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package statping

import ""

Package statping is a server monitoring application that includs a status page server. Visit the Statping repo at to get a full understanding of what this application can do.

Install Statping

Statping is available for Mac, Linux and Windows 64x. You can download the tar.gz file or use a couple other methods. Download the latest release at or view below. If you're on windows, download the zip file from the latest releases link.

// MacOS using homebrew
brew tap hunterlong/statping
brew install statping

// Linux installation
bash <(curl -s
statping version


Statping can be built in many way, the best way is to use Docker!

docker run -it -p 8080:8080 hunterlong/statping

Enjoy Statping and tell me any issues you might be having on Github.


Package Files



cmdPackage main for building the Statping CLI binary application.
corePackage core contains the main functionality of Statping.
core/notifierPackage notifier contains the main functionality for the Statping Notification system
handlersPackage handlers contains the HTTP server along with the requests and routes.
handlers/graphqlgo:generate go run
notifiersPackage notifiers holds all the notifiers for Statping, which also includes user created notifiers that have been accepted in a Push Request.
pluginPackage plugin contains the interfaces to build your own Golang Plugin that will receive triggers on Statping events.
sourcePackage source holds all the assets for Statping.
typesPackage types contains all of the structs for objects in Statping including services, hits, failures, Core, and others.
utilsPackage utils contains common methods used in most packages in Statping.

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