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package messages

import ""


Package Files

database.go samples.go struct.go

func Samples Uses

func Samples() error

func SetDB Uses

func SetDB(database database.Database)

type Message Uses

type Message struct {
    Id                int64          `gorm:"primary_key;column:id" json:"id"`
    Title             string         `gorm:"column:title" json:"title"`
    Description       string         `gorm:"column:description" json:"description"`
    StartOn           time.Time      `gorm:"column:start_on" json:"start_on"`
    EndOn             time.Time      `gorm:"column:end_on" json:"end_on"`
    ServiceId         int64          `gorm:"index;column:service" json:"service"`
    NotifyUsers       null.NullBool  `gorm:"column:notify_users" json:"notify_users" scope:"user,admin"`
    NotifyMethod      string         `gorm:"column:notify_method" json:"notify_method" scope:"user,admin"`
    NotifyBefore      null.NullInt64 `gorm:"column:notify_before" json:"notify_before" scope:"user,admin"`
    NotifyBeforeScale string         `gorm:"column:notify_before_scale" json:"notify_before_scale" scope:"user,admin"`
    CreatedAt         time.Time      `gorm:"column:created_at" json:"created_at" json:"created_at"`
    UpdatedAt         time.Time      `gorm:"column:updated_at" json:"updated_at" json:"updated_at"`

Message is for creating Announcements, Alerts and other messages for the end users

func All Uses

func All() []*Message

func Find Uses

func Find(id int64) (*Message, error)

func (*Message) BeforeCreate Uses

func (m *Message) BeforeCreate() (err error)

BeforeCreate for Message will set CreatedAt to UTC

func (*Message) Create Uses

func (m *Message) Create() error

func (*Message) Delete Uses

func (m *Message) Delete() error

func (*Message) Update Uses

func (m *Message) Update() error

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