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package kubeformation

import "github.com/hasura/kubeformation"

Kubeformation is a tool to generate cloud provider specific declarative templates that can be used for creating and managing their managed Kubernetes service. The templates are generated by reading a simple spec file, which describes a Kubernetes cluster in the simplest form.

Cluster Spec

The cluster spec defines a Kubernetes cluster in a minimalistic way. It takes some parameters for the master, like name and k8s version, and a list of node pools along with their properties. It can also take volumes for which it generates persistent disk in the template and Kubernetes Persistent Volume/Claim object as YAML file.

A sample cluster spec is as follows:

version: v1
name: cluster-name
provider: gke
k8sVersion: "1.9"
- name: db-pool
  type: n1-standard-1
    app: postgres
- name: backend-pool
  type: n1-standard-2
  size: 2
    app: backend
- name: postgres
  size: 10

A detailed definition can found at https://godoc.org/github.com/hasura/kubeformation/pkg/spec/v1/#ClusterSpec.

The following managed Kubernetes providers are supported:

Google Kubernetes Engine - GKE

A cluster spec is converted into Google Deployment Manager Template which defines are Kubernetes cluster. This template can be used by `gcloud` command to create and manage the cluster. GDM templates consists of a jinja template file along with a yaml file that defines the parameters.

Azure Kubernetes Service - AKS

For AKS, the cluster spec is converted into a Azure Deployment Manager Template. ARM templates consists of two JSON files, one file defines the deployment while other defines the parameters that can be used with the deployment.


Package Files



cmdPackage cmd defines all the executable formats of the tool:
cmd/apiAn API server to which cluster spec can be POST'ed as JSON, responds with rendered cloud provider templates.
cmd/cliA CLI tool that can read cluster spec from a file and write the rendered templates to a directory.
pkg/providerPackage provider implements the logic of generating cloud platform specific templates.
pkg/provider/aksPackage aks implements AKS provider for Kubeformation.
pkg/provider/gkePackage gke implements GKE provider for Kubeformation.
pkg/specPackage spec implements methods to parse and process the cluster spec, which is the main input to kubeformation.
pkg/spec/v1Package v1 implements handler for Cluster Spec v1

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