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package metricsutil

import ""


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const (
    OpenMetricsMIMEType = "application/openmetrics-text"

    PrometheusSchemaMIMEType = "prometheus/telemetry"

    // ErrorContentType is the content type returned by an error response.
    ErrorContentType = "text/plain"
const (
    PrometheusMetricFormat = "prometheus"

func FormatFromRequest Uses

func FormatFromRequest(req *logical.Request) string

type MetricsHelper Uses

type MetricsHelper struct {
    PrometheusEnabled bool
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewMetricsHelper Uses

func NewMetricsHelper(inMem *metrics.InmemSink, enablePrometheus bool) *MetricsHelper

func (*MetricsHelper) GenericResponse Uses

func (m *MetricsHelper) GenericResponse() *logical.Response

func (*MetricsHelper) PrometheusResponse Uses

func (m *MetricsHelper) PrometheusResponse() *logical.Response

func (*MetricsHelper) ResponseForFormat Uses

func (m *MetricsHelper) ResponseForFormat(format string) *logical.Response

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