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package carbon

import ""

package carbon provides a traditional carbon input for metrictank note: it does not support the "carbon2.0" protocol that serializes metrics2.0 into a plaintext carbon-like protocol


Package Files

carbon.go intervalgetter.go


var Enabled bool

func ConfigProcess Uses

func ConfigProcess()

func ConfigSetup Uses

func ConfigSetup()

type Carbon Uses

type Carbon struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

func New Uses

func New() *Carbon

func (*Carbon) ExplainPriority Uses

func (c *Carbon) ExplainPriority() interface{}

func (*Carbon) IntervalGetter Uses

func (c *Carbon) IntervalGetter(i IntervalGetter)

func (*Carbon) MaintainPriority Uses

func (c *Carbon) MaintainPriority()

MaintainPriority is very simplistic for carbon. there is no backfill, so mark as ready immediately.

func (*Carbon) Name Uses

func (c *Carbon) Name() string

func (*Carbon) Start Uses

func (c *Carbon) Start(handler input.Handler, cancel context.CancelFunc) error

func (*Carbon) Stop Uses

func (c *Carbon) Stop()

type ConnTrack Uses

type ConnTrack struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewConnTrack Uses

func NewConnTrack() *ConnTrack

func (*ConnTrack) Add Uses

func (c *ConnTrack) Add(conn net.Conn)

func (*ConnTrack) CloseAll Uses

func (c *ConnTrack) CloseAll()

func (*ConnTrack) Remove Uses

func (c *ConnTrack) Remove(conn net.Conn)

type IndexIntervalGetter Uses

type IndexIntervalGetter struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

func (IndexIntervalGetter) GetInterval Uses

func (i IndexIntervalGetter) GetInterval(name string) int

type IntervalGetter Uses

type IntervalGetter interface {
    GetInterval(name string) int

IntervalGetter is anything that can return the interval for the given path we don't want the carbon plugin to directly talk to an index because the api surface is too big and it would couple too tightly which is annoying in unit tests

func NewIndexIntervalGetter Uses

func NewIndexIntervalGetter(idx idx.MetricIndex) IntervalGetter

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