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package posixtest

import "github.com/hanwen/go-fuse/posixtest"

Package posixtest file systems for generic posix conformance.


Package Files

listfds.go test.go


var All = map[string]func(*testing.T, string){
    "AppendWrite":                AppendWrite,
    "SymlinkReadlink":            SymlinkReadlink,
    "FileBasic":                  FileBasic,
    "TruncateFile":               TruncateFile,
    "TruncateNoFile":             TruncateNoFile,
    "FdLeak":                     FdLeak,
    "MkdirRmdir":                 MkdirRmdir,
    "NlinkZero":                  NlinkZero,
    "FstatDeleted":               FstatDeleted,
    "ParallelFileOpen":           ParallelFileOpen,
    "Link":                       Link,
    "LinkUnlinkRename":           LinkUnlinkRename,
    "RenameOverwriteDestNoExist": RenameOverwriteDestNoExist,
    "RenameOverwriteDestExist":   RenameOverwriteDestExist,
    "RenameOpenDir":              RenameOpenDir,
    "ReadDir":                    ReadDir,
    "ReadDirPicksUpCreate":       ReadDirPicksUpCreate,
    "DirectIO":                   DirectIO,
    "OpenAt":                     OpenAt,
    "Fallocate":                  Fallocate,

All holds a map of all test functions

func AppendWrite Uses

func AppendWrite(t *testing.T, mnt string)

test open with O_APPEND

func DirectIO Uses

func DirectIO(t *testing.T, mnt string)

func Fallocate Uses

func Fallocate(t *testing.T, mnt string)

func FdLeak Uses

func FdLeak(t *testing.T, mnt string)

func FileBasic Uses

func FileBasic(t *testing.T, mnt string)

func FstatDeleted Uses

func FstatDeleted(t *testing.T, mnt string)

FstatDeleted is similar to NlinkZero, but Fstat()s multiple deleted files in random order and checks that the results match an earlier Stat().

Excercises the fd-finding logic in rawBridge.GetAttr.

func Link(t *testing.T, mnt string)

func LinkUnlinkRename Uses

func LinkUnlinkRename(t *testing.T, mnt string)

LinkUnlinkRename implements rename with a link/unlink sequence

func MkdirRmdir Uses

func MkdirRmdir(t *testing.T, mnt string)

func NlinkZero Uses

func NlinkZero(t *testing.T, mnt string)

func OpenAt Uses

func OpenAt(t *testing.T, mnt string)

OpenAt tests syscall.Openat().

Hint: $ go test ./fs -run TestPosix/OpenAt -v

func ParallelFileOpen Uses

func ParallelFileOpen(t *testing.T, mnt string)

func ReadDir Uses

func ReadDir(t *testing.T, mnt string)

ReadDir creates 110 files one by one, checking that we get the expected entries after each file creation.

func ReadDirPicksUpCreate Uses

func ReadDirPicksUpCreate(t *testing.T, mnt string)

Readdir should pick file created after open, but before readdir.

func RenameOpenDir Uses

func RenameOpenDir(t *testing.T, mnt string)

func RenameOverwrite Uses

func RenameOverwrite(t *testing.T, mnt string, destExists bool)

func RenameOverwriteDestExist Uses

func RenameOverwriteDestExist(t *testing.T, mnt string)

func RenameOverwriteDestNoExist Uses

func RenameOverwriteDestNoExist(t *testing.T, mnt string)
func SymlinkReadlink(t *testing.T, mnt string)

SymlinkReadlink tests basic symlink functionality

func TruncateFile Uses

func TruncateFile(t *testing.T, mnt string)

func TruncateNoFile Uses

func TruncateNoFile(t *testing.T, mnt string)

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