PathSynopsis errwrap implements methods to formalize error wrapping in Go. converts any file into managable Go source code. cleanhttp offers convenience utilities for acquiring "clean" http.Transport and http.Client structs. lru provides three different LRU caches of varying sophistication. memdb provides an in-memory database that supports transactions and MVCC. plugin package exposes functions and helpers for communicating to plugins which are implemented as standalone binary applications. retryablehttp provides a familiar HTTP client interface with automatic retries and exponential backoff. rootcerts contains functions to aid in loading CA certificates for TLS connections. sockaddr is a Go implementation of the UNIX socket family data types and related helper functions. sockaddr/template provides a text/template interface the SockAddr helper functions. hcl decodes HCL into usable Go structures. logutils augments the standard log package with levels. archive utilities manage the internal format of a snapshot, which is a tar file with the following contents: minimal UI for simple testing via a UI without Vault

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