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package tracing

import ""

package tracing contains some helpers to make working with opentracing a tad simpler


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func Error Uses

func Error(span opentracing.Span, err error)

Error logs error

func Errorf Uses

func Errorf(span opentracing.Span, format string, a ...interface{})

Errorf logs error

func Failure Uses

func Failure(span opentracing.Span)

Failure marks the current request as a failure

func NewSpan Uses

func NewSpan(ctx context.Context, tracer opentracing.Tracer, name string) (context.Context, opentracing.Span)

NewSpan pulls the span out of the context, creates a new child span, and updates the context callers must call span.Finish() when done important: the context must contain a span, otherwise you'll see a nilpointer panic here.

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