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package clients

import ""


Package Files

creds.go ram.go sts.go

type RAMClient Uses

type RAMClient struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewRAMClient Uses

func NewRAMClient(sdkConfig *sdk.Config, key, secret string) (*RAMClient, error)

func (*RAMClient) AttachPolicy Uses

func (c *RAMClient) AttachPolicy(userName, policyName, policyType string) error

func (*RAMClient) CreateAccessKey Uses

func (c *RAMClient) CreateAccessKey(userName string) (*ram.CreateAccessKeyResponse, error)

func (*RAMClient) CreatePolicy Uses

func (c *RAMClient) CreatePolicy(policyName, policyDoc string) (*ram.CreatePolicyResponse, error)

func (*RAMClient) CreateUser Uses

func (c *RAMClient) CreateUser(userName string) (*ram.CreateUserResponse, error)

func (*RAMClient) DeleteAccessKey Uses

func (c *RAMClient) DeleteAccessKey(userName, accessKeyID string) error

func (*RAMClient) DeletePolicy Uses

func (c *RAMClient) DeletePolicy(policyName string) error

func (*RAMClient) DeleteUser Uses

func (c *RAMClient) DeleteUser(userName string) error

Note: deleteUser will fail if the user is presently associated with anything in Alibaba.

func (*RAMClient) DetachPolicy Uses

func (c *RAMClient) DetachPolicy(userName, policyName, policyType string) error

type STSClient Uses

type STSClient struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewSTSClient Uses

func NewSTSClient(sdkConfig *sdk.Config, key, secret string) (*STSClient, error)

func (*STSClient) AssumeRole Uses

func (c *STSClient) AssumeRole(roleSessionName, roleARN string) (*sts.AssumeRoleResponse, error)

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