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package file

import ""


Package Files


func NewFileBackend Uses

func NewFileBackend(conf map[string]string, logger log.Logger) (physical.Backend, error)

NewFileBackend constructs a FileBackend using the given directory

func NewTransactionalFileBackend Uses

func NewTransactionalFileBackend(conf map[string]string, logger log.Logger) (physical.Backend, error)

type FileBackend Uses

type FileBackend struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

FileBackend is a physical backend that stores data on disk at a given file path. It can be used for durable single server situations, or to develop locally where durability is not critical.

WARNING: the file backend implementation is currently extremely unsafe and non-performant. It is meant mostly for local testing and development. It can be improved in the future.

func (*FileBackend) Delete Uses

func (b *FileBackend) Delete(ctx context.Context, path string) error

func (*FileBackend) DeleteInternal Uses

func (b *FileBackend) DeleteInternal(ctx context.Context, path string) error

func (*FileBackend) Get Uses

func (b *FileBackend) Get(ctx context.Context, k string) (*physical.Entry, error)

func (*FileBackend) GetInternal Uses

func (b *FileBackend) GetInternal(ctx context.Context, k string) (*physical.Entry, error)

func (*FileBackend) List Uses

func (b *FileBackend) List(ctx context.Context, prefix string) ([]string, error)

func (*FileBackend) ListInternal Uses

func (b *FileBackend) ListInternal(ctx context.Context, prefix string) ([]string, error)

func (*FileBackend) Put Uses

func (b *FileBackend) Put(ctx context.Context, entry *physical.Entry) error

func (*FileBackend) PutInternal Uses

func (b *FileBackend) PutInternal(ctx context.Context, entry *physical.Entry) error

type TransactionalFileBackend Uses

type TransactionalFileBackend struct {

func (*TransactionalFileBackend) Transaction Uses

func (b *TransactionalFileBackend) Transaction(ctx context.Context, txns []*physical.TxnEntry) error

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