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package hjson

import "github.com/hjson/hjson-go"


Package Files

decode.go encode.go parseNumber.go

func Marshal Uses

func Marshal(v interface{}) ([]byte, error)

Marshal returns the Hjson encoding of v using default options.

See MarshalWithOptions.

func MarshalWithOptions Uses

func MarshalWithOptions(v interface{}, options EncoderOptions) ([]byte, error)

MarshalWithOptions returns the Hjson encoding of v.

Marshal traverses the value v recursively.

Boolean values encode as JSON booleans.

Floating point, integer, and Number values encode as JSON numbers.

String values encode as Hjson strings (quoteless, multiline or JSON).

Array and slice values encode as JSON arrays.

Map values encode as JSON objects. The map's key type must be a string. The map keys are sorted and used as JSON object keys.

Pointer values encode as the value pointed to. A nil pointer encodes as the null JSON value.

Interface values encode as the value contained in the interface. A nil interface value encodes as the null JSON value.

JSON cannot represent cyclic data structures and Marshal does not handle them. Passing cyclic structures to Marshal will result in an infinite recursion.

func Unmarshal Uses

func Unmarshal(data []byte, v interface{}) (err error)

Unmarshal parses the Hjson-encoded data and stores the result in the value pointed to by v.

Unmarshal uses the inverse of the encodings that Marshal uses, allocating maps, slices, and pointers as necessary.

type EncoderOptions Uses

type EncoderOptions struct {
    // End of line, should be either \n or \r\n
    Eol string
    // Place braces on the same line
    BracesSameLine bool
    // Deprecated: Hjson always emits braces
    EmitRootBraces bool
    // Always place string in quotes
    QuoteAlways bool
    // Indent string
    IndentBy string
    // Allow the -0 value (unlike ES6)
    AllowMinusZero bool
    // Encode unknown values as 'null'
    UnknownAsNull bool

EncoderOptions defines options for encoding to Hjson.

func DefaultOptions Uses

func DefaultOptions() EncoderOptions

DefaultOptions returns the default encoding options.



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