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package version

import ""


Package Files

cgo.go version.go version_base.go


var (
    // The git commit that was compiled. This will be filled in by the compiler.
    GitCommit   string
    GitDescribe string

    // Whether cgo is enabled or not; set at build time
    CgoEnabled bool

    Version           = "1.3.0"
    VersionPrerelease = ""
    VersionMetadata   = ""

type VersionInfo Uses

type VersionInfo struct {
    Revision          string
    Version           string
    VersionPrerelease string
    VersionMetadata   string


func GetVersion Uses

func GetVersion() *VersionInfo

func (*VersionInfo) FullVersionNumber Uses

func (c *VersionInfo) FullVersionNumber(rev bool) string

func (*VersionInfo) VersionNumber Uses

func (c *VersionInfo) VersionNumber() string

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