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package batch

import ""

Package batch implements batched processing for slices of points in particular aggregations


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func Avg Uses

func Avg(in []schema.Point) float64

func Cnt Uses

func Cnt(in []schema.Point) float64

func Diff Uses

func Diff(in []schema.Point) float64

func Lst Uses

func Lst(in []schema.Point) float64

func Max Uses

func Max(in []schema.Point) float64

func Med Uses

func Med(in []schema.Point) float64

func Min Uses

func Min(in []schema.Point) float64

func Mult Uses

func Mult(in []schema.Point) float64

func Range Uses

func Range(in []schema.Point) float64

func StdDev Uses

func StdDev(in []schema.Point) float64

func Sum Uses

func Sum(in []schema.Point) float64

type AggFunc Uses

type AggFunc func(in []schema.Point) float64

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