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package bigtable

import ""


Package Files

bigtable.go config.go


const Month_sec uint32 = 60 * 60 * 24 * 28


var CliConfig = NewStoreConfig()

func ConfigProcess Uses

func ConfigProcess(schemaMaxChunkSpan uint32)

func ConfigSetup Uses

func ConfigSetup()

type Store Uses

type Store struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewStore Uses

func NewStore(cfg *StoreConfig, ttls []uint32, schemaMaxChunkSpan uint32) (*Store, error)

func (*Store) Add Uses

func (s *Store) Add(cwr *mdata.ChunkWriteRequest)

func (*Store) Search Uses

func (s *Store) Search(ctx context.Context, key schema.AMKey, ttl, start, end uint32) ([]chunk.IterGen, error)

Basic search of bigtable for data chunks start inclusive, end exclusive

func (*Store) SetTracer Uses

func (s *Store) SetTracer(t opentracing.Tracer)

func (*Store) Stop Uses

func (s *Store) Stop()

type StoreConfig Uses

type StoreConfig struct {
    Enabled           bool
    GcpProject        string
    BigtableInstance  string
    TableName         string
    WriteQueueSize    int
    WriteMaxFlushSize int
    WriteConcurrency  int
    ReadConcurrency   int
    MaxChunkSpan      time.Duration
    ReadTimeout       time.Duration
    WriteTimeout      time.Duration
    CreateCF          bool

func NewStoreConfig Uses

func NewStoreConfig() *StoreConfig

return StoreConfig with default values set.

func (*StoreConfig) Validate Uses

func (cfg *StoreConfig) Validate(schemaMaxChunkSpan uint32) error

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