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package config

import ""


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config.go util.go


const (
    // DefaultConfigPath is the default path to the configuration file
    DefaultConfigPath = "~/.vault"

    // ConfigPathEnv is the environment variable that can be used to
    // override where the Vault configuration is.
    ConfigPathEnv = "VAULT_CONFIG_PATH"

func DefaultTokenHelper Uses

func DefaultTokenHelper() (token.TokenHelper, error)

DefaultTokenHelper returns the token helper that is configured for Vault.

type DefaultConfig Uses

type DefaultConfig struct {
    // TokenHelper is the executable/command that is executed for storing
    // and retrieving the authentication token for the Vault CLI. If this
    // is not specified, then vault's internal token store will be used, which
    // stores the token on disk unencrypted.
    TokenHelper string `hcl:"token_helper"`

Config is the CLI configuration for Vault that can be specified via a `$HOME/.vault` file which is HCL-formatted (therefore HCL or JSON).

func Config Uses

func Config() (*DefaultConfig, error)

Config loads the configuration and returns it. If the configuration is already loaded, it is returned.

func LoadConfig Uses

func LoadConfig(path string) (*DefaultConfig, error)

LoadConfig reads the configuration from the given path. If path is empty, then the default path will be used, or the environment variable if set.

func ParseConfig Uses

func ParseConfig(contents string) (*DefaultConfig, error)

ParseConfig parses the given configuration as a string.

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