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package v1alpha1

import ""


Package Files

interface.go remote.go

func NewRemoteInformer Uses

func NewRemoteInformer(client versioned.Interface, namespace string, resyncPeriod time.Duration, indexers cache.Indexers) cache.SharedIndexInformer

NewRemoteInformer constructs a new informer for Remote type. Always prefer using an informer factory to get a shared informer instead of getting an independent one. This reduces memory footprint and number of connections to the server.

type Interface Uses

type Interface interface {
    // Remotes returns a RemoteInformer.
    Remotes() RemoteInformer

Interface provides access to all the informers in this group version.

func New Uses

func New(f internalinterfaces.SharedInformerFactory) Interface

New returns a new Interface.

type RemoteInformer Uses

type RemoteInformer interface {
    Informer() cache.SharedIndexInformer
    Lister() v1alpha1.RemoteLister

RemoteInformer provides access to a shared informer and lister for Remotes.

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