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package logger

import ""

Package logger provides the FrameworkLogging and ApplicationLogging facilities which control logging from framework and application components.

Full documentation for this facility can be found at and GoDoc for the logging types that your application will interact with are detailled in the logging package.


Package Files

builder.go controlloglevel.go decorator.go globalloglevel.go


const (
    GLLComponentName = instance.FrameworkPrefix + "CommandGlobalLevel"
const (
    LLComponentName = instance.FrameworkPrefix + "CommandLogLevel"

type ApplicationLoggingFacilityBuilder Uses

type ApplicationLoggingFacilityBuilder struct {

Creates a new logging.ComponentLoggerManager for application components and updates the framework's ComponentLoggerManager (which was bootstraped with a command-line supplied global log level) with the application's logging configuration.

func (*ApplicationLoggingFacilityBuilder) BuildAndRegister Uses

func (alfb *ApplicationLoggingFacilityBuilder) BuildAndRegister(lm *logging.ComponentLoggerManager, ca *config.ConfigAccessor, cn *ioc.ComponentContainer) error

See FacilityBuilder.BuildAndRegister

func (*ApplicationLoggingFacilityBuilder) DependsOnFacilities Uses

func (alfb *ApplicationLoggingFacilityBuilder) DependsOnFacilities() []string

See FacilityBuilder.DependsOnFacilities

func (*ApplicationLoggingFacilityBuilder) FacilityName Uses

func (alfb *ApplicationLoggingFacilityBuilder) FacilityName() string

See FacilityBuilder.FacilityName

type FrameworkLogDecorator Uses

type FrameworkLogDecorator struct {
    // The framework ComponentLoggerManager (as opposed to the application ComponentLoggerManager)
    LoggerManager *logging.ComponentLoggerManager

    // Logger to allow this decorator to log messages.
    FrameworkLogger logging.Logger

Injects a framework logger into Granitic framework components.

func (*FrameworkLogDecorator) DecorateComponent Uses

func (fld *FrameworkLogDecorator) DecorateComponent(component *ioc.Component, container *ioc.ComponentContainer)

DecorateComponent injects a newly created Logger into the FrameworkLogger field of the subject component.

func (*FrameworkLogDecorator) OfInterest Uses

func (fld *FrameworkLogDecorator) OfInterest(component *ioc.Component) bool

OfInterest returns true if the subject component has a field of type logging.Logger and the name FrameworkLogger.

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