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package bigslicecmd

import ""

Package bigslicecmd provides the core functionality of the bigslice command as a package for easier integration into external toolchains and setups. The expected use is that the bigslice run and build commands are common to all users of bigslice, but the 'setup-ec2' class of commands are specific.


Package Files

build.go cwd.go load.go run.go


const BuildUsage = "" /* 641 byte string literal not displayed */

BuildUsage is the usage message for the Build command.

const RunUsage = "" /* 148 byte string literal not displayed */

RunUsage is the usage message for the Run command.

func Build Uses

func Build(ctx context.Context, paths []string, output string) string

Build builds the bigslice binary and writes it out to specified output filename, if that string is empty then a suitable name is computed and returned.

func Init Uses

func Init() (err error)

Init initializes the bigslicecmd package.

func Run Uses

func Run(ctx context.Context, args []string)

Run executes the supplied arguments as a subprocess. If no arguments are supplied, Build(ctx, ".") is used to build the current package and run that.

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