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package glfw

import ""

Package glfw experimentally provides a glfw-like API with desktop (via glfw) and browser (via HTML5 canvas) backends.

It is used for creating a GL context and receiving events.

Note: This package is currently in development. The API is incomplete and may change.


Package Files

desktop.go glfw.go hint_glfw.go


const (
    KeySpace        = Key(glfw.KeySpace)
    KeyApostrophe   = Key(glfw.KeyApostrophe)
    KeyComma        = Key(glfw.KeyComma)
    KeyMinus        = Key(glfw.KeyMinus)
    KeyPeriod       = Key(glfw.KeyPeriod)
    KeySlash        = Key(glfw.KeySlash)
    Key0            = Key(glfw.Key0)
    Key1            = Key(glfw.Key1)
    Key2            = Key(glfw.Key2)
    Key3            = Key(glfw.Key3)
    Key4            = Key(glfw.Key4)
    Key5            = Key(glfw.Key5)
    Key6            = Key(glfw.Key6)
    Key7            = Key(glfw.Key7)
    Key8            = Key(glfw.Key8)
    Key9            = Key(glfw.Key9)
    KeySemicolon    = Key(glfw.KeySemicolon)
    KeyEqual        = Key(glfw.KeyEqual)
    KeyA            = Key(glfw.KeyA)
    KeyB            = Key(glfw.KeyB)
    KeyC            = Key(glfw.KeyC)
    KeyD            = Key(glfw.KeyD)
    KeyE            = Key(glfw.KeyE)
    KeyF            = Key(glfw.KeyF)
    KeyG            = Key(glfw.KeyG)
    KeyH            = Key(glfw.KeyH)
    KeyI            = Key(glfw.KeyI)
    KeyJ            = Key(glfw.KeyJ)
    KeyK            = Key(glfw.KeyK)
    KeyL            = Key(glfw.KeyL)
    KeyM            = Key(glfw.KeyM)
    KeyN            = Key(glfw.KeyN)
    KeyO            = Key(glfw.KeyO)
    KeyP            = Key(glfw.KeyP)
    KeyQ            = Key(glfw.KeyQ)
    KeyR            = Key(glfw.KeyR)
    KeyS            = Key(glfw.KeyS)
    KeyT            = Key(glfw.KeyT)
    KeyU            = Key(glfw.KeyU)
    KeyV            = Key(glfw.KeyV)
    KeyW            = Key(glfw.KeyW)
    KeyX            = Key(glfw.KeyX)
    KeyY            = Key(glfw.KeyY)
    KeyZ            = Key(glfw.KeyZ)
    KeyLeftBracket  = Key(glfw.KeyLeftBracket)
    KeyBackslash    = Key(glfw.KeyBackslash)
    KeyRightBracket = Key(glfw.KeyRightBracket)
    KeyGraveAccent  = Key(glfw.KeyGraveAccent)
    KeyWorld1       = Key(glfw.KeyWorld1)
    KeyWorld2       = Key(glfw.KeyWorld2)
    KeyEscape       = Key(glfw.KeyEscape)
    KeyEnter        = Key(glfw.KeyEnter)
    KeyTab          = Key(glfw.KeyTab)
    KeyBackspace    = Key(glfw.KeyBackspace)
    KeyInsert       = Key(glfw.KeyInsert)
    KeyDelete       = Key(glfw.KeyDelete)
    KeyRight        = Key(glfw.KeyRight)
    KeyLeft         = Key(glfw.KeyLeft)
    KeyDown         = Key(glfw.KeyDown)
    KeyUp           = Key(glfw.KeyUp)
    KeyPageUp       = Key(glfw.KeyPageUp)
    KeyPageDown     = Key(glfw.KeyPageDown)
    KeyHome         = Key(glfw.KeyHome)
    KeyEnd          = Key(glfw.KeyEnd)
    KeyCapsLock     = Key(glfw.KeyCapsLock)
    KeyScrollLock   = Key(glfw.KeyScrollLock)
    KeyNumLock      = Key(glfw.KeyNumLock)
    KeyPrintScreen  = Key(glfw.KeyPrintScreen)
    KeyPause        = Key(glfw.KeyPause)
    KeyF1           = Key(glfw.KeyF1)
    KeyF2           = Key(glfw.KeyF2)
    KeyF3           = Key(glfw.KeyF3)
    KeyF4           = Key(glfw.KeyF4)
    KeyF5           = Key(glfw.KeyF5)
    KeyF6           = Key(glfw.KeyF6)
    KeyF7           = Key(glfw.KeyF7)
    KeyF8           = Key(glfw.KeyF8)
    KeyF9           = Key(glfw.KeyF9)
    KeyF10          = Key(glfw.KeyF10)
    KeyF11          = Key(glfw.KeyF11)
    KeyF12          = Key(glfw.KeyF12)
    KeyF13          = Key(glfw.KeyF13)
    KeyF14          = Key(glfw.KeyF14)
    KeyF15          = Key(glfw.KeyF15)
    KeyF16          = Key(glfw.KeyF16)
    KeyF17          = Key(glfw.KeyF17)
    KeyF18          = Key(glfw.KeyF18)
    KeyF19          = Key(glfw.KeyF19)
    KeyF20          = Key(glfw.KeyF20)
    KeyF21          = Key(glfw.KeyF21)
    KeyF22          = Key(glfw.KeyF22)
    KeyF23          = Key(glfw.KeyF23)
    KeyF24          = Key(glfw.KeyF24)
    KeyF25          = Key(glfw.KeyF25)
    KeyKP0          = Key(glfw.KeyKP0)
    KeyKP1          = Key(glfw.KeyKP1)
    KeyKP2          = Key(glfw.KeyKP2)
    KeyKP3          = Key(glfw.KeyKP3)
    KeyKP4          = Key(glfw.KeyKP4)
    KeyKP5          = Key(glfw.KeyKP5)
    KeyKP6          = Key(glfw.KeyKP6)
    KeyKP7          = Key(glfw.KeyKP7)
    KeyKP8          = Key(glfw.KeyKP8)
    KeyKP9          = Key(glfw.KeyKP9)
    KeyKPDecimal    = Key(glfw.KeyKPDecimal)
    KeyKPDivide     = Key(glfw.KeyKPDivide)
    KeyKPMultiply   = Key(glfw.KeyKPMultiply)
    KeyKPSubtract   = Key(glfw.KeyKPSubtract)
    KeyKPAdd        = Key(glfw.KeyKPAdd)
    KeyKPEnter      = Key(glfw.KeyKPEnter)
    KeyKPEqual      = Key(glfw.KeyKPEqual)
    KeyLeftShift    = Key(glfw.KeyLeftShift)
    KeyLeftControl  = Key(glfw.KeyLeftControl)
    KeyLeftAlt      = Key(glfw.KeyLeftAlt)
    KeyLeftSuper    = Key(glfw.KeyLeftSuper)
    KeyRightShift   = Key(glfw.KeyRightShift)
    KeyRightControl = Key(glfw.KeyRightControl)
    KeyRightAlt     = Key(glfw.KeyRightAlt)
    KeyRightSuper   = Key(glfw.KeyRightSuper)
    KeyMenu         = Key(glfw.KeyMenu)
const (
    MouseButton1 = MouseButton(glfw.MouseButton1)
    MouseButton2 = MouseButton(glfw.MouseButton2)
    MouseButton3 = MouseButton(glfw.MouseButton3)

