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package proxyutil

import ""


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func WrapInProxyProto Uses

func WrapInProxyProto(listener net.Listener, config *ProxyProtoConfig) (net.Listener, error)

WrapInProxyProto wraps the given listener in the PROXY protocol. If behavior is "use_if_authorized" or "deny_if_unauthorized" it also configures a SourceCheck based on the given ProxyProtoConfig. In an error case it returns the original listener and the error.

type ProxyProtoConfig Uses

type ProxyProtoConfig struct {
    Behavior        string
    AuthorizedAddrs []*sockaddr.SockAddrMarshaler `json:"authorized_addrs"`

ProxyProtoConfig contains configuration for the PROXY protocol

func (*ProxyProtoConfig) SetAuthorizedAddrs Uses

func (p *ProxyProtoConfig) SetAuthorizedAddrs(addrs interface{}) error

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