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package ebitenmobileview

import "github.com/hajimehoshi/ebiten/mobile/ebitenmobileview"

Package ebitenmobileview offers functions for OpenGL/Metal view of mobiles.

The functions are not intended for public usages. There is no guarantee of backward compatibility.


Package Files

funcs.go game.go impl_notmobile.go

func Layout Uses

func Layout(viewWidth, viewHeight int, viewRectSetter ViewRectSetter)

func SetGame Uses

func SetGame(game game)

func Update Uses

func Update() error

func UpdateTouchesOnAndroid Uses

func UpdateTouchesOnAndroid(action int, id int, x, y int)

func UpdateTouchesOnIOS Uses

func UpdateTouchesOnIOS(phase int, ptr int64, x, y int)

type ViewRectSetter Uses

type ViewRectSetter interface {
    SetViewRect(x, y, width, height int)

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