    MouseButtonLeft   = MouseButton(glfw.MouseButtonLeft)
    MouseButtonRight  = MouseButton(glfw.MouseButtonRight)
    MouseButtonMiddle = MouseButton(glfw.MouseButtonMiddle)
const (
    Release = Action(glfw.Release)
    Press   = Action(glfw.Press)
    Repeat  = Action(glfw.Repeat)
const (
    CursorMode             = InputMode(glfw.CursorMode)
    StickyKeysMode         = InputMode(glfw.StickyKeysMode)
    StickyMouseButtonsMode = InputMode(glfw.StickyMouseButtonsMode)
const (
    CursorNormal   = int(glfw.CursorNormal)
    CursorHidden   = int(glfw.CursorHidden)
    CursorDisabled = int(glfw.CursorDisabled)
const (
    ModShift   = ModifierKey(glfw.ModShift)
    ModControl = ModifierKey(glfw.ModControl)
    ModAlt     = ModifierKey(glfw.ModAlt)
    ModSuper   = ModifierKey(glfw.ModSuper)
const (
    AlphaBits   = Hint(glfw.AlphaBits)
    DepthBits   = Hint(glfw.DepthBits)
    StencilBits = Hint(glfw.StencilBits)
    Samples     = Hint(glfw.Samples)
    Resizable   = Hint(glfw.Resizable)

