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package integration

import "github.com/hyperledger/burrow/integration"


Package Files



const (
    ChainName = "Integration_Test_Chain"

func CommitImmediately Uses

func CommitImmediately(conf *config.BurrowConfig)

func EnterTestDirectory Uses

func EnterTestDirectory() (testDir string, cleanup func())

func MakeEthereumAccounts Uses

func MakeEthereumAccounts(sec string, n int) []*acm.PrivateAccount

func MakePrivateAccounts Uses

func MakePrivateAccounts(sec string, n int) []*acm.PrivateAccount

Default deterministic account generation helper, pass number of accounts to make

func NewTestConfig Uses

func NewTestConfig(genesisDoc *genesis.GenesisDoc,
    options ...func(*config.BurrowConfig)) (conf *config.BurrowConfig, cleanup func())

func NoConsensus Uses

func NoConsensus(conf *config.BurrowConfig)

func RunNode Uses

func RunNode(t testing.TB, genesisDoc *genesis.GenesisDoc, privateAccounts []*acm.PrivateAccount,
    options ...func(*config.BurrowConfig)) (kern *core.Kernel, shutdown func())

func Shutdown Uses

func Shutdown(kern *core.Kernel)

func TestGenesisDoc Uses

func TestGenesisDoc(addressables []*acm.PrivateAccount, vals ...int) *genesis.GenesisDoc

TestGenesisDoc creates genesis from a set of accounts and validators from indices within that slice

func TestKernel Uses

func TestKernel(validatorAccount *acm.PrivateAccount, keysAccounts []*acm.PrivateAccount,
    testConfig *config.BurrowConfig) (*core.Kernel, error)

We use this to wrap tests



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