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Command orbit

Package main is the root package of the application.

Orbit is a cross-platform task runner for executing commands and generating files from templates.

It started with the need to find a cross-platform alternative of "make" and "sed -i" commands. As it does not aim to be as powerful as these two commands, Orbit offers an elegant solution for running tasks and generating files from templates, whatever the platform you're using.

For more information, go to https://github.com/gulien/orbit.

Package Files



appPackage app implements all commands of the application.
app/contextPackage context helps to populate the application context.
app/errorPackage error provides an implementation of the error interface used across the application.
app/generatorPackage generator implements a solution to parse a data-driven template and generate an output from it.
app/helpersPackage helpers implements simple functions used across the application.
app/loggerPackage logger implements a simple helper for displaying output to the user.
app/runnerPackage runner implements a solution to run one or more tasks which have been defined in a configuration file (by default "orbit.yml").
app/versionPackage version is used as a dead simple bridge between main and command packages.

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