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package cassandra

import ""


Package Files

cassandra.go connection_producer.go

func New Uses

func New() (interface{}, error)

New returns a new Cassandra instance

type Cassandra Uses

type Cassandra struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Cassandra is an implementation of Database interface

func (Cassandra) Close Uses

func (c Cassandra) Close() error

func (Cassandra) Connection Uses

func (c Cassandra) Connection(ctx context.Context) (interface{}, error)

func (*Cassandra) DeleteUser Uses

func (c *Cassandra) DeleteUser(ctx context.Context, req dbplugin.DeleteUserRequest) (dbplugin.DeleteUserResponse, error)

DeleteUser attempts to drop the specified user.

func (Cassandra) Initialize Uses

func (c Cassandra) Initialize(ctx context.Context, req dbplugin.InitializeRequest) (dbplugin.InitializeResponse, error)

func (*Cassandra) NewUser Uses

func (c *Cassandra) NewUser(ctx context.Context, req dbplugin.NewUserRequest) (dbplugin.NewUserResponse, error)

NewUser generates the username/password on the underlying Cassandra secret backend as instructed by the statements provided.

func (*Cassandra) Type Uses

func (c *Cassandra) Type() (string, error)

Type returns the TypeName for this backend

func (*Cassandra) UpdateUser Uses

func (c *Cassandra) UpdateUser(ctx context.Context, req dbplugin.UpdateUserRequest) (dbplugin.UpdateUserResponse, error)



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