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package once

import ""

Package once contains utilities for managing actions that must be performed exactly once.


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type Map Uses

type Map sync.Map

Map coordinates actions that must happen exactly once, keyed by user-defined keys.

func (*Map) Do Uses

func (m *Map) Do(key interface{}, do func() error) error

Perform the provided action named by a key. Do invokes the action exactly once for each key, and returns any errors produced by the provided action.

func (*Map) Forget Uses

func (m *Map) Forget(key interface{})

Forget forgets past computations associated with the provided key.

type Task Uses

type Task struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Task manages a computation that must be run at most once. It's similar to sync.Once, except it also handles and returns errors.

func (*Task) Do Uses

func (o *Task) Do(do func() error) error

Do run the function do at most once. Successive invocations of Do guarantee exactly one invocation of the function do. Do returns the error of do's invocation.

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