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package cloudwatch

import ""


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type CloudWatchEventer Uses

type CloudWatchEventer struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

CloudWatchEventer logs events to CloudWatch Logs.

func NewCloudWatchEventer Uses

func NewCloudWatchEventer(client cloudwatchlogsiface.CloudWatchLogsAPI, group, stream string) *CloudWatchEventer

NewCloudWatchEventer returns a *CloudWatchLogger. It does create the group or stream until the first event is logged.

func (*CloudWatchEventer) Close Uses

func (c *CloudWatchEventer) Close() error

func (*CloudWatchEventer) Event Uses

func (c *CloudWatchEventer) Event(typ string, fieldPairs ...interface{})

Event implements Eventer.

func (*CloudWatchEventer) Init Uses

func (c *CloudWatchEventer) Init(ctx context.Context) error

Init initializes the group and stream used by c. It will only attempt initialization once, subsequently returning the result of that attempt.

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