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package jobs

import "github.com/hyperledger/burrow/deploy/jobs"


Package Files

job_manager.go jobs_contracts.go jobs_governance.go jobs_proposal.go jobs_state.go jobs_test_jobs.go jobs_transact.go jobs_util.go writers.go

func AssertJob Uses

func AssertJob(assertion *def.Assert, logger *logging.Logger) (string, error)

func BondJob Uses

func BondJob(tx *payload.BondTx, client *def.Client, logger *logging.Logger) (string, error)

func BuildJob Uses

func BuildJob(build *def.Build, deployScript *def.Playbook, resp *compilers.Response, logger *logging.Logger) (result string, err error)

func CallJob Uses

func CallJob(call *def.Call, tx *payload.CallTx, playbook *def.Playbook, client *def.Client, logger *logging.Logger) (string, []*abi.Variable, error)

func DeployJob Uses

func DeployJob(deploy *def.Deploy, script *def.Playbook, client *def.Client, txs []*payload.CallTx, contracts []*compilers.ResponseItem, logger *logging.Logger) (result string, err error)

func DumpStateJob Uses

func DumpStateJob(dump *def.DumpState) (string, error)

func ExecutePlaybook Uses

func ExecutePlaybook(args *def.DeployArgs, playbook *def.Playbook, client *def.Client, logger *logging.Logger) error

func FirstOf Uses

func FirstOf(inputs ...string) string

func FormulateBondJob Uses

func FormulateBondJob(bond *def.Bond, account string, client *def.Client, logger *logging.Logger) (*payload.BondTx, error)

func FormulateCallJob Uses

func FormulateCallJob(call *def.Call, do *def.DeployArgs, deployScript *def.Playbook, client *def.Client, logger *logging.Logger) (tx *payload.CallTx, err error)

func FormulateDeployJob Uses

func FormulateDeployJob(deploy *def.Deploy, do *def.DeployArgs, deployScript *def.Playbook, client *def.Client, intermediate interface{}, logger *logging.Logger) (txs []*payload.CallTx, contracts []*compilers.ResponseItem, err error)

func FormulateIdentifyJob Uses

func FormulateIdentifyJob(id *def.Identify, account string, client *def.Client, logger *logging.Logger) (*payload.IdentifyTx, error)

func FormulatePermissionJob Uses

func FormulatePermissionJob(perm *def.Permission, account string, client *def.Client, logger *logging.Logger) (*payload.PermsTx, error)

func FormulateRegisterNameJob Uses

func FormulateRegisterNameJob(name *def.RegisterName, do *def.DeployArgs, playbook *def.Playbook, client *def.Client, logger *logging.Logger) ([]*payload.NameTx, error)

func FormulateSendJob Uses

func FormulateSendJob(send *def.Send, account string, client *def.Client, logger *logging.Logger) (*payload.SendTx, error)

func FormulateUnbondJob Uses

func FormulateUnbondJob(unbond *def.Unbond, account string, client *def.Client, logger *logging.Logger) (*payload.UnbondTx, error)

func FormulateUpdateAccountJob Uses

func FormulateUpdateAccountJob(gov *def.UpdateAccount, account string, client *def.Client, logger *logging.Logger) (*payload.GovTx, []*abi.Variable, error)

func IdentifyJob Uses

func IdentifyJob(tx *payload.IdentifyTx, client *def.Client, logger *logging.Logger) (string, error)

func LogTxExecution Uses

func LogTxExecution(txe *exec.TxExecution, logger *logging.Logger)

func PermissionJob Uses

func PermissionJob(tx *payload.PermsTx, client *def.Client, logger *logging.Logger) (string, error)

func ProposalJob Uses

func ProposalJob(prop *def.Proposal, do *def.DeployArgs, parentScript *def.Playbook, client *def.Client, logger *logging.Logger) (string, error)

func QueryAccountJob Uses

func QueryAccountJob(query *def.QueryAccount, client *def.Client, logger *logging.Logger) (string, error)

func QueryContractJob Uses

func QueryContractJob(query *def.QueryContract, do *def.DeployArgs, script *def.Playbook, client *def.Client, logger *logging.Logger) (string, []*abi.Variable, error)

func QueryNameJob Uses

func QueryNameJob(query *def.QueryName, client *def.Client, logger *logging.Logger) (string, error)

func QueryValsJob Uses

func QueryValsJob(query *def.QueryVals, client *def.Client, logger *logging.Logger) (interface{}, error)

func RegisterNameJob Uses

func RegisterNameJob(txs []*payload.NameTx, client *def.Client, logger *logging.Logger) (string, error)

func RestoreStateJob Uses

func RestoreStateJob(restore *def.RestoreState) (string, error)

func SendJob Uses

func SendJob(tx *payload.SendTx, client *def.Client, logger *logging.Logger) (string, error)

func SetAccountJob Uses

func SetAccountJob(account *def.Account, script *def.Playbook, logger *logging.Logger) (string, error)

func SetValJob Uses

func SetValJob(set *def.Set, do *def.DeployArgs, logger *logging.Logger) (string, error)

func UnbondJob Uses

func UnbondJob(tx *payload.UnbondTx, client *def.Client, logger *logging.Logger) (string, error)

func UpdateAccountJob Uses

func UpdateAccountJob(tx *payload.GovTx, client *def.Client, logger *logging.Logger) error

func WriteJobResultCSV Uses

func WriteJobResultCSV(name, result string) error

[zr] this should go (currently used by the nameReg writer) WriteJobResultCSV takes two strings and writes those to the delineated log file, which is currently deploy.log in the same directory as the deploy.yaml

func WriteJobResultJSON Uses

func WriteJobResultJSON(results map[string]interface{}, logFile string) error

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