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package draganddrop

import "github.com/gowebapi/webapi/html/draganddrop"

Pacakge draganddrop is Drag and Drop

Source: HTML Standard (https://html.spec.whatwg.org/)


Package Files

doc.go draganddrop.go

type FunctionStringCallback Uses

type FunctionStringCallback js.Func

FunctionStringCallback is a javascript function type.

Call Release() when done to release resouces allocated to this type.

func FunctionStringCallbackToJS Uses

func FunctionStringCallbackToJS(callback FunctionStringCallbackFunc) *FunctionStringCallback

type FunctionStringCallbackFunc Uses

type FunctionStringCallbackFunc func(data string)

callback: FunctionStringCallback

func FunctionStringCallbackFromJS Uses

func FunctionStringCallbackFromJS(_value js.Value) FunctionStringCallbackFunc

type Union Uses

type Union struct {
    Value js.Value

func UnionFromJS Uses

func UnionFromJS(value js.Value) *Union

func (*Union) JSValue Uses

func (u *Union) JSValue() js.Value

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