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package commands

import "github.com/hyperledger/burrow/cmd/burrow/commands"


Package Files

abi.go accounts.go compile.go config_options.go configure.go deploy.go dump.go explore.go helpers.go keys.go natives.go restore.go spec.go start.go tx.go vent.go

func Abi Uses

func Abi(output Output) func(cmd *cli.Cmd)

Abi is a command line tool for ABI encoding and decoding. Event encoding/decoding still be added

func Accounts Uses

func Accounts(output Output) func(cmd *cli.Cmd)

Accounts lists all the accounts in a chain, alongside with any metadata like contract name and ABI

func Compile Uses

func Compile(output Output) func(cmd *cli.Cmd)

Currently this just compiles to Go fixtures - it might make sense to extend it to take a text template for output if it is convenient to expose our compiler wrappers outside of burrow deploy

func Configure Uses

func Configure(output Output) func(cmd *cli.Cmd)

Configure generates burrow configuration(s)

func Deploy Uses

func Deploy(output Output) func(cmd *cli.Cmd)

Deploy runs the desired playbook(s)

func Dump Uses

func Dump(output Output) func(cmd *cli.Cmd)

Dump saves the state from a remote chain

func Explore Uses

func Explore(output Output) func(cmd *cli.Cmd)

Explore chain state(s)

func Keys Uses

func Keys(output Output) func(cmd *cli.Cmd)

Keys runs as either client or server

func Natives Uses

func Natives(output Output) func(cmd *cli.Cmd)

Dump native contracts

func Restore Uses

func Restore(output Output) func(cmd *cli.Cmd)

Restore reads a state file and saves into a runnable dir

func Spec Uses

func Spec(output Output) func(cmd *cli.Cmd)

Spec generates a list of genesis accounts with certain permissions

func Start Uses

func Start(output Output) func(cmd *cli.Cmd)

Start launches the burrow daemon

func Tx Uses

func Tx(output Output) func(cmd *cli.Cmd)

Tx constructs or sends payloads to a burrow daemon

func Vent Uses

func Vent(output Output) func(cmd *cli.Cmd)

Vent consumes EVM events and commits to a DB

type Output Uses

type Output interface {
    Printf(format string, args ...interface{})
    Logf(format string, args ...interface{})
    Fatalf(format string, args ...interface{})

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