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altcolorPackage altcolor includes useful color models absent in the standard library's "image/color" package.
blendPackage blend implements various blending mode functions between two images.
blurPackage blur provides functions for blurring images.
channelPackage channel provides functions to alter the values of separate color channels in an image.
contrastPackage contrast implements functions to adjust the contrast of an image.
cropPackage crop provides functions for cropping an image to a smaller size.
exifPackage exif provides a go interface for exiftool.
gammaPackage gamma implements functions to adjust the gamma of an image.
greyscalePackage greyscale implements various functions to convert an image to greyscale.
levelsPackage levels provides functions to alter the distibution of values of a color channel in an image.
pixelatePackage pixelate implements various functions for pixelating images.
sharpenPackage sharpen provides functions to sharpen an image.
shufflePackage shuffle implements functions to randomly swap pixels in an image.
tintPackage tint implements a single function to tint an image with a specified colour.
utilsPackage utils provides useful helper functions for working with Images and Colors.
vibrancePackage vibrance provides functions to adjust the "vibrancy" of images.

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