    // These hints used for WebGL contexts, ignored on desktop.
    PremultipliedAlpha = noopHint

func DefaultWindowHints Uses

func DefaultWindowHints()

func DetachCurrentContext Uses

func DetachCurrentContext()

func Init Uses

func Init(cw ContextWatcher) error

Init initializes the library.

A valid ContextWatcher must be provided. It gets notified when context becomes current or detached. It should be provided by the GL bindings you are using, so you can do glfw.Init(gl.ContextWatcher).

func Open Uses

func Open(name string) (io.ReadCloser, error)

Open opens a named asset. It's the caller's responsibility to close it when done.

For now, assets are read directly from the current working directory.

func PollEvents Uses

func PollEvents()

func PostEmptyEvent Uses

func PostEmptyEvent()

func SwapInterval Uses

func SwapInterval(interval int)

func Terminate Uses

func Terminate()

func WaitEvents Uses

func WaitEvents()

func WindowHint Uses

func WindowHint(target Hint, hint int)

type Action Uses

type Action glfw.Action

type CharCallback Uses

type CharCallback func(w *Window, char rune)

type CharModsCallback Uses

type CharModsCallback func(w *Window, char rune, mods ModifierKey)

type CloseCallback Uses

type CloseCallback func(w *Window)

type ContextWatcher Uses

type ContextWatcher interface {
    // OnMakeCurrent is called after a context is made current.
    // context is is a platform-specific representation of the context, or nil if unavailable.
    OnMakeCurrent(context interface{})

    // OnDetach is called after the current context is detached.

ContextWatcher is a general mechanism for being notified when context is made current or detached.

type CursorEnterCallback Uses

type CursorEnterCallback func(w *Window, entered bool)

type CursorPosCallback Uses

type CursorPosCallback func(w *Window, xpos float64, ypos float64)

type DropCallback Uses

type DropCallback func(w *Window, names []string)

type FocusCallback Uses

type FocusCallback func(w *Window, focused bool)

type FramebufferSizeCallback Uses

type FramebufferSizeCallback func(w *Window, width int, height int)

type Hint Uses

type Hint int

type IconifyCallback Uses

type IconifyCallback func(w *Window, iconified bool)

type InputMode Uses

type InputMode int

type Key Uses

type Key glfw.Key

type KeyCallback Uses

type KeyCallback func(w *Window, key Key, scancode int, action Action, mods ModifierKey)

type ModifierKey Uses

type ModifierKey int

type Monitor Uses

type Monitor struct {

func GetPrimaryMonitor Uses

func GetPrimaryMonitor() *Monitor

type MouseButton Uses

type MouseButton glfw.MouseButton

type MouseButtonCallback Uses

type MouseButtonCallback func(w *Window, button MouseButton, action Action, mods ModifierKey)

type MouseMovementCallback Uses

type MouseMovementCallback func(w *Window, xpos float64, ypos float64, xdelta float64, ydelta float64)

type PosCallback Uses

type PosCallback func(w *Window, xpos int, ypos int)

