressPulseStep is a wrapper around gtk_entry_set_progress_pulse_step().

func (*Entry) SetText Uses

func (v *Entry) SetText(text string)

SetText() is a wrapper around gtk_entry_set_text().

func (*Entry) SetVisibility Uses

func (v *Entry) SetVisibility(visible bool)

SetVisibility is a wrapper around gtk_entry_set_visibility().

func (*Entry) SetWidthChars Uses

func (v *Entry) SetWidthChars(nChars int)

SetWidthChars is a wrapper around gtk_entry_set_width_chars().

func (*Entry) TextIndexToLayoutIndex Uses

func (v *Entry) TextIndexToLayoutIndex(textIndex int) int

TextIndexToLayoutIndex is a wrapper around gtk_entry_text_index_to_layout_index().

func (*Entry) UnsetInvisibleChar Uses

func (v *Entry) UnsetInvisibleChar()

UnsetInvisibleChar is a wrapper around gtk_entry_unset_invisible_char().

type EntryBuffer Uses

type EntryBuffer struct {

EntryBuffer is a representation of GTK's GtkEntryBuffer.

func EntryBufferNew Uses

func EntryBufferNew(initialChars string, nInitialChars int) (*EntryBuffer, error)

EntryBufferNew() is a wrapper around gtk_entry_buffer_new().

func (*EntryBuffer) DeleteText Uses

func (v *EntryBuffer) DeleteText(position uint, nChars int) uint

DeleteText() is a wrapper around gtk_entry_buffer_delete_text().

func (*EntryBuffer) EmitDeletedText Uses

func (v *EntryBuffer) EmitDeletedText(pos, nChars uint)

EmitDeletedText() is a wrapper around gtk_entry_buffer_emit_deleted_text().

func (*EntryBuffer) EmitInsertedText Uses

func (v *EntryBuffer) EmitInsertedText(pos uint, text string)

EmitInsertedText() is a wrapper around gtk_entry_buffer_emit_inserted_text().

func (*EntryBuffer) GetBytes Uses

func (v *EntryBuffer) GetBytes() uint

GetBytes() is a wrapper around gtk_entry_buffer_get_bytes().

func (*EntryBuffer) GetLength Uses

func (v *EntryBuffer) GetLength() uint

GetLength() is a wrapper around gtk_entry_buffer_get_length().

func (*EntryBuffer) GetMaxLength Uses

func (v *EntryBuffer) GetMaxLength() int

GetMaxLength() is a wrapper around gtk_entry_buffer_get_max_length().

func (*EntryBuffer) GetText Uses

func (v *EntryBuffer) GetText() (string, error)

GetText() is a wrapper around gtk_entry_buffer_get_text(). A non-nil error is returned in the case that gtk_entry_buffer_get_text returns NULL to differentiate between NULL and an empty string.

func (*EntryBuffer) InsertText Uses

func (v *EntryBuffer) InsertText(position uint, text string) uint

InsertText() is a wrapper around gtk_entry_buffer_insert_text().

func (*EntryBuffer) SetMaxLength Uses

func (v *EntryBuffer) SetMaxLength(maxLength int)

SetMaxLength() is a wrapper around gtk_entry_buffer_set_max_length().

func (*EntryBuffer) SetText Uses

func (v *EntryBuffer) SetText(text string)

SetText() is a wrapper around gtk_entry_buffer_set_text().

type EntryCompletion Uses

type EntryCompletion struct {

EntryCompletion is a representation of GTK's GtkEntryCompletion.

func EntryCompletionNew Uses

func EntryCompletionNew() (*EntryCompletion, error)

EntryCompletionNew is a wrapper around gtk_entry_completion_new

func (*EntryCompletion) GetInlineCompletion Uses

func (v *EntryCompletion) GetInlineCompletion() bool

GetInlineCompletion is a wrapper around gtk_entry_completion_get_inline_completion

func (*EntryCompletion) GetMinimumKeyLength Uses

func (v *EntryCompletion) GetMinimumKeyLength() int

GetMinimumKeyLength is a wrapper around gtk_entry_completion_get_minimum_key_length

func (*EntryCompletion) GetModel Uses

func (v *EntryCompletion) GetModel() (*TreeModel, error)

GetModel is a wrapper around gtk_entry_completion_get_model

func (*EntryCompletion) GetPopupCompletion Uses

func (v *EntryCompletion) GetPopupCompletion() bool

GetPopupCompletion is a wrapper around gtk_entry_completion_get_popup_completion

func (*EntryCompletion) GetPopupSetWidth Uses

func (v *EntryCompletion) GetPopupSetWidth() bool

GetPopupSetWidth is a wrapper around gtk_entry_completion_get_popup_set_width

func (*EntryCompletion) GetTextColumn Uses

func (v *EntryCompletion) GetTextColumn() int

GetTextColumn is a wrapper around gtk_entry_completion_get_text_column

func (*EntryCompletion) SetInlineCompletion Uses

func (v *EntryCompletion) SetInlineCompletion(inlineCompletion bool)

SetInlineCompletion is a wrapper around gtk_entry_completion_set_inline_completion

func (*EntryCompletion) SetMinimumKeyLength Uses

func (v *EntryCompletion) SetMinimumKeyLength(minimumLength int)

SetMinimumKeyLength is a wrapper around gtk_entry_completion_set_minimum_key_length

func (*EntryCompletion) SetModel Uses

func (v *EntryCompletion) SetModel(model ITreeModel)

SetModel is a wrapper around gtk_entry_completion_set_model

func (*EntryCompletion) SetPopupCompletion Uses

func (v *EntryCompletion) SetPopupCompletion(popupCompletion bool)

SetPopupCompletion is a wrapper around gtk_entry_completion_set_popup_completion

func (*EntryCompletion) SetPopupSetWidth Uses

func (v *EntryCompletion) SetPopupSetWidth(popupSetWidth bool)

SetPopupSetWidth is a wrapper around gtk_entry_completion_set_popup_set_width

func (*EntryCompletion) SetTextColumn Uses

func (v *EntryCompletion) SetTextColumn(textColumn int)

SetTextColumn is a wrapper around gtk_entry_completion_set_text_column

type EntryIconPosition Uses

type EntryIconPosition int

EntryIconPosition is a representation of GTK's GtkEntryIconPosition.

const (

type EventBox Uses

type EventBox struct {

EventBox is a representation of GTK's GtkEventBox.

func EventBoxNew Uses

func EventBoxNew() (*EventBox, error)

EventBoxNew is a wrapper around gtk_event_box_new().

func (*EventBox) GetAboveChild Uses

func (v *EventBox) GetAboveChild() bool

GetAboveChild is a wrapper around gtk_event_box_get_above_child().

func (*EventBox) GetVisibleWindow Uses

func (v *EventBox) GetVisibleWindow() bool

GetVisibleWindow is a wrapper around gtk_event_box_get_visible_window().

func (*EventBox) SetAboveChild Uses

func (v *EventBox) SetAboveChild(aboveChild bool)

SetAboveChild is a wrapper around gtk_event_box_set_above_child().

func (*EventBox) SetVisibleWindow Uses

func (v *EventBox) SetVisibleWindow(visibleWindow bool)

SetVisibleWindow is a wrapper around gtk_event_box_set_visible_window().

type Expander Uses

type Expander struct {

Expander is a representation of GTK's GtkExpander.

func ExpanderNew Uses

func ExpanderNew(label string) (*Expander, error)

ExpanderNew is a wrapper around gtk_expander_new().

func (*Expander) GetExpanded Uses

func (v *Expander) GetExpanded() bool

GetExpanded is a wrapper around gtk_expander_get_expanded().

func (*Expander) GetLabel Uses

func (v *Expander) GetLabel() string

GetLabel is a wrapper around gtk_expander_get_label().

func (*Expander) SetExpanded Uses

func (v *Expander) SetExpanded(expanded bool)

SetExpanded is a wrapper around gtk_expander_set_expanded().

func (*Expander) SetLabel Uses

func (v *Expander) SetLabel(label string)

SetLabel is a wrapper around gtk_expander_set_label().

func (*Expander) SetLabelWidget Uses

func (v *Expander) SetLabelWidget(widget IWidget)

SetLabelWidget is a wrapper around gtk_expander_set_label_widget().

type FileChooser Uses

type FileChooser struct {

FileChoser is a representation of GTK's GtkFileChooser GInterface.

func (*FileChooser) AddFilter Uses

func (v *FileChooser) AddFilter(filter *FileFilter)

AddFilter is a wrapper around gtk_file_chooser_add_filter().

func (*FileChooser) AddShortcutFolder Uses

func (v *FileChooser) AddShortcutFolder(folder string) bool

AddShortcutFolder is a wrapper around gtk_file_chooser_add_shortcut_folder().

func (*FileChooser) GetCreateFolders Uses

func (v *FileChooser) GetCreateFolders() bool

GetCreateFolders is a wrapper around gtk_file_chooser_get_create_folders().

func (*FileChooser) GetCurrentFolder Uses

func (v *FileChooser) GetCurrentFolder() (string, error)

GetCurrentFolder is a wrapper around gtk_file_chooser_get_current_folder().

func (*FileChooser) GetDoOverwriteConfirmation Uses

func (v *FileChooser) GetDoOverwriteConfirmation() bool

GetDoOverwriteConfirmation is a wrapper around gtk_file_chooser_get_do_overwrite_confirmation().

