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package testhelpers

import ""


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func DeriveActiveCore Uses

func DeriveActiveCore(t testing.T, cluster *vault.TestCluster) *vault.TestClusterCore

func DeriveStandbyCores Uses

func DeriveStandbyCores(t testing.T, cluster *vault.TestCluster) []*vault.TestClusterCore

func EnsureCoreSealed Uses

func EnsureCoreSealed(t testing.T, core *vault.TestClusterCore)

func EnsureCoreUnsealed Uses

func EnsureCoreUnsealed(t testing.T, c *vault.TestCluster, core *vault.TestClusterCore)

func EnsureCoresSealed Uses

func EnsureCoresSealed(t testing.T, c *vault.TestCluster)

func EnsureCoresUnsealed Uses

func EnsureCoresUnsealed(t testing.T, c *vault.TestCluster)

func EnsureStableActiveNode Uses

func EnsureStableActiveNode(t testing.T, cluster *vault.TestCluster)

func GenerateRoot Uses

func GenerateRoot(t testing.T, cluster *vault.TestCluster, drToken bool) string

Generates a root token on the target cluster.

func GenerateRootWithError Uses

func GenerateRootWithError(t testing.T, cluster *vault.TestCluster, drToken bool) (string, error)

func RaftClusterJoinNodes Uses

func RaftClusterJoinNodes(t testing.T, cluster *vault.TestCluster)

func RandomWithPrefix Uses

func RandomWithPrefix(name string) string

RandomWithPrefix is used to generate a unique name with a prefix, for randomizing names in acceptance tests

func RekeyCluster Uses

func RekeyCluster(t testing.T, cluster *vault.TestCluster)

func WaitForActiveNode Uses

func WaitForActiveNode(t testing.T, cluster *vault.TestCluster) *vault.TestClusterCore

func WaitForNCoresSealed Uses

func WaitForNCoresSealed(t testing.T, cluster *vault.TestCluster, n int)

func WaitForNCoresUnsealed Uses

func WaitForNCoresUnsealed(t testing.T, cluster *vault.TestCluster, n int)

type TestRaftServerAddressProvider Uses

type TestRaftServerAddressProvider struct {
    Cluster *vault.TestCluster

func (*TestRaftServerAddressProvider) ServerAddr Uses

func (p *TestRaftServerAddressProvider) ServerAddr(id raftlib.ServerID) (raftlib.ServerAddress, error)



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