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package gtfsconv

import ""

Package gtfsconv converts GTFS files into an SQLite3 db (w/ spatialite optional), and other extra file formats (csv/json/geojson/kml).


Package Files

build.go clean.go extra-csv-json.go extra-geojson.go spatialite.go util.go

func Build Uses

func Build(opt Options, logger *log.Logger) error

Build will consume the GTFS file and export a sqlite3 db, in the target dir/filename, along with extra file formats.

func GoBuild Uses

func GoBuild(opt Options) error

GoBuild will run Build, with an dummy logger.

func SetDefaultOptions Uses

func SetDefaultOptions(opt Options)

SetDefaultOptions sets defaultOptions with new default values.

type Options Uses

type Options struct {
    GTFS       string // path to GTFS source file
    Dir        string // output dir
    Name       string // output sqlite db name
    SkipExtras bool   // skip extra output formats (*.csv, *.json, *.xml)
    Spatialite bool   // include sqlite3 spatialite extension

    KeepDB    bool // re-use existing sqlite db (skip creation), if exist
    SkipClean bool // skip agency-specific GTFS cleanup rules

Options Type Helper: available runtime configs

func DefaultOptions Uses

func DefaultOptions() Options

DefaultOptions returns Options with default values.

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