func (*FileChooser) GetFilename Uses

func (v *FileChooser) GetFilename() string

GetFilename is a wrapper around gtk_file_chooser_get_filename().

func (*FileChooser) GetFilenames Uses

func (v *FileChooser) GetFilenames() (*glib.SList, error)

GetFilenames is a wrapper around gtk_file_chooser_get_filenames().

func (*FileChooser) GetLocalOnly Uses

func (v *FileChooser) GetLocalOnly() bool

GetLocalOnly is a wrapper around gtk_file_chooser_get_local_only().

func (*FileChooser) GetPreviewFilename Uses

func (v *FileChooser) GetPreviewFilename() string

GetPreviewFilename is a wrapper around gtk_file_chooser_get_preview_filename().

func (*FileChooser) GetSelectMultiple Uses

func (v *FileChooser) GetSelectMultiple() bool

GetSelectMultiple is a wrapper around gtk_file_chooser_get_select_multiple().

func (*FileChooser) GetURI Uses

func (v *FileChooser) GetURI() string

GetURI is a wrapper around gtk_file_chooser_get_uri().

func (FileChooser) GetURIs Uses

func (v FileChooser) GetURIs() (*glib.SList, error)

GetURIs is a wrapper around gtk_file_chooser_get_uris().

func (*FileChooser) RemoveFilter Uses

func (v *FileChooser) RemoveFilter(filter *FileFilter)

RemoveFilter is a wrapper around gtk_file_chooser_remove_filter().

func (*FileChooser) SelectAll Uses

func (v *FileChooser) SelectAll()

SelectAll is a wrapper around gtk_file_chooser_select_all().

func (*FileChooser) SelectFilename Uses

func (v *FileChooser) SelectFilename(filename string) bool

SelectFilename is a wrapper around gtk_file_chooser_select_filename().

func (*FileChooser) SetCreateFolders Uses

func (v *FileChooser) SetCreateFolders(value bool)

SetCreateFolders is a wrapper around gtk_file_chooser_set_create_folders().

func (*FileChooser) SetCurrentFolder Uses

func (v *FileChooser) SetCurrentFolder(folder string) bool

SetCurrentFolder is a wrapper around gtk_file_chooser_set_current_folder().

func (*FileChooser) SetCurrentName Uses

func (v *FileChooser) SetCurrentName(name string)

SetCurrentName is a wrapper around gtk_file_chooser_set_current_name().

func (*FileChooser) SetDoOverwriteConfirmation Uses

func (v *FileChooser) SetDoOverwriteConfirmation(value bool)

SetDoOverwriteConfirmation is a wrapper around gtk_file_chooser_set_do_overwrite_confirmation().

func (*FileChooser) SetFilename Uses

func (v *FileChooser) SetFilename(filename string) bool

SetFilename is a wrapper around gtk_file_chooser_set_filename().

func (*FileChooser) SetFilter Uses

func (v *FileChooser) SetFilter(filter *FileFilter)

SetFilter is a wrapper around gtk_file_chooser_set_filter().

func (*FileChooser) SetLocalOnly Uses

func (v *FileChooser) SetLocalOnly(value bool)

SetLocalOnly is a wrapper around gtk_file_chooser_set_local_only().

func (*FileChooser) SetPreviewWidget Uses

func (v *FileChooser) SetPreviewWidget(widget IWidget)

SetPreviewWidget is a wrapper around gtk_file_chooser_set_preview_widget().

func (*FileChooser) SetPreviewWidgetActive Uses

func (v *FileChooser) SetPreviewWidgetActive(active bool)

SetPreviewWidgetActive is a wrapper around gtk_file_chooser_set_preview_widget_active().

func (*FileChooser) SetSelectMultiple Uses

func (v *FileChooser) SetSelectMultiple(value bool)

SetSelectMultiple is a wrapper around gtk_file_chooser_set_select_multiple().

func (*FileChooser) UnselectAll Uses

func (v *FileChooser) UnselectAll()

UnselectAll is a wrapper around gtk_file_chooser_unselect_all().

func (*FileChooser) UnselectFilename Uses

func (v *FileChooser) UnselectFilename(filename string)

UnselectFilename is a wrapper around gtk_file_chooser_unselect_filename().

type FileChooserAction Uses

type FileChooserAction int

FileChooserAction is a representation of GTK's GtkFileChooserAction.

const (

type FileChooserButton Uses

type FileChooserButton struct {

    // Interfaces

FileChooserButton is a representation of GTK's GtkFileChooserButton.

func FileChooserButtonNew Uses

func FileChooserButtonNew(title string, action FileChooserAction) (*FileChooserButton, error)

FileChooserButtonNew is a wrapper around gtk_file_chooser_button_new().

func FileChooserButtonNewWithDialog Uses

func FileChooserButtonNewWithDialog(dialog IWidget) (*FileChooserButton, error)

FileChooserButtonNewWithDialog is a wrapper around gtk_file_chooser_button_new_with_dialog().

func (*FileChooserButton) GetTitle Uses

func (v *FileChooserButton) GetTitle() string

GetTitle is a wrapper around gtk_file_chooser_button_get_title().

func (*FileChooserButton) GetWidthChars Uses

func (v *FileChooserButton) GetWidthChars() int

GetWidthChars is a wrapper around gtk_file_chooser_button_get_width_chars().

func (*FileChooserButton) SetTitle Uses

func (v *FileChooserButton) SetTitle(title string)

SetTitle is a wrapper around gtk_file_chooser_button_set_title().

func (*FileChooserButton) SetWidthChars Uses

func (v *FileChooserButton) SetWidthChars(width int)

SetWidthChars is a wrapper around gtk_file_chooser_button_set_width_chars().

type FileChooserDialog Uses

type FileChooserDialog struct {

    // Interfaces

FileChooserDialog is a representation of GTK's GtkFileChooserDialog.

func FileChooserDialogNewWith1Button Uses

func FileChooserDialogNewWith1Button(
    title string,
    parent IWindow,
    action FileChooserAction,
    first_button_text string,
    first_button_id ResponseType) (*FileChooserDialog, error)

FileChooserDialogNewWith1Button is a wrapper around gtk_file_chooser_dialog_new() with one button.

func FileChooserDialogNewWith2Buttons Uses

func FileChooserDialogNewWith2Buttons(
    title string,
    parent IWindow,
    action FileChooserAction,
    first_button_text string,
    first_button_id ResponseType,
    second_button_text string,
    second_button_id ResponseType) (*FileChooserDialog, error)

FileChooserDialogNewWith2Buttons is a wrapper around gtk_file_chooser_dialog_new() with two buttons.

type FileChooserNativeDialog Uses

type FileChooserNativeDialog struct {

    // Interfaces

FileChooserNativeDialog is a representation of GTK's GtkFileChooserNative.

func FileChooserNativeDialogNew Uses

func FileChooserNativeDialogNew(
    title string,
    parent IWindow,
    action FileChooserAction,
    accept_label string,
    cancel_label string) (*FileChooserNativeDialog, error)

FileChooserNativeDialogNew is a wrapper around gtk_file_chooser_native_new().

func (*FileChooserNativeDialog) GetAcceptLabel Uses

func (v *FileChooserNativeDialog) GetAcceptLabel() (string, error)

GetAcceptLabel is a wrapper around gtk_file_chooser_native_get_accept_label().

func (*FileChooserNativeDialog) GetCancelLabel Uses

func (v *FileChooserNativeDialog) GetCancelLabel() (string, error)

GetCancelLabel is a wrapper around gtk_file_chooser_native_get_cancel_label().

func (*FileChooserNativeDialog) SetAcceptLabel Uses

func (v *FileChooserNativeDialog) SetAcceptLabel(accept_label string)

SetAcceptLabel is a wrapper around gtk_file_chooser_native_set_accept_label().

func (*FileChooserNativeDialog) SetCancelLabel Uses

func (v *FileChooserNativeDialog) SetCancelLabel(cancel_label string)

SetCancelLabel is a wrapper around gtk_file_chooser_native_set_cancel_label().

type FileChooserWidget Uses

type FileChooserWidget struct {

    // Interfaces

FileChooserWidget is a representation of GTK's GtkFileChooserWidget.

func FileChooserWidgetNew Uses

func FileChooserWidgetNew(action FileChooserAction) (*FileChooserWidget, error)

FileChooserWidgetNew is a wrapper around gtk_file_chooser_widget_new().

type FileFilter Uses

type FileFilter struct {

FileChoser is a representation of GTK's GtkFileFilter GInterface.

func FileFilterNew Uses

func FileFilterNew() (*FileFilter, error)

FileFilterNew is a wrapper around gtk_file_filter_new().

func (*FileFilter) AddMimeType Uses

func (v *FileFilter) AddMimeType(mimeType string)

AddMimeType is a wrapper around gtk_file_filter_add_mime_type().

func (*FileFilter) AddPattern Uses

func (v *FileFilter) AddPattern(pattern string)

AddPattern is a wrapper around gtk_file_filter_add_pattern().

func (*FileFilter) AddPixbufFormats Uses

func (v *FileFilter) AddPixbufFormats()

AddPixbufFormats is a wrapper around gtk_file_filter_add_pixbuf_formats().

func (*FileFilter) SetName Uses

func (v *FileFilter) SetName(name string)

SetName is a wrapper around gtk_file_filter_set_name().

