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package notifierKafka

import ""


Package Files

cfg.go notifierKafka.go


var Enabled bool
var FlagSet *flag.FlagSet

func ConfigProcess Uses

func ConfigProcess(instance string)

type NotifierKafka Uses

type NotifierKafka struct {
    StopChan chan int
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

func New Uses

func New(instance string, handler mdata.NotifierHandler) *NotifierKafka

func (*NotifierKafka) Send Uses

func (c *NotifierKafka) Send(sc mdata.SavedChunk)

func (*NotifierKafka) Stop Uses

func (c *NotifierKafka) Stop()

Stop will initiate a graceful stop of the Consumer (permanent)

NOTE: receive on StopChan to block until this process completes

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