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package slicetype

import ""

Package slicetype implements data types and utilities to describe Bigslice types: Slices, Frames, and Tasks all carry slicetype.Types.


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func Assignable Uses

func Assignable(in, out Type) bool

Assignable reports whether column type in can be assigned to out.

func Columns Uses

func Columns(typ Type) []reflect.Type

Columns returns a slice of column types from the provided type.

func Signature Uses

func Signature(arg, ret Type) string

Signature returns a Go function signature for a function that takes the provided arguments and returns the provided values.

func String Uses

func String(typ Type) string

type Type Uses

type Type interface {
    // NumOut returns the number of columns.
    NumOut() int
    // Out returns the data type of the ith column.
    Out(i int) reflect.Type
    // Prefix returns the number of columns in the type
    // which are considered the type's prefix. A type's
    // prefix is the set of columns which are considered
    // the type's key columns for operations like reduce.
    Prefix() int

A Type is the type of a set of columns.

func Append Uses

func Append(t1, t2 Type) Type

func Concat Uses

func Concat(types ...Type) Type

func New Uses

func New(types ...reflect.Type) Type

New returns a new Type using the provided column types.

func Slice Uses

func Slice(t Type, i, j int) Type


prefixes are lost when slicing a type.

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