type Fixed Uses

type Fixed struct {

Fixed is a representation of GTK's GtkFixed.

func FixedNew Uses

func FixedNew() (*Fixed, error)

FixedNew is a wrapper around gtk_fixed_new().

func (*Fixed) Move Uses

func (v *Fixed) Move(w IWidget, x, y int)

Move is a wrapper around gtk_fixed_move().

func (*Fixed) Put Uses

func (v *Fixed) Put(w IWidget, x, y int)

Put is a wrapper around gtk_fixed_put().

type FlowBox Uses

type FlowBox struct {

FlowBox is a representation of GtkFlowBox

func FlowBoxNew Uses

func FlowBoxNew() (*FlowBox, error)

FlowBoxNew is a wrapper around gtk_flow_box_new()

func (*FlowBox) GetActivateOnSingleClick Uses

func (fb *FlowBox) GetActivateOnSingleClick() bool

GetActivateOnSingleClick gtk_flow_box_get_activate_on_single_click()

func (*FlowBox) GetChildAtIndex Uses

func (fb *FlowBox) GetChildAtIndex(idx int) *FlowBoxChild

GetChildAtIndex is a wrapper around gtk_flow_box_get_child_at_index()

func (*FlowBox) GetColumnSpacing Uses

func (fb *FlowBox) GetColumnSpacing() uint

GetColumnSpacing is a wrapper around gtk_flow_box_get_column_spacing()

func (*FlowBox) GetHomogeneous Uses

func (fb *FlowBox) GetHomogeneous() bool

GetHomogeneous is a wrapper around gtk_flow_box_get_homogeneous()

func (*FlowBox) GetMaxChildrenPerLine Uses

func (fb *FlowBox) GetMaxChildrenPerLine() uint

GetMaxChildrenPerLine is a wrapper around gtk_flow_box_get_max_children_per_line()

func (*FlowBox) GetMinChildrenPerLine Uses

func (fb *FlowBox) GetMinChildrenPerLine() uint

GetMinChildrenPerLine is a wrapper around gtk_flow_box_get_min_children_per_line()

func (*FlowBox) GetRowSpacing Uses

func (fb *FlowBox) GetRowSpacing() uint

GetRowSpacing is a wrapper around gtk_flow_box_get_row_spacing()

func (*FlowBox) GetSelectedChildren Uses

func (fb *FlowBox) GetSelectedChildren() (rv []*FlowBoxChild)

GetSelectedChildren is a wrapper around gtk_flow_box_get_selected_children()

func (*FlowBox) GetSelectionMode Uses

func (fb *FlowBox) GetSelectionMode() SelectionMode

GetSelectionMode is a wrapper around gtk_flow_box_get_selection_mode()

func (*FlowBox) Insert Uses

func (fb *FlowBox) Insert(widget IWidget, position int)

Insert is a wrapper around gtk_flow_box_insert()

func (*FlowBox) SelectAll Uses

func (fb *FlowBox) SelectAll()

SelectAll is a wrapper around gtk_flow_box_select_all()

func (*FlowBox) SelectChild Uses

func (fb *FlowBox) SelectChild(child *FlowBoxChild)

SelectChild is a wrapper around gtk_flow_box_select_child()

func (*FlowBox) SetActivateOnSingleClick Uses

func (fb *FlowBox) SetActivateOnSingleClick(single bool)

SetActivateOnSingleClick is a wrapper around gtk_flow_box_set_activate_on_single_click()

func (*FlowBox) SetColumnSpacing Uses

func (fb *FlowBox) SetColumnSpacing(spacing uint)

SetColumnSpacing is a wrapper around gtk_flow_box_set_column_spacing()

func (*FlowBox) SetHAdjustment Uses

func (fb *FlowBox) SetHAdjustment(adjustment *Adjustment)

SetHAdjustment is a wrapper around gtk_flow_box_set_hadjustment()

func (*FlowBox) SetHomogeneous Uses

func (fb *FlowBox) SetHomogeneous(homogeneous bool)

SetHomogeneous is a wrapper around gtk_flow_box_set_homogeneous()

func (*FlowBox) SetMaxChildrenPerLine Uses

func (fb *FlowBox) SetMaxChildrenPerLine(n_children uint)

SetMaxChildrenPerLine is a wrapper around gtk_flow_box_set_max_children_per_line()

func (*FlowBox) SetMinChildrenPerLine Uses

func (fb *FlowBox) SetMinChildrenPerLine(n_children uint)

SetMinChildrenPerLine is a wrapper around gtk_flow_box_set_min_children_per_line()

func (*FlowBox) SetRowSpacing Uses

func (fb *FlowBox) SetRowSpacing(spacing uint)

SetRowSpacing is a wrapper around gtk_flow_box_set_row_spacing()

func (*FlowBox) SetSelectionMode Uses

func (fb *FlowBox) SetSelectionMode(mode SelectionMode)

SetSelectionMode is a wrapper around gtk_flow_box_set_selection_mode()

func (*FlowBox) SetVAdjustment Uses

func (fb *FlowBox) SetVAdjustment(adjustment *Adjustment)

SetVAdjustment is a wrapper around gtk_flow_box_set_vadjustment()

func (*FlowBox) UnselectAll Uses

func (fb *FlowBox) UnselectAll()

UnselectAll is a wrapper around gtk_flow_box_unselect_all()

func (*FlowBox) UnselectChild Uses

func (fb *FlowBox) UnselectChild(child *FlowBoxChild)

UnselectChild is a wrapper around gtk_flow_box_unselect_child()

type FlowBoxChild Uses

type FlowBoxChild struct {

FlowBoxChild is a representation of GtkFlowBoxChild

func FlowBoxChildNew Uses

func FlowBoxChildNew() (*FlowBoxChild, error)

FlowBoxChildNew is a wrapper around gtk_flow_box_child_new()

func (*FlowBoxChild) Changed Uses

func (fbc *FlowBoxChild) Changed()

Changed is a wrapper around gtk_flow_box_child_changed()

func (*FlowBoxChild) GetIndex Uses

func (fbc *FlowBoxChild) GetIndex() int

GetIndex is a wrapper around gtk_flow_box_child_get_index()

func (*FlowBoxChild) IsSelected Uses

func (fbc *FlowBoxChild) IsSelected() bool

IsSelected is a wrapper around gtk_flow_box_child_is_selected()

type FontButton Uses

type FontButton struct {

    // Interfaces

FontButton is a representation of GTK's GtkFontButton.

func FontButtonNew Uses

func FontButtonNew() (*FontButton, error)

FontButtonNew is a wrapper around gtk_font_button_new().

func FontButtonNewWithFont Uses

func FontButtonNewWithFont(fontname string) (*FontButton, error)

FontButtonNewWithFont is a wrapper around gtk_font_button_new_with_font().

func (*FontButton) GetShowSize Uses

func (v *FontButton) GetShowSize() bool

GetShowSize is a wrapper around gtk_font_button_get_show_size().

func (*FontButton) GetShowStyle Uses

func (v *FontButton) GetShowStyle() bool

GetShowStyle is a wrapper around gtk_font_button_get_show_style().

func (*FontButton) GetTitle Uses

func (v *FontButton) GetTitle() string

GetTitle is a wrapper around gtk_font_button_get_title().

func (*FontButton) GetUseFont Uses

func (v *FontButton) GetUseFont() bool

GetUseFont is a wrapper around gtk_font_button_get_use_font().

func (*FontButton) GetUseSize Uses

func (v *FontButton) GetUseSize() bool

GetUseSize is a wrapper around gtk_font_button_get_use_size().

func (*FontButton) SetShowSize Uses

func (v *FontButton) SetShowSize(showSize bool)

SetShowSize is a wrapper around gtk_font_button_set_show_size().

func (*FontButton) SetShowStyle Uses

func (v *FontButton) SetShowStyle(showStyle bool)

SetShowStyle is a wrapper around gtk_font_button_set_show_style().

func (*FontButton) SetTitle Uses

func (v *FontButton) SetTitle(title string)

SetTitle is a wrapper around gtk_font_button_set_title().

func (*FontButton) SetUseFont Uses

func (v *FontButton) SetUseFont(useFont bool)

SetUseFont is a wrapper around gtk_font_button_set_use_font().

func (*FontButton) SetUseSize Uses

func (v *FontButton) SetUseSize(useSize bool)

SetUseSize is a wrapper around gtk_font_button_set_use_size().

type FontChooser Uses

type FontChooser struct {

FontChooser is a representation of GTK's GtkFontChooser GInterface.

func (*FontChooser) GetFont Uses

func (v *FontChooser) GetFont() string

GetFont is a wrapper around gtk_font_chooser_get_font().

func (*FontChooser) SetFont Uses

func (v *FontChooser) SetFont(font string)

SetFont is a wrapper around gtk_font_chooser_set_font().

type Frame Uses

type Frame struct {

Frame is a representation of GTK's GtkFrame.

func FrameNew Uses

func FrameNew(label string) (*Frame, error)

FrameNew is a wrapper around gtk_frame_new().

func (*Frame) GetLabel Uses

func (v *Frame) GetLabel() string

GetLabel is a wrapper around gtk_frame_get_label().

func (*Frame) GetLabelAlign Uses

func (v *Frame) GetLabelAlign() (xAlign, yAlign float32)

GetLabelAlign is a wrapper around gtk_frame_get_label_align().

