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package awsauth

import ""


Package Files

backend.go cli.go client.go path_config_certificate.go path_config_client.go path_config_identity.go path_config_rotate_root.go path_config_sts.go path_config_tidy_identity_whitelist.go path_config_tidy_roletag_blacklist.go path_identity_whitelist.go path_login.go path_role.go path_role_tag.go path_roletag_blacklist.go path_tidy_identity_whitelist.go path_tidy_roletag_blacklist.go

func Backend Uses

func Backend(_ *logical.BackendConfig) (*backend, error)

func Factory Uses

func Factory(ctx context.Context, conf *logical.BackendConfig) (logical.Backend, error)

func GenerateLoginData Uses

func GenerateLoginData(creds *credentials.Credentials, headerValue, configuredRegion string) (map[string]interface{}, error)

GenerateLoginData populates the necessary data to send to the Vault server for generating a token This is useful for other API clients to use

func RetrieveCreds Uses

func RetrieveCreds(accessKey, secretKey, sessionToken string, logger hclog.Logger) (*credentials.Credentials, error)

type CLIHandler Uses

type CLIHandler struct{}

func (*CLIHandler) Auth Uses

func (h *CLIHandler) Auth(c *api.Client, m map[string]string) (*api.Secret, error)

func (*CLIHandler) Help Uses

func (h *CLIHandler) Help() string

type GetCallerIdentityResponse Uses

type GetCallerIdentityResponse struct {
    XMLName                 xml.Name                  `xml:"GetCallerIdentityResponse"`
    GetCallerIdentityResult []GetCallerIdentityResult `xml:"GetCallerIdentityResult"`
    ResponseMetadata        []ResponseMetadata        `xml:"ResponseMetadata"`

type GetCallerIdentityResult Uses

type GetCallerIdentityResult struct {
    Arn     string `xml:"Arn"`
    UserId  string `xml:"UserId"`
    Account string `xml:"Account"`

type ResponseMetadata Uses

type ResponseMetadata struct {
    RequestId string `xml:"RequestId"`

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