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package grpc_logging

import "github.com/grpc-ecosystem/go-grpc-middleware/logging"

grpc_logging is a "parent" package for gRPC logging middlewares.

General functionality of all middleware

The gRPC logging middleware populates request-scoped data to `grpc_ctxtags.Tags` that relate to the current gRPC call (e.g. service and method names).

Once the gRPC logging middleware has added the gRPC specific Tags to the ctx they will then be written with the logs that are made using the `ctx_logrus` or `ctx_zap` loggers.

All logging middleware will emit a final log statement. It is based on the error returned by the handler function, the gRPC status code, an error (if any) and it will emit at a level controlled via `WithLevels`.

This parent package

This particular package is intended for use by other middleware, logging or otherwise. It contains interfaces that other logging middlewares *could* share . This allows code to be shared between different implementations.

Field names

All field names of loggers follow the OpenTracing semantics definitions, with `grpc.` prefix if needed: https://github.com/opentracing/specification/blob/master/semantic_conventions.md


There are three implementations at the moment: logrus, zap and kit

See relevant packages below.


Package Files

common.go doc.go

func DefaultDeciderMethod Uses

func DefaultDeciderMethod(fullMethodName string, err error) bool

DefaultDeciderMethod is the default implementation of decider to see if you should log the call by default this if always true so all calls are logged

func DefaultErrorToCode Uses

func DefaultErrorToCode(err error) codes.Code

type ClientPayloadLoggingDecider Uses

type ClientPayloadLoggingDecider func(ctx context.Context, fullMethodName string) bool

ClientPayloadLoggingDecider is a user-provided function for deciding whether to log the client-side request/response payloads

type Decider Uses

type Decider func(fullMethodName string, err error) bool

Decider function defines rules for suppressing any interceptor logs

type ErrorToCode Uses

type ErrorToCode func(err error) codes.Code

ErrorToCode function determines the error code of an error This makes using custom errors with grpc middleware easier

type JsonPbMarshaler Uses

type JsonPbMarshaler interface {
    Marshal(out io.Writer, pb proto.Message) error

JsonPbMarshaller is a marshaller that serializes protobuf messages.

type ServerPayloadLoggingDecider Uses

type ServerPayloadLoggingDecider func(ctx context.Context, fullMethodName string, servingObject interface{}) bool

ServerPayloadLoggingDecider is a user-provided function for deciding whether to log the server-side request/response payloads



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