func (*Frame) GetLabelWidget Uses

func (v *Frame) GetLabelWidget() (*Widget, error)

GetLabelWidget is a wrapper around gtk_frame_get_label_widget().

func (*Frame) GetShadowType Uses

func (v *Frame) GetShadowType() ShadowType

GetShadowType is a wrapper around gtk_frame_get_shadow_type().

func (*Frame) SetLabel Uses

func (v *Frame) SetLabel(label string)

SetLabel is a wrapper around gtk_frame_set_label().

func (*Frame) SetLabelAlign Uses

func (v *Frame) SetLabelAlign(xAlign, yAlign float32)

SetLabelAlign is a wrapper around gtk_frame_set_label_align().

func (*Frame) SetLabelWidget Uses

func (v *Frame) SetLabelWidget(labelWidget IWidget)

SetLabelWidget is a wrapper around gtk_frame_set_label_widget().

func (*Frame) SetShadowType Uses

func (v *Frame) SetShadowType(t ShadowType)

SetShadowType is a wrapper around gtk_frame_set_shadow_type().

type GLArea Uses

type GLArea struct {

GLArea is a representation of GTK's GtkGLArea.

func GLAreaNew Uses

func GLAreaNew() (*GLArea, error)

GLAreaNew is a wrapper around gtk_gl_area_new().

func WidgetToGLArea Uses

func WidgetToGLArea(widget *Widget) (*GLArea, error)

func (*GLArea) AttachBuffers Uses

func (v *GLArea) AttachBuffers()

AttachBuffers is a wrapper around gtk_gl_area_attach_buffers().

func (*GLArea) GetAutoRender Uses

func (v *GLArea) GetAutoRender() bool

GetAutoRender is a wrapper around gtk_gl_area_get_auto_render().

func (*GLArea) GetContext Uses

func (v *GLArea) GetContext() (*gdk.GLContext, error)

GetContext is a wrapper around gtk_gl_area_get_context().

func (*GLArea) GetError Uses

func (v *GLArea) GetError() error

GError* gtk_gl_area_get_error (GtkGLArea *area);

func (*GLArea) GetRequiredVersion Uses

func (v *GLArea) GetRequiredVersion() (MajorVersion, MinorVersion)

GetRequiredVersion is a wrapper around gtk_gl_area_get_required_version().

func (*GLArea) GetUseES Uses

func (v *GLArea) GetUseES() bool

GetUseES is a wrapper around gtk_gl_area_get_use_es().

func (*GLArea) HasDepthBuffer Uses

func (v *GLArea) HasDepthBuffer() bool

HasDepthBuffer is a wrapper around gtk_gl_area_get_has_depth_buffer().

func (*GLArea) HasStencilBuffer Uses

func (v *GLArea) HasStencilBuffer() bool

HasStencilBuffer is a wrapper around gtk_gl_area_get_has_stencil_buffer().

func (*GLArea) MakeCurrent Uses

func (v *GLArea) MakeCurrent()

MakeCurrent is a wrapper around gtk_gl_area_make_current().

func (*GLArea) QueueRender Uses

func (v *GLArea) QueueRender()

QueueRender is a wrapper around gtk_gl_area_queue_render().

func (*GLArea) SetAutoRender Uses

func (v *GLArea) SetAutoRender(autoRender bool)

SetAutoRender is a wrapper around gtk_gl_area_set_auto_render().

func (*GLArea) SetHasDepthBuffer Uses

func (v *GLArea) SetHasDepthBuffer(hasDepthBuffer bool)

SetHasDepthBuffer is a wrapper around gtk_gl_area_set_has_depth_buffer().

func (*GLArea) SetHasStencilBuffer Uses

func (v *GLArea) SetHasStencilBuffer(hasStencilBuffer bool)

SetHasStencilBuffer is a wrapper around gtk_gl_area_set_has_stencil_buffer().

func (*GLArea) SetRequiredVersion Uses

func (v *GLArea) SetRequiredVersion(major, minor int)

SetRequiredVersion is a wrapper around gtk_gl_area_set_required_version().

func (*GLArea) SetUseES Uses

func (v *GLArea) SetUseES(es bool)

SetUseES is a wrapper around gtk_gl_area_set_use_es().

type Grid Uses

type Grid struct {

    // Interfaces

Grid is a representation of GTK's GtkGrid.

func GridNew Uses

func GridNew() (*Grid, error)

GridNew() is a wrapper around gtk_grid_new().

func (*Grid) Attach Uses

func (v *Grid) Attach(child IWidget, left, top, width, height int)

Attach() is a wrapper around gtk_grid_attach().

func (*Grid) AttachNextTo Uses

func (v *Grid) AttachNextTo(child, sibling IWidget, side PositionType, width, height int)

AttachNextTo() is a wrapper around gtk_grid_attach_next_to().

func (*Grid) GetChildAt Uses

func (v *Grid) GetChildAt(left, top int) (*Widget, error)

GetChildAt() is a wrapper around gtk_grid_get_child_at().

func (*Grid) GetColumnHomogeneous Uses

func (v *Grid) GetColumnHomogeneous() bool

GetColumnHomogeneous() is a wrapper around gtk_grid_get_column_homogeneous().

func (*Grid) GetColumnSpacing Uses

func (v *Grid) GetColumnSpacing() uint

GetColumnSpacing() is a wrapper around gtk_grid_get_column_spacing().

func (*Grid) GetRowHomogeneous Uses

func (v *Grid) GetRowHomogeneous() bool

GetRowHomogeneous() is a wrapper around gtk_grid_get_row_homogeneous().

func (*Grid) GetRowSpacing Uses

func (v *Grid) GetRowSpacing() uint

GetRowSpacing() is a wrapper around gtk_grid_get_row_spacing().

func (*Grid) InsertColumn Uses

func (v *Grid) InsertColumn(position int)

InsertColumn() is a wrapper around gtk_grid_insert_column().

func (*Grid) InsertNextTo Uses

func (v *Grid) InsertNextTo(sibling IWidget, side PositionType)

InsertNextTo() is a wrapper around gtk_grid_insert_next_to()

func (*Grid) InsertRow Uses

func (v *Grid) InsertRow(position int)

InsertRow() is a wrapper around gtk_grid_insert_row().

func (*Grid) RemoveColumn Uses

func (v *Grid) RemoveColumn(position int)

RemoveColumn is a wrapper around gtk_grid_remove_column().

func (*Grid) RemoveRow Uses

func (v *Grid) RemoveRow(position int)

RemoveRow is a wrapper around gtk_grid_remove_row().

func (*Grid) SetColumnHomogeneous Uses

func (v *Grid) SetColumnHomogeneous(homogeneous bool)

SetColumnHomogeneous() is a wrapper around gtk_grid_set_column_homogeneous().

func (*Grid) SetColumnSpacing Uses

func (v *Grid) SetColumnSpacing(spacing uint)

SetColumnSpacing() is a wrapper around gtk_grid_set_column_spacing().

func (*Grid) SetRowHomogeneous Uses

func (v *Grid) SetRowHomogeneous(homogeneous bool)

SetRowHomogeneous() is a wrapper around gtk_grid_set_row_homogeneous().

func (*Grid) SetRowSpacing Uses

func (v *Grid) SetRowSpacing(spacing uint)

SetRowSpacing() is a wrapper around gtk_grid_set_row_spacing().

type HeaderBar Uses

type HeaderBar struct {

HeaderBar is a representation of GtkHeaderBar

func HeaderBarNew Uses

func HeaderBarNew() (*HeaderBar, error)

HeaderBarNew is a wrapper around gtk_header_bar_new().

func (*HeaderBar) GetCustomTitle Uses

func (v *HeaderBar) GetCustomTitle() (*Widget, error)

GetCustomTitle is a wrapper around gtk_header_bar_get_custom_title().

func (*HeaderBar) GetDecorationLayout Uses

func (v *HeaderBar) GetDecorationLayout() string

GetDecorationLayout is a wrapper around gtk_header_bar_get_decoration_layout().

func (*HeaderBar) GetHasSubtitle Uses

func (v *HeaderBar) GetHasSubtitle() bool

GetHasSubtitle is a wrapper around gtk_header_bar_get_has_subtitle().

func (*HeaderBar) GetShowCloseButton Uses

func (v *HeaderBar) GetShowCloseButton() bool

GetShowCloseButton is a wrapper around gtk_header_bar_get_show_close_button().

func (*HeaderBar) GetSubtitle Uses

func (v *HeaderBar) GetSubtitle() string

GetSubtitle is a wrapper around gtk_header_bar_get_subtitle().

func (*HeaderBar) GetTitle Uses

func (v *HeaderBar) GetTitle() string

GetTitle is a wrapper around gtk_header_bar_get_title().

func (*HeaderBar) PackEnd Uses

func (v *HeaderBar) PackEnd(child IWidget)

PackEnd is a wrapper around gtk_header_bar_pack_end().

func (*HeaderBar) PackStart Uses

func (v *HeaderBar) PackStart(child IWidget)

PackStart is a wrapper around gtk_header_bar_pack_start().

func (*HeaderBar) SetCustomTitle Uses

func (v *HeaderBar) SetCustomTitle(titleWidget IWidget)

SetCustomTitle is a wrapper around gtk_header_bar_set_custom_title().

func (*HeaderBar) SetDecorationLayout Uses

func (v *HeaderBar) SetDecorationLayout(layout string)

