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package shamir

import ""


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type ShamirSeal Uses

type ShamirSeal struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

ShamirSeal implements the seal.Access interface for Shamir unseal

func NewSeal Uses

func NewSeal(logger log.Logger) *ShamirSeal

NewSeal creates a new ShamirSeal with the provided logger

func (*ShamirSeal) Decrypt Uses

func (s *ShamirSeal) Decrypt(_ context.Context, in *physical.EncryptedBlobInfo) ([]byte, error)

func (*ShamirSeal) Encrypt Uses

func (s *ShamirSeal) Encrypt(_ context.Context, plaintext []byte) (*physical.EncryptedBlobInfo, error)

Encrypt is used to encrypt the plaintext using the aead held by the seal.

func (*ShamirSeal) Finalize Uses

func (s *ShamirSeal) Finalize(_ context.Context) error

Finalize is called during shutdown. This is a no-op since ShamirSeal doesn't require any cleanup.

func (*ShamirSeal) Init Uses

func (s *ShamirSeal) Init(_ context.Context) error

Init is called during core.Initialize. No-op at the moment.

func (*ShamirSeal) KeyID Uses

func (s *ShamirSeal) KeyID() string

KeyID returns the last known key id.

func (*ShamirSeal) SealType Uses

func (s *ShamirSeal) SealType() string

SealType returns the seal type for this particular seal implementation.

func (*ShamirSeal) SetConfig Uses

func (s *ShamirSeal) SetConfig(config map[string]string) (map[string]string, error)

SetConfig sets the fields on the ShamirSeal object based on values from the config parameter.

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