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package loggerutils

import "github.com/hyperhq/hypercli/daemon/logger/loggerutils"


Package Files

log_option_helpers.go log_tag.go rotatefilewriter.go

func ParseFailOnStartupErrorFlag Uses

func ParseFailOnStartupErrorFlag(ctx logger.Context) (bool, error)

ParseFailOnStartupErrorFlag parses a log driver flag that determines if the driver should ignore possible connection errors during startup

func ParseLogTag Uses

func ParseLogTag(ctx logger.Context, defaultTemplate string) (string, error)

ParseLogTag generates a context aware tag for consistency across different log drivers based on the context of the running container.

type RotateFileWriter Uses

type RotateFileWriter struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

RotateFileWriter is Logger implementation for default Docker logging.

func NewRotateFileWriter Uses

func NewRotateFileWriter(logPath string, capacity int64, maxFiles int) (*RotateFileWriter, error)

NewRotateFileWriter creates new RotateFileWriter

func (*RotateFileWriter) Close Uses

func (w *RotateFileWriter) Close() error

Close closes underlying file and signals all readers to stop.

func (*RotateFileWriter) LogPath Uses

func (w *RotateFileWriter) LogPath() string

LogPath returns the location the given writer logs to.

func (*RotateFileWriter) MaxFiles Uses

func (w *RotateFileWriter) MaxFiles() int

MaxFiles return maximum number of files

func (*RotateFileWriter) NotifyRotate Uses

func (w *RotateFileWriter) NotifyRotate() chan interface{}

NotifyRotate returns the new subscriber

func (*RotateFileWriter) NotifyRotateEvict Uses

func (w *RotateFileWriter) NotifyRotateEvict(sub chan interface{})

NotifyRotateEvict removes the specified subscriber from receiving any more messages.

func (*RotateFileWriter) Write Uses

func (w *RotateFileWriter) Write(message []byte) (int, error)

WriteLog write log message to File

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