SetDecorationLayout is a wrapper around gtk_header_bar_set_decoration_layout().

func (*HeaderBar) SetHasSubtitle Uses

func (v *HeaderBar) SetHasSubtitle(setting bool)

SetHasSubtitle is a wrapper around gtk_header_bar_set_has_subtitle().

func (*HeaderBar) SetShowCloseButton Uses

func (v *HeaderBar) SetShowCloseButton(setting bool)

SetShowCloseButton is a wrapper around gtk_header_bar_set_show_close_button().

func (*HeaderBar) SetSubtitle Uses

func (v *HeaderBar) SetSubtitle(subtitle string)

SetSubtitle is a wrapper around gtk_header_bar_set_subtitle().

func (*HeaderBar) SetTitle Uses

func (v *HeaderBar) SetTitle(title string)

SetTitle is a wrapper around gtk_header_bar_set_title().

type IActionable Uses

type IActionable interface {
    Native() uintptr

    SetActionName(name string)
    GetActionName() (string, error)
    // SetActionTargetValue(value *glib.Variant)
    // GetActionTargetValue() (*glib.Variant, error)
    // SetActionTarget(string, params...)
    SetDetailedActionName(name string)
    // contains filtered or unexported methods

IActionable is a representation of the GtkActionable GInterface, used to avoid duplication when embedding the type in a wrapper of another GObject-based type. The non-Interface version should only be used Actionable is used if the concrete type is not known.

type IAppChooser Uses

type IAppChooser interface {
    // contains filtered or unexported methods

IAppChooser is an interface type implemented by all structs embedding an AppChooser. It is meant to be used as an argument type for wrapper functions that wrap around a C GTK function taking a GtkAppChooser.

type ICellLayout Uses

type ICellLayout interface {
    // contains filtered or unexported methods

ICellLayout is an interface type implemented by all structs embedding a CellLayout. It is meant to be used as an argument type for wrapper functions that wrap around a C GTK function taking a GtkCellLayout.

type ICellRenderer Uses

type ICellRenderer interface {
    // contains filtered or unexported methods

ICellRenderer is an interface type implemented by all structs embedding a CellRenderer. It is meant to be used as an argument type for wrapper functions that wrap around a C GTK function taking a GtkCellRenderer.

type IColorChooser Uses

type IColorChooser interface {
    // contains filtered or unexported methods

IColorChooser is an interface type implemented by all structs embedding an ColorChooser. It is meant to be used as an argument type for wrapper functions that wrap around a C GTK function taking a GtkColorChooser.

type IEditable Uses

type IEditable interface {
    // contains filtered or unexported methods

IEditable is an interface type implemented by all structs embedding an Editable. It is meant to be used as an argument type for wrapper functions that wrap around a C GTK function taking a GtkEditable.

type IEntry Uses

type IEntry interface {
    // contains filtered or unexported methods

type IFontChooser Uses

type IFontChooser interface {
    // contains filtered or unexported methods

IFontChooser is an interface type implemented by all structs embedding an FontChooser. It is meant to be used as an argument type for wrapper functions that wrap around a C GTK function taking a GtkFontChooser.

type IMenu Uses

type IMenu interface {
    // contains filtered or unexported methods

IMenu is an interface type implemented by all structs embedding a Menu. It is meant to be used as an argument type for wrapper functions that wrap around a C GTK function taking a GtkMenu.

type IMenuItem Uses

type IMenuItem interface {
    // contains filtered or unexported methods

IMenuItem is an interface type implemented by all structs embedding a MenuItem. It is meant to be used as an argument type for wrapper functions that wrap around a C GTK function taking a GtkMenuItem.

type IOrientable Uses

type IOrientable interface {
    // contains filtered or unexported methods

IOrientable is an interface type implemented by all structs embedding an Orientable. It is meant to be used as an argument type for wrapper functions that wrap around a C GTK function taking a GtkOrientable.

type IPrintOperationPreview Uses

type IPrintOperationPreview interface {
    // contains filtered or unexported methods

IPrintOperationPreview is an interface type implemented by all structs embedding a PrintOperationPreview. It is meant to be used as an argument type for wrapper functions that wrap around a C GTK function taking a GtkPrintOperationPreview.

type IRecentChooser Uses

type IRecentChooser interface {
    // contains filtered or unexported methods

IRecentChooser is an interface type implemented by all structs embedding a RecentChooser. It is meant to be used as an argument type for wrapper functions that wrap around a C GTK function taking a GtkWidget.

type IScrollable Uses

type IScrollable interface {
    // contains filtered or unexported methods

IScrollable is an interface type implemented by all structs embedding a Scrollable. It is meant to be used as an argument type for wrapper functions that wrap around a C GTK function taking a GtkScrollable.

type IStyleProvider Uses

type IStyleProvider interface {
    // contains filtered or unexported methods

type IToolItem Uses

type IToolItem interface {
    // contains filtered or unexported methods

IToolItem is an interface type implemented by all structs embedding a ToolItem. It is meant to be used as an argument type for wrapper functions that wrap around a C GTK function taking a GtkToolItem.

type ITreeModel Uses

type ITreeModel interface {
    // contains filtered or unexported methods

ITreeModel is an interface type implemented by all structs embedding a TreeModel. It is meant to be used as an argument type for wrapper functions that wrap around a C GTK function taking a GtkTreeModel.

type ITreeSortable Uses

type ITreeSortable interface {
    // contains filtered or unexported methods

ITreeSortable is an interface type implemented by all structs embedding a TreeSortable. It is meant to be used as an argument type for wrapper functions that wrap around a C GTK function taking a GtkTreeSortable.

type IViewport Uses

type IViewport interface {
    // contains filtered or unexported methods

IViewport is an interface type implemented by all structs embedding a Viewport. It is meant to be used as an argument type for wrapper functions that wrap around a C GTK function taking a GtkViewport.

type IWidget Uses

type IWidget interface {
    Set(string, interface{}) error
    // contains filtered or unexported methods

IWidget is an interface type implemented by all structs embedding a Widget. It is meant to be used as an argument type for wrapper functions that wrap around a C GTK function taking a GtkWidget.

func TestFindLabel Uses

func TestFindLabel(widget IWidget, labelPattern string) (IWidget, error)

TestFindLabel is a wrapper around gtk_test_find_label(). This function will search widget and all its descendants for a GtkLabel widget with a text string matching label_pattern. The labelPattern may contain asterisks “*” and question marks “?” as placeholders, g_pattern_match() is used for the matching.

func TestFindSibling Uses

func TestFindSibling(baseWidget IWidget, widgetType glib.Type) (IWidget, error)

TestFindSibling is a wrapper around gtk_test_find_sibling(). This function will search siblings of base_widget and siblings of its ancestors for all widgets matching widgetType. Of the matching widgets, the one that is geometrically closest to base_widget will be returned.

func TestFindWidget Uses

func TestFindWidget(widget IWidget, labelPattern string, widgetType glib.Type) (IWidget, error)

TestFindWidget is a wrapper around gtk_test_find_widget(). This function will search the descendants of widget for a widget of type widget_type that has a label matching labelPattern next to it. This is most useful for automated GUI testing, e.g. to find the “OK” button in a dialog and synthesize clicks on it. However see TestFindLabel(), TestFindSibling() and TestWidgetClick() (and their GTK documentation) for possible caveats involving the search of such widgets and synthesizing widget events.

type IWidgetable Uses

type IWidgetable interface {
    // contains filtered or unexported methods

type IWindow Uses

type IWindow interface {
    // contains filtered or unexported methods

IWindow is an interface type implemented by all structs embedding a Window. It is meant to be used as an argument type for wrapper functions that wrap around a C GTK function taking a GtkWindow.

type IconLookupFlags Uses

type IconLookupFlags int

IconLookupFlags is a representation of GTK's GtkIconLookupFlags.

type IconSize Uses

type IconSize int

IconSize is a representation of GTK's GtkIconSize.

const (
    ICON_SIZE_DND           IconSize = C.GTK_ICON_SIZE_DND

type IconTheme Uses

type IconTheme struct {
    Theme *C.GtkIconTheme

IconTheme is a representation of GTK's GtkIconTheme

func IconThemeGetDefault Uses

func IconThemeGetDefault() (*IconTheme, error)

IconThemeGetDefault is a wrapper around gtk_icon_theme_get_default().

func IconThemeGetForScreen Uses

func IconThemeGetForScreen(screen gdk.Screen) (*IconTheme, error)

IconThemeGetForScreen is a wrapper around gtk_icon_theme_get_for_screen().

func (*IconTheme) LoadIcon Uses

func (v *IconTheme) LoadIcon(iconName string, size int, flags IconLookupFlags) (*gdk.Pixbuf, error)

LoadIcon is a wrapper around gtk_icon_theme_load_icon().

type IconView Uses

type IconView struct {

IconView is a representation of GTK's GtkIconView.

func IconViewNew Uses

func IconViewNew() (*IconView, error)

IconViewNew is a wrapper around gtk_icon_view_new().

func IconViewNewWithModel Uses

func IconViewNewWithModel(model ITreeModel) (*IconView, error)

IconViewNewWithModel is a wrapper around gtk_icon_view_new_with_model().

func (*IconView) ConvertWidgetToBinWindowCoords Uses

func (v *IconView) ConvertWidgetToBinWindowCoords(x, y int) (int, int)

ConvertWidgetToBinWindowCoords is a wrapper around gtk_icon_view_convert_widget_to_bin_window_coords().