type RefreshCallback Uses

type RefreshCallback func(w *Window)

type ScrollCallback Uses

type ScrollCallback func(w *Window, xoff float64, yoff float64)

type SizeCallback Uses

type SizeCallback func(w *Window, width int, height int)

type VidMode Uses

type VidMode struct {
    Width       int // The width, in pixels, of the video mode.
    Height      int // The height, in pixels, of the video mode.
    RedBits     int // The bit depth of the red channel of the video mode.
    GreenBits   int // The bit depth of the green channel of the video mode.
    BlueBits    int // The bit depth of the blue channel of the video mode.
    RefreshRate int // The refresh rate, in Hz, of the video mode.

VidMode describes a single video mode.

type Window Uses

type Window struct {

func CreateWindow Uses

func CreateWindow(width, height int, title string, monitor *Monitor, share *Window) (*Window, error)

func (*Window) GetInputMode Uses

func (w *Window) GetInputMode(mode InputMode) int

func (*Window) GetKey Uses

func (w *Window) GetKey(key Key) Action

func (*Window) GetMouseButton Uses

func (w *Window) GetMouseButton(button MouseButton) Action

func (*Window) MakeContextCurrent Uses

func (w *Window) MakeContextCurrent()

func (*Window) SetCharCallback Uses

func (w *Window) SetCharCallback(cbfun CharCallback) (previous CharCallback)

func (*Window) SetCharModsCallback Uses

func (w *Window) SetCharModsCallback(cbfun CharModsCallback) (previous CharModsCallback)

func (*Window) SetCloseCallback Uses

func (w *Window) SetCloseCallback(cbfun CloseCallback) (previous CloseCallback)

func (*Window) SetCursorEnterCallback Uses

func (w *Window) SetCursorEnterCallback(cbfun CursorEnterCallback) (previous CursorEnterCallback)

func (*Window) SetCursorPosCallback Uses

func (w *Window) SetCursorPosCallback(cbfun CursorPosCallback) (previous CursorPosCallback)

func (*Window) SetDropCallback Uses

func (w *Window) SetDropCallback(cbfun DropCallback) (previous DropCallback)

func (*Window) SetFocusCallback Uses

func (w *Window) SetFocusCallback(cbfun FocusCallback) (previous FocusCallback)

func (*Window) SetFramebufferSizeCallback Uses

func (w *Window) SetFramebufferSizeCallback(cbfun FramebufferSizeCallback) (previous FramebufferSizeCallback)

func (*Window) SetIconifyCallback Uses

func (w *Window) SetIconifyCallback(cbfun IconifyCallback) (previous IconifyCallback)

func (*Window) SetInputMode Uses

func (w *Window) SetInputMode(mode InputMode, value int)

func (*Window) SetKeyCallback Uses

func (w *Window) SetKeyCallback(cbfun KeyCallback) (previous KeyCallback)

func (*Window) SetMouseButtonCallback Uses

func (w *Window) SetMouseButtonCallback(cbfun MouseButtonCallback) (previous MouseButtonCallback)

func (*Window) SetMouseMovementCallback Uses

func (w *Window) SetMouseMovementCallback(cbfun MouseMovementCallback) (previous MouseMovementCallback)

TODO: For now, this overrides SetCursorPosCallback; should support both.

func (*Window) SetPosCallback Uses

func (w *Window) SetPosCallback(cbfun PosCallback) (previous PosCallback)

func (*Window) SetRefreshCallback Uses

func (w *Window) SetRefreshCallback(cbfun RefreshCallback) (previous RefreshCallback)

func (*Window) SetScrollCallback Uses

func (w *Window) SetScrollCallback(cbfun ScrollCallback) (previous ScrollCallback)

func (*Window) SetSizeCallback Uses

func (w *Window) SetSizeCallback(cbfun SizeCallback) (previous SizeCallback)


test/eventsevents hooks every available callback and outputs their arguments.

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