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package doi

import ""

Package doi is a library for parsing and dealing with digital object identifiers.


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type DigitalObjectIdentifier Uses

type DigitalObjectIdentifier struct {
    General            string
    DirectoryIndicator string
    RegistrantCode     string

DigitalObjectIdentifier is a struct that contains the three fields of a doi:

func Parse Uses

func Parse(doi string) (DigitalObjectIdentifier, error)

Parse takes a string as input and attempts to parse a valid doi from it. The parsing is done to conform to the standard outlined in

func (DigitalObjectIdentifier) IsValid Uses

func (d DigitalObjectIdentifier) IsValid() bool

IsValid checks to see if a DigitalObjectIdentifier is valid or not.

func (DigitalObjectIdentifier) ToString Uses

func (d DigitalObjectIdentifier) ToString() (string, error)

ToString creates a string representation of a DigitalObjectIdentifier.

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