func (*IconView) GetActivateOnSingleClick Uses

func (v *IconView) GetActivateOnSingleClick() bool

GetActivateOnSingleClick is a wrapper around gtk_icon_view_get_activate_on_single_click().

func (*IconView) GetCellRect Uses

func (v *IconView) GetCellRect(path *TreePath, cell *CellRenderer) *gdk.Rectangle

GetCellRect is a wrapper around gtk_icon_view_get_cell_rect().

func (*IconView) GetColumnSpacing Uses

func (v *IconView) GetColumnSpacing() int

GetColumnSpacing is a wrapper around gtk_icon_view_get_column_spacing().

func (*IconView) GetColumns Uses

func (v *IconView) GetColumns() int

GetColumns is a wrapper around gtk_icon_view_get_columns().

func (*IconView) GetCursor Uses

func (v *IconView) GetCursor() (*TreePath, *CellRenderer)

GetCursor is a wrapper around gtk_icon_view_get_cursor().

func (*IconView) GetItemAtPos Uses

func (v *IconView) GetItemAtPos(x, y int) (*TreePath, *CellRenderer)

GetItemAtPos is a wrapper around gtk_icon_view_get_item_at_pos().

func (*IconView) GetItemOrientation Uses

func (v *IconView) GetItemOrientation() Orientation

GetItemOrientation is a wrapper around gtk_icon_view_get_item_orientation().

func (*IconView) GetItemPadding Uses

func (v *IconView) GetItemPadding() int

GetItemPadding is a wrapper around gtk_icon_view_get_item_padding().

func (*IconView) GetItemRow Uses

func (v *IconView) GetItemRow(path *TreePath) int

GetItemRow is a wrapper around gtk_icon_view_get_item_row().

func (*IconView) GetItemWidth Uses

func (v *IconView) GetItemWidth() int

GetItemWidth is a wrapper around gtk_icon_view_get_item_width().

func (*IconView) GetMargin Uses

func (v *IconView) GetMargin() int

GetMargin is a wrapper around gtk_icon_view_get_margin().

func (*IconView) GetMarkupColumn Uses

func (v *IconView) GetMarkupColumn() int

GetMarkupColumn is a wrapper around gtk_icon_view_get_markup_column().

func (*IconView) GetModel Uses

func (v *IconView) GetModel() (*TreeModel, error)

GetModel is a wrapper around gtk_icon_view_get_model().

func (*IconView) GetPathAtPos Uses

func (v *IconView) GetPathAtPos(x, y int) *TreePath

GetPathAtPos is a wrapper around gtk_icon_view_get_path_at_pos().

func (*IconView) GetPixbufColumn Uses

func (v *IconView) GetPixbufColumn() int

GetPixbufColumn is a wrapper around gtk_icon_view_get_pixbuf_column().

func (*IconView) GetReorderable Uses

func (v *IconView) GetReorderable() bool

GetReorderable is a wrapper around gtk_icon_view_get_reorderable().

func (*IconView) GetRowSpacing Uses

func (v *IconView) GetRowSpacing() int

GetRowSpacing is a wrapper around gtk_icon_view_get_row_spacing().

func (*IconView) GetSelectedItems Uses

func (v *IconView) GetSelectedItems() *glib.List

GetSelectedItems is a wrapper around gtk_icon_view_get_selected_items().

func (*IconView) GetSelectionMode Uses

func (v *IconView) GetSelectionMode() SelectionMode

GetSelectionMode is a wrapper around gtk_icon_view_get_selection_mode().

func (*IconView) GetSpacing Uses

func (v *IconView) GetSpacing() int

GetSpacing is a wrapper around gtk_icon_view_get_spacing().

func (*IconView) GetTextColumn Uses

func (v *IconView) GetTextColumn() int

GetTextColumn is a wrapper around gtk_icon_view_get_text_column().

func (*IconView) GetTooltipColumn Uses

func (v *IconView) GetTooltipColumn() int

GetTooltipColumn is a wrapper around gtk_icon_view_get_tooltip_column().

func (*IconView) GetTooltipContext Uses

func (v *IconView) GetTooltipContext(x, y int, keyboardTip bool) (*TreeModel, *TreePath, *TreeIter)

GetTooltipContext is a wrapper around gtk_icon_view_get_tooltip_context().

func (*IconView) GetVisibleRange Uses

func (v *IconView) GetVisibleRange() (*TreePath, *TreePath)

GetVisibleRange is a wrapper around gtk_icon_view_get_visible_range().

func (*IconView) ItemActivated Uses

func (v *IconView) ItemActivated(path *TreePath)

ItemActivated is a wrapper around gtk_icon_view_item_activated().

func (*IconView) PathIsSelected Uses

func (v *IconView) PathIsSelected(path *TreePath) bool

PathIsSelected is a wrapper around gtk_icon_view_path_is_selected().

func (*IconView) ScrollToPath Uses

func (v *IconView) ScrollToPath(path *TreePath, useAlign bool, rowAlign, colAlign float64)

ScrollToPath is a wrapper around gtk_icon_view_scroll_to_path().

func (*IconView) SelectAll Uses

func (v *IconView) SelectAll()

SelectAll is a wrapper around gtk_icon_view_select_all().

func (*IconView) SelectPath Uses

func (v *IconView) SelectPath(path *TreePath)

SelectPath is a wrapper around gtk_icon_view_select_path().

func (*IconView) SetActivateOnSingleClick Uses

func (v *IconView) SetActivateOnSingleClick(single bool)

SetActivateOnSingleClick is a wrapper around gtk_icon_view_set_activate_on_single_click().

func (*IconView) SetColumnSpacing Uses

func (v *IconView) SetColumnSpacing(columnSpacing int)

SetColumnSpacing is a wrapper around gtk_icon_view_set_column_spacing().

func (*IconView) SetColumns Uses

func (v *IconView) SetColumns(columns int)

SetColumns is a wrapper around gtk_icon_view_set_columns().

func (*IconView) SetCursor Uses

func (v *IconView) SetCursor(path *TreePath, cell *CellRenderer, startEditing bool)

SetCursor is a wrapper around gtk_icon_view_set_cursor().

func (*IconView) SetItemOrientation Uses

func (v *IconView) SetItemOrientation(orientation Orientation)

SetItemOrientation is a wrapper around gtk_icon_view_set_item_orientation().

func (*IconView) SetItemPadding Uses

func (v *IconView) SetItemPadding(itemPadding int)

SetItemPadding is a wrapper around gtk_icon_view_set_item_padding().

func (*IconView) SetItemWidth Uses

func (v *IconView) SetItemWidth(width int)

SetItemWidth is a wrapper around gtk_icon_view_set_item_width().

func (*IconView) SetMargin Uses

func (v *IconView) SetMargin(margin int)

SetMargin is a wrapper around gtk_icon_view_set_margin().

func (*IconView) SetMarkupColumn Uses

func (v *IconView) SetMarkupColumn(column int)

SetMarkupColumn is a wrapper around gtk_icon_view_set_markup_column().

func (*IconView) SetModel Uses

func (v *IconView) SetModel(model ITreeModel)

SetModel is a wrapper around gtk_icon_view_set_model().

func (*IconView) SetPixbufColumn Uses

func (v *IconView) SetPixbufColumn(column int)

SetPixbufColumn is a wrapper around gtk_icon_view_set_pixbuf_column().

func (*IconView) SetReorderable Uses

func (v *IconView) SetReorderable(reorderable bool)

SetReorderable is a wrapper around gtk_icon_view_set_reorderable().

func (*IconView) SetRowSpacing Uses

func (v *IconView) SetRowSpacing(rowSpacing int)

SetRowSpacing is a wrapper around gtk_icon_view_set_row_spacing().

func (*IconView) SetSelectionMode Uses

func (v *IconView) SetSelectionMode(mode SelectionMode)

SetSelectionMode is a wrapper around gtk_icon_view_set_selection_mode().

func (*IconView) SetSpacing Uses

func (v *IconView) SetSpacing(spacing int)

SetSpacing is a wrapper around gtk_icon_view_set_spacing().

func (*IconView) SetTextColumn Uses

func (v *IconView) SetTextColumn(column int)

SetTextColumn is a wrapper around gtk_icon_view_set_text_column().

func (*IconView) SetTooltipCell Uses

func (v *IconView) SetTooltipCell(tooltip *Tooltip, path *TreePath, cell *CellRenderer)

SetTooltipCell is a wrapper around gtk_icon_view_set_tooltip_cell().

func (*IconView) SetTooltipColumn Uses

func (v *IconView) SetTooltipColumn(column int)

SetTooltipColumn is a wrapper around gtk_icon_view_set_tooltip_column().

func (*IconView) SetTooltipItem Uses

func (v *IconView) SetTooltipItem(tooltip *Tooltip, path *TreePath)

SetTooltipItem is a wrapper around gtk_icon_view_set_tooltip_item().

func (*IconView) UnselectAll Uses

func (v *IconView) UnselectAll()

UnselectAll is a wrapper around gtk_icon_view_unselect_all().

func (*IconView) UnselectPath Uses

func (v *IconView) UnselectPath(path *TreePath)

UnselectPath is a wrapper around gtk_icon_view_unselect_path().

type Image Uses

type Image struct {

Image is a representation of GTK's GtkImage.

func ImageNew Uses

func ImageNew() (*Image, error)

