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package testutil

import "github.com/hanwen/go-fuse/internal/testutil"


Package Files

helpers.go log.go tempdir.go verbose.go

func TempDir Uses

func TempDir() string

TempDir creates a temporary directory that includes the name of the testcase. Panics if there was an I/O problem creating the directory.

func TestLoopbackUtimens Uses

func TestLoopbackUtimens(t *testing.T, path string, utimensFn func(atime *time.Time, mtime *time.Time) fuse.Status)

Check that loopback Utimens() works as expected. Called by TestLoopbackFileUtimens and TestLoopbackFileSystemUtimens.


path ........ path to the backing file
utimensFn ... Utimens() function that acts on the backing file

func VerboseTest Uses

func VerboseTest() bool

VerboseTest returns true if the testing framework is run with -v.

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