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package mssql

import ""


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func New Uses

func New() (interface{}, error)

func Run Uses

func Run(apiTLSConfig *api.TLSConfig) error

Run instantiates a MSSQL object, and runs the RPC server for the plugin

type MSSQL Uses

type MSSQL struct {

MSSQL is an implementation of Database interface

func (*MSSQL) CreateUser Uses

func (m *MSSQL) CreateUser(ctx context.Context, statements dbplugin.Statements, usernameConfig dbplugin.UsernameConfig, expiration time.Time) (username string, password string, err error)

CreateUser generates the username/password on the underlying MSSQL secret backend as instructed by the CreationStatement provided.

func (*MSSQL) RenewUser Uses

func (m *MSSQL) RenewUser(ctx context.Context, statements dbplugin.Statements, username string, expiration time.Time) error

RenewUser is not supported on MSSQL, so this is a no-op.

func (*MSSQL) RevokeUser Uses

func (m *MSSQL) RevokeUser(ctx context.Context, statements dbplugin.Statements, username string) error

RevokeUser attempts to drop the specified user. It will first attempt to disable login, then kill pending connections from that user, and finally drop the user and login from the database instance.

func (*MSSQL) RotateRootCredentials Uses

func (m *MSSQL) RotateRootCredentials(ctx context.Context, statements []string) (map[string]interface{}, error)

func (*MSSQL) Type Uses

func (m *MSSQL) Type() (string, error)

Type returns the TypeName for this backend



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