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package text

import "github.com/hajimehoshi/ebiten/text"

Package text offers functions to draw texts on an Ebiten's image.

For the example using a TTF font, see font package in the examples.


Package Files

advance.go text.go

func Draw Uses

func Draw(dst *ebiten.Image, text string, face font.Face, x, y int, clr color.Color)

Draw draws a given text on a given destination image dst.

face is the font for text rendering. (x, y) represents a 'dot' (period) position. Be careful that this doesn't represent left-upper corner position. clr is the color for text rendering.

Glyphs used for rendering are cached in least-recently-used way. It is OK to call Draw with a same text and a same face at every frame in terms of performance.

Be careful that the passed font face is held by this package and is never released. This is a known issue (#498).

Draw is concurrent-safe.

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