ImageNew() is a wrapper around gtk_image_new().

func ImageNewFromAnimation Uses

func ImageNewFromAnimation(animation *gdk.PixbufAnimation) (*Image, error)

ImageNewFromAnimation() is a wrapper around gtk_image_new_from_animation()

func ImageNewFromFile Uses

func ImageNewFromFile(filename string) (*Image, error)

ImageNewFromFile() is a wrapper around gtk_image_new_from_file().

func ImageNewFromIconName Uses

func ImageNewFromIconName(iconName string, size IconSize) (*Image, error)

ImageNewFromIconName() is a wrapper around gtk_image_new_from_icon_name().

func ImageNewFromPixbuf Uses

func ImageNewFromPixbuf(pixbuf *gdk.Pixbuf) (*Image, error)

ImageNewFromPixbuf is a wrapper around gtk_image_new_from_pixbuf().

func ImageNewFromResource Uses

func ImageNewFromResource(resourcePath string) (*Image, error)

ImageNewFromResource() is a wrapper around gtk_image_new_from_resource().

func (*Image) Clear Uses

func (v *Image) Clear()

Clear() is a wrapper around gtk_image_clear().

func (*Image) GetAnimation Uses

func (v *Image) GetAnimation() *gdk.PixbufAnimation

GetAnimation() is a wrapper around gtk_image_get_animation()

func (*Image) GetIconName Uses

func (v *Image) GetIconName() (string, IconSize)

GetIconName() is a wrapper around gtk_image_get_icon_name().

func (*Image) GetPixbuf Uses

func (v *Image) GetPixbuf() *gdk.Pixbuf

GetPixbuf() is a wrapper around gtk_image_get_pixbuf().

func (*Image) GetPixelSize Uses

func (v *Image) GetPixelSize() int

GetPixelSize() is a wrapper around gtk_image_get_pixel_size().

func (*Image) GetStorageType Uses

func (v *Image) GetStorageType() ImageType

GetStorageType() is a wrapper around gtk_image_get_storage_type().

func (*Image) SetFromAnimation Uses

func (v *Image) SetFromAnimation(animation *gdk.PixbufAnimation)

SetFromAnimation is a wrapper around gtk_image_set_from_animation().

func (*Image) SetFromFile Uses

func (v *Image) SetFromFile(filename string)

SetFromFile() is a wrapper around gtk_image_set_from_file().

func (*Image) SetFromIconName Uses

func (v *Image) SetFromIconName(iconName string, size IconSize)

SetFromIconName() is a wrapper around gtk_image_set_from_icon_name().

func (*Image) SetFromPixbuf Uses

func (v *Image) SetFromPixbuf(pixbuf *gdk.Pixbuf)

SetFromFixbuf is a wrapper around gtk_image_set_from_pixbuf().

func (*Image) SetFromResource Uses

func (v *Image) SetFromResource(resourcePath string)

SetFromResource() is a wrapper around gtk_image_set_from_resource().

func (*Image) SetPixelSize Uses

func (v *Image) SetPixelSize(pixelSize int)

SetPixelSize() is a wrapper around gtk_image_set_pixel_size().

type ImageType Uses

type ImageType int

ImageType is a representation of GTK's GtkImageType.

const (

type InfoBar Uses

type InfoBar struct {

func InfoBarNew Uses

func InfoBarNew() (*InfoBar, error)

InfoBarNew is a wrapper around gtk_info_bar_new().

func (*InfoBar) AddActionWidget Uses

func (v *InfoBar) AddActionWidget(w IWidget, responseId ResponseType)

AddActionWidget is a wrapper around gtk_info_bar_add_action_widget().

func (*InfoBar) AddButton Uses

func (v *InfoBar) AddButton(buttonText string, responseId ResponseType)

AddButton is a wrapper around gtk_info_bar_add_button().

func (*InfoBar) GetActionArea Uses

func (v *InfoBar) GetActionArea() (*Widget, error)

GetActionArea is a wrapper around gtk_info_bar_get_action_area().

func (*InfoBar) GetContentArea Uses

func (v *InfoBar) GetContentArea() (*Box, error)

GetContentArea is a wrapper around gtk_info_bar_get_content_area().

func (*InfoBar) GetMessageType Uses

func (v *InfoBar) GetMessageType() MessageType

GetMessageType is a wrapper around gtk_info_bar_get_message_type().

func (*InfoBar) GetShowCloseButton Uses

func (v *InfoBar) GetShowCloseButton() bool

GetShowCloseButton is a wrapper around gtk_info_bar_get_show_close_button().

func (*InfoBar) SetDefaultResponse Uses

func (v *InfoBar) SetDefaultResponse(responseId ResponseType)

SetDefaultResponse is a wrapper around gtk_info_bar_set_default_response().

func (*InfoBar) SetMessageType Uses

func (v *InfoBar) SetMessageType(messageType MessageType)

SetMessageType is a wrapper around gtk_info_bar_set_message_type().

func (*InfoBar) SetResponseSensitive Uses

func (v *InfoBar) SetResponseSensitive(responseId ResponseType, setting bool)

SetResponseSensitive is a wrapper around gtk_info_bar_set_response_sensitive().

func (*InfoBar) SetShowCloseButton Uses

func (v *InfoBar) SetShowCloseButton(setting bool)

SetShowCloseButton is a wrapper around gtk_info_bar_set_show_close_button().

type InputHints Uses

type InputHints int

InputHints is a representation of GTK's GtkInputHints.

const (
    INPUT_HINT_NONE                InputHints = C.GTK_INPUT_HINT_NONE

type InputPurpose Uses

type InputPurpose int

InputPurpose is a representation of GTK's GtkInputPurpose.

const (

type Justification Uses

type Justification int

Justify is a representation of GTK's GtkJustification.

const (

type Label Uses

type Label struct {

Label is a representation of GTK's GtkLabel.

func LabelNew Uses

func LabelNew(str string) (*Label, error)

LabelNew is a wrapper around gtk_label_new().

func LabelNewWithMnemonic Uses

func LabelNewWithMnemonic(str string) (*Label, error)

LabelNewWithMnemonic is a wrapper around gtk_label_new_with_mnemonic().

func (*Label) GetAngle Uses

func (v *Label) GetAngle() float64

GetAngle is a wrapper around gtk_label_get_angle().

func (*Label) GetCurrentUri Uses

func (v *Label) GetCurrentUri() string

GetCurrentUri is a wrapper around gtk_label_get_current_uri().

func (*Label) GetEllipsize Uses

func (v *Label) GetEllipsize() pango.EllipsizeMode

GetEllipsize is a wrapper around gtk_label_get_ellipsize().

func (*Label) GetJustify Uses

func (v *Label) GetJustify() Justification

GetJustify is a wrapper around gtk_label_get_justify().

func (*Label) GetLabel Uses

func (v *Label) GetLabel() string

GetLabel is a wrapper around gtk_label_get_label().

func (*Label) GetLineWrap Uses

func (v *Label) GetLineWrap() bool

GetLineWrap is a wrapper around gtk_label_get_line_wrap().

func (*Label) GetLines Uses

func (v *Label) GetLines() int

GetLines is a wrapper around gtk_label_get_lines().

func (*Label) GetMaxWidthChars Uses

func (v *Label) GetMaxWidthChars() int

GetMaxWidthChars is a wrapper around gtk_label_get_max_width_chars().

func (*Label) GetMnemonicKeyval Uses

func (v *Label) GetMnemonicKeyval() uint

GetMnemonicKeyval is a wrapper around gtk_label_get_mnemonic_keyval().

func (*Label) GetSelectable Uses

func (v *Label) GetSelectable() bool

GetSelectable is a wrapper around gtk_label_get_selectable().

func (*Label) GetSelectionBounds Uses

func (v *Label) GetSelectionBounds() (start, end int, nonEmpty bool)

GetSelectionBounds is a wrapper around gtk_label_get_selection_bounds().

func (*Label) GetSingleLineMode Uses

func (v *Label) GetSingleLineMode() bool

GetSingleLineMode is a wrapper around gtk_label_get_single_line_mode().

func (*Label) GetText Uses

func (v *Label) GetText() (string, error)

GetText is a wrapper around gtk_label_get_text().

func (v *Label) GetTrackVisitedLinks() bool

GetTrackVisitedLinks is a wrapper around gtk_label_get_track_visited_links().

func (*Label) GetUseMarkup Uses

func (v *Label) GetUseMarkup() bool

GetUseMarkup is a wrapper around gtk_label_get_use_markup().

func (*Label) GetUseUnderline Uses

func (v *Label) GetUseUnderline() bool

GetUseUnderline is a wrapper around gtk_label_get_use_underline().

func (*Label) GetWidthChars Uses

func (v *Label) GetWidthChars() int

GetWidthChars is a wrapper around gtk_label_get_width_chars().

func (*Label) GetXAlign Uses

func (v *Label) GetXAlign() float64

GetXAlign is a wrapper around gtk_label_get_xalign().

func (*Label) GetYAlign Uses

func (v *Label) GetYAlign() float64

GetYAlign is a wrapper around gtk_label_get_yalign().

func (*Label) SelectRegion Uses

func (v *Label) SelectRegion(startOffset, endOffset int)

SelectRegion is a wrapper around gtk_label_select_region().

func (*Label) SetAngle Uses

func (v *Label) SetAngle(angle float64)

