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package retry

import ""

Package retry contains utilities for implementing retry logic.


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const MaxBackoffMax = time.Duration(maxInt64Convertible)

MaxBackoffMax is the maximum value that can be passed as max to Backoff.

func Wait Uses

func Wait(ctx context.Context, policy Policy, retry int) error

Wait queries the provided policy at the provided retry number and sleeps until the next try should be attempted. Wait returns an error if the policy prohibits further tries or if the context was canceled, or if its deadline would run out while waiting for the next try.

type Policy Uses

type Policy interface {
    // Retry tells whether the a new retry should be attempted,
    // and after how long.
    Retry(retry int) (bool, time.Duration)

A Policy is an interface that abstracts retry policies. Typically users will not call methods directly on a Policy but rather use the package function retry.Wait.

func Backoff Uses

func Backoff(initial, max time.Duration, factor float64) Policy

Backoff returns a Policy that initially waits for the amount of time specified by parameter initial; on each try this value is multiplied by the provided factor, up to the max duration.

func Jitter Uses

func Jitter(policy Policy, frac float64) Policy

Jitter returns a policy that jitters 'frac' fraction of the wait times returned by the provided policy. For example, setting frac to 1.0 and 0.5 will implement "full jitter" and "equal jitter" approaches respectively. These approaches are describer here:

func MaxTries Uses

func MaxTries(policy Policy, n int) Policy

MaxTries returns a policy that enforces a maximum number of attempts. The provided policy is invoked when the current number of tries is within the permissible limit. If policy is nil, the returned policy will permit an immediate retry when the number of tries is within the allowable limits.

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