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Command grnc-project

The grnc-project tool, used to generate skeleton project files for a new Granitic application.


grnc-project project-name [package]

Will create the following files and directories:


This will allow a minimal Granitic application to be built and started by running:

cd project-name && grnc-bind && go build && ./project-name

Developers should pay attention to the import statements in the generated project-name.go file. It will contain a line similar to:

import "./bindings"

This is a relative import path, which will allow the project to be built and run with no knowledge of your workspace layout, but will prevent your application being installed with 'go install' and isn't considered good Go practice. The line should be changed to a non-relative path that reflects the layout of your Go workspace, which is most often:

import ""

You can specify your project's package as the second argument to the grnc-project tool

The .gitignore file contains:


Which prevents the output of 'grnc-bind' and 'go build' being included in your repository.

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