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package test

import ""

package test contains utility functions used by tests/benchmarks in various packages


Package Files

key.go path.go points.go tracer.go

func ContainsMKey Uses

func ContainsMKey(list []schema.MKey, subject schema.MKey) bool

func GetAMKey Uses

func GetAMKey(suffix int) schema.AMKey

func GetMKey Uses

func GetMKey(suffix int) schema.MKey

func KeyToInt Uses

func KeyToInt(key schema.MKey) int

func MustMKeyFromString Uses

func MustMKeyFromString(id string) schema.MKey

func NewContext Uses

func NewContext() context.Context

NewContext returns a context holding a tracing span

func Path Uses

func Path(dst string) string

path takes a relative path within the metrictank repository and returns the full absolute filepath, assuming metrictank repo is in the first directory specified in GOPATH

func RandFloats Uses

func RandFloats(size int) []schema.Point

func RandFloats100 Uses

func RandFloats100() []schema.Point

func RandFloats10k Uses

func RandFloats10k() []schema.Point

func RandFloats1M Uses

func RandFloats1M() []schema.Point

func RandFloatsWithNulls Uses

func RandFloatsWithNulls(size int) []schema.Point

func RandFloatsWithNulls100 Uses

func RandFloatsWithNulls100() []schema.Point

func RandFloatsWithNulls10k Uses

func RandFloatsWithNulls10k() []schema.Point

func RandFloatsWithNulls1M Uses

func RandFloatsWithNulls1M() []schema.Point

func ShouldContainMKey Uses

func ShouldContainMKey(actual interface{}, expected ...interface{}) string

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