SetAngle is a wrapper around gtk_label_set_angle().

func (*Label) SetEllipsize Uses

func (v *Label) SetEllipsize(mode pango.EllipsizeMode)

SetEllipsize is a wrapper around gtk_label_set_ellipsize().

func (*Label) SetJustify Uses

func (v *Label) SetJustify(jtype Justification)

SetJustify is a wrapper around gtk_label_set_justify().

func (*Label) SetLabel Uses

func (v *Label) SetLabel(str string)

SetLabel is a wrapper around gtk_label_set_label().

func (*Label) SetLineWrap Uses

func (v *Label) SetLineWrap(wrap bool)

SetLineWrap is a wrapper around gtk_label_set_line_wrap().

func (*Label) SetLineWrapMode Uses

func (v *Label) SetLineWrapMode(wrapMode pango.WrapMode)

SetLineWrapMode is a wrapper around gtk_label_set_line_wrap_mode().

func (*Label) SetLines Uses

func (v *Label) SetLines(lines int)

SetLines is a wrapper around gtk_label_set_lines().

func (*Label) SetMarkup Uses

func (v *Label) SetMarkup(str string)

SetMarkup is a wrapper around gtk_label_set_markup().

func (*Label) SetMarkupWithMnemonic Uses

func (v *Label) SetMarkupWithMnemonic(str string)

SetMarkupWithMnemonic is a wrapper around gtk_label_set_markup_with_mnemonic().

func (*Label) SetMaxWidthChars Uses

func (v *Label) SetMaxWidthChars(nChars int)

SetMaxWidthChars is a wrapper around gtk_label_set_max_width_chars().

func (*Label) SetMnemonicWidget Uses

func (v *Label) SetMnemonicWidget(widget IWidget)

SetMnemonicWidget is a wrapper around gtk_label_set_mnemonic_widget().

func (*Label) SetPattern Uses

func (v *Label) SetPattern(patern string)

SetPattern is a wrapper around gtk_label_set_pattern().

func (*Label) SetSelectable Uses

func (v *Label) SetSelectable(setting bool)

SetSelectable is a wrapper around gtk_label_set_selectable().

func (*Label) SetSingleLineMode Uses

func (v *Label) SetSingleLineMode(mode bool)

SetSingleLineMode is a wrapper around gtk_label_set_single_line_mode().

func (*Label) SetText Uses

func (v *Label) SetText(str string)

SetText is a wrapper around gtk_label_set_text().

func (v *Label) SetTrackVisitedLinks(trackLinks bool)

SetTrackVisitedLinks is a wrapper around gtk_label_set_track_visited_links().

func (*Label) SetUseMarkup Uses

func (v *Label) SetUseMarkup(use bool)

SetUseMarkup is a wrapper around gtk_label_set_use_markup().

func (*Label) SetUseUnderline Uses

func (v *Label) SetUseUnderline(use bool)

SetUseUnderline is a wrapper around gtk_label_set_use_underline().

func (*Label) SetWidthChars Uses

func (v *Label) SetWidthChars(nChars int)

SetWidthChars is a wrapper around gtk_label_set_width_chars().

func (*Label) SetXAlign Uses

func (v *Label) SetXAlign(n float64)

SetXAlign is a wrapper around gtk_label_set_xalign().

func (*Label) SetYAlign Uses

func (v *Label) SetYAlign(n float64)

SetYAlign is a wrapper around gtk_label_set_yalign().

type Layout Uses

type Layout struct {

Layout is a representation of GTK's GtkLayout.

func LayoutNew Uses

func LayoutNew(hadjustment, vadjustment *Adjustment) (*Layout, error)

LayoutNew is a wrapper around gtk_layout_new().

func (*Layout) GetSize Uses

func (v *Layout) GetSize() (width, height uint)

Layout.GetSize is a wrapper around gtk_layout_get_size

func (*Layout) Move Uses

func (v *Layout) Move(w IWidget, x, y int)

Layout.Move is a wrapper around gtk_layout_move().

func (*Layout) Put Uses

func (v *Layout) Put(w IWidget, x, y int)

Layout.Put is a wrapper around gtk_layout_put().

func (*Layout) SetSize Uses

func (v *Layout) SetSize(width, height uint)

Layout.SetSize is a wrapper around gtk_layout_set_size

type LevelBar Uses

type LevelBar struct {

func LevelBarNew Uses

func LevelBarNew() (*LevelBar, error)

LevelBarNew is a wrapper around gtk_level_bar_new().

func LevelBarNewForInterval Uses

func LevelBarNewForInterval(min_value, max_value float64) (*LevelBar, error)

LevelBarNewForInterval is a wrapper around gtk_level_bar_new_for_interval().

func (*LevelBar) AddOffsetValue Uses

func (v *LevelBar) AddOffsetValue(name string, value float64)

AddOffsetValue is a wrapper around gtk_level_bar_add_offset_value().

func (*LevelBar) GetInverted Uses

func (v *LevelBar) GetInverted() bool

GetInverted() is a wrapper around gtk_level_bar_get_inverted().

func (*LevelBar) GetMaxValue Uses

func (v *LevelBar) GetMaxValue() float64

GetMaxValue is a wrapper around gtk_level_bar_get_max_value().

func (*LevelBar) GetMinValue Uses

func (v *LevelBar) GetMinValue() float64

GetMinValue is a wrapper around gtk_level_bar_get_min_value().

func (*LevelBar) GetMode Uses

func (v *LevelBar) GetMode() LevelBarMode

GetMode is a wrapper around gtk_level_bar_get_mode().

func (*LevelBar) GetOffsetValue Uses

func (v *LevelBar) GetOffsetValue(name string) (float64, bool)

GetOffsetValue is a wrapper around gtk_level_bar_get_offset_value().

func (*LevelBar) GetValue Uses

func (v *LevelBar) GetValue() float64

GetValue is a wrapper around gtk_level_bar_get_value().

func (*LevelBar) RemoveOffsetValue Uses

func (v *LevelBar) RemoveOffsetValue(name string)

RemoveOffsetValue is a wrapper around gtk_level_bar_remove_offset_value().

func (*LevelBar) SetInverted Uses

func (v *LevelBar) SetInverted(inverted bool)

SetInverted() is a wrapper around gtk_level_bar_set_inverted().

func (*LevelBar) SetMaxValue Uses

func (v *LevelBar) SetMaxValue(value float64)

SetMaxValue is a wrapper around gtk_level_bar_set_max_value().

func (*LevelBar) SetMinValue Uses

func (v *LevelBar) SetMinValue(value float64)

SetMinValue is a wrapper around gtk_level_bar_set_min_value().

func (*LevelBar) SetMode Uses

func (v *LevelBar) SetMode(m LevelBarMode)

SetMode is a wrapper around gtk_level_bar_set_mode().

func (*LevelBar) SetValue Uses

func (v *LevelBar) SetValue(value float64)

SetValue is a wrapper around gtk_level_bar_set_value().

type LevelBarMode Uses

type LevelBarMode int

LevelBarMode is a representation of GTK's GtkLevelBarMode.

const (

type License Uses

type License int

License is a representation of GTK's GtkLicense.

const (
    LICENSE_GPL_2_0      License = C.GTK_LICENSE_GPL_2_0
    LICENSE_GPL_3_0      License = C.GTK_LICENSE_GPL_3_0
    LICENSE_LGPL_2_1     License = C.GTK_LICENSE_LGPL_2_1
    LICENSE_LGPL_3_0     License = C.GTK_LICENSE_LGPL_3_0
    LICENSE_BSD          License = C.GTK_LICENSE_BSD
    LICENSE_MIT_X11      License = C.GTK_LICENSE_MIT_X11

type LinkButton Uses

type LinkButton struct {

LinkButton is a representation of GTK's GtkLinkButton.

func LinkButtonNew Uses

func LinkButtonNew(label string) (*LinkButton, error)

LinkButtonNew is a wrapper around gtk_link_button_new().

func LinkButtonNewWithLabel Uses

func LinkButtonNewWithLabel(uri, label string) (*LinkButton, error)

LinkButtonNewWithLabel is a wrapper around gtk_link_button_new_with_label().

func (*LinkButton) GetUri Uses

func (v *LinkButton) GetUri() string

GetUri is a wrapper around gtk_link_button_get_uri().

func (*LinkButton) GetVisited Uses

func (v *LinkButton) GetVisited() bool

GetVisited is a wrapper around gtk_link_button_get_visited().

func (*LinkButton) SetUri Uses

func (v *LinkButton) SetUri(uri string)

SetUri is a wrapper around gtk_link_button_set_uri().

func (*LinkButton) SetVisited Uses

func (v *LinkButton) SetVisited(visited bool)

SetVisited is a wrapper around gtk_link_button_set_visited().

type ListBox Uses

type ListBox struct {

ListBox is a representation of GTK's GtkListBox.

func ListBoxNew Uses

func ListBoxNew() (*ListBox, error)

ListBoxNew is a wrapper around gtk_list_box_new().

func (*ListBox) DragHighlightRow Uses

func (v *ListBox) DragHighlightRow(row *ListBoxRow)

DragHighlightRow is a wrapper around gtk_list_box_drag_highlight_row()

func (*ListBox) GetActivateOnSingleClick Uses

func (v *ListBox) GetActivateOnSingleClick() bool

GetActivateOnSingleClick is a wrapper around gtk_list_box_get_activate_on_single_click().