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package conditional

import "github.com/gowebapi/webapi/css/conditional"

Package conditional is about processing of parts of style sheets, conditioned on capabilities of the processor or the document the style sheet is being applied to.


Package Files

conditional.go doc.go

type CSSConditionRule Uses

type CSSConditionRule struct {

class: CSSConditionRule

func CSSConditionRuleFromJS Uses

func CSSConditionRuleFromJS(value js.Wrapper) *CSSConditionRule

CSSConditionRuleFromJS is casting a js.Wrapper into CSSConditionRule.

func (*CSSConditionRule) ConditionText Uses

func (_this *CSSConditionRule) ConditionText() string

ConditionText returning attribute 'conditionText' with type string (idl: DOMString).

func (*CSSConditionRule) SetConditionText Uses

func (_this *CSSConditionRule) SetConditionText(value string)

SetConditionText setting attribute 'conditionText' with type string (idl: DOMString).

type CSSMediaRule Uses

type CSSMediaRule struct {

class: CSSMediaRule

func CSSMediaRuleFromJS Uses

func CSSMediaRuleFromJS(value js.Wrapper) *CSSMediaRule

CSSMediaRuleFromJS is casting a js.Wrapper into CSSMediaRule.

func (*CSSMediaRule) Media Uses

func (_this *CSSMediaRule) Media() *cssom.MediaList

Media returning attribute 'media' with type cssom.MediaList (idl: MediaList).

type CSSSupportsRule Uses

type CSSSupportsRule struct {

class: CSSSupportsRule

func CSSSupportsRuleFromJS Uses

func CSSSupportsRuleFromJS(value js.Wrapper) *CSSSupportsRule

CSSSupportsRuleFromJS is casting a js.Wrapper into CSSSupportsRule.

type Union Uses

type Union struct {
    Value js.Value

func UnionFromJS Uses

func UnionFromJS(value js.Value) *Union

func (*Union) JSValue Uses

func (u *Union) JSValue() js.Value

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