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package vimlparser

import "github.com/haya14busa/go-vimlparser"


Package Files


func ParseExpr Uses

func ParseExpr(r io.Reader) (node ast.Expr, err error)

ParseExpr parses Vim script expression.

func ParseFile Uses

func ParseFile(r io.Reader, filename string, opt *ParseOption) (node *ast.File, err error)

ParseFile parses Vim script. filename can be empty.

type ErrVimlParser Uses

type ErrVimlParser struct {
    Filename string
    Offset   int
    Line     int
    Column   int
    Msg      string

ErrVimlParser represents VimLParser error.

func (*ErrVimlParser) Error Uses

func (e *ErrVimlParser) Error() string

type ParseOption Uses

type ParseOption struct {
    Neovim bool

ParseOption is option for Parse().


astPackage ast provides Vim script AST.
compilerPackage compiler provides compiler from Vim script AST into S-expression like format which is the same format as Compiler of vim-vimlparser.
printerPackage printer implements printing of AST nodes.
tokenPackage token defines constants representing the lexical tokens of Vim script.

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