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package rpcinfo

import "github.com/hyperledger/burrow/rpc/rpcinfo"


Package Files

info_server.go methods.go


const (
    // Status and healthcheck
    Status          = "status"
    Network         = "network"
    NetworkRegistry = "network/registry"

    // Accounts
    Accounts        = "accounts"
    Account         = "account"
    Storage         = "storage"
    DumpStorage     = "dump_storage"
    GetAccountHuman = "account_human"
    AccountStats    = "account_stats"

    // Names
    Name  = "name"
    Names = "names"

    // Blockchain
    Genesis = "genesis"
    ChainID = "chain_id"
    Block   = "block"
    Blocks  = "blocks"

    // Consensus
    UnconfirmedTxs = "unconfirmed_txs"
    Validators     = "validators"
    Consensus      = "consensus"

Method names

func GetRoutes Uses

func GetRoutes(service *rpc.Service) map[string]*server.RPCFunc

The methods below all get mounted at the info server address (specified in config at RPC/Info) in the following form:


For example:<regular expression to match name>

They keys in the route map below are the endpoint name, and the comma separated values are the url query params

They info endpoint also all be called with a JSON-RPC payload like:

curl -X POST -d '{"method": "names", "id": "foo", "params": ["loves"]}'

func StartServer Uses

func StartServer(service *rpc.Service, pattern string, listener net.Listener, logger *logging.Logger) (*